Discounts for Growers Network Members

Hey members of Growers Network!

If you have any sort of discount, promotion, or voucher you’d like to share with your fellow community members (or if you want to create one specifically for Growers Network,) feel free to post them up or message me and I will add them in!

As the list grows (and we hope it does,) we’ll be compiling it into a spreadsheet or a formatted table so it’s easier to read!

Appreciated and looking forward to seeing the community help each other out!


ok…I’ll go first!

I’ll offer 10% off to commercial or hobby growers on all stainless rolling tables, and sorting tables for the month of March - let’s see how this goes!



We’ll give 1 free potency test to any licensed cannabis business who wants to try us out! :nerd_face: :microscope: :seedling:


Awesome! Thank you both so much!


Great thread! :grinning:

We’ll do 20% discount to any hobbyist looking for a complete irrigation system or any commercial grower interested in trialling our technology.

Offer available until March 2nd. Message me for more info :sunglasses:


Everyone on Growers Network has been so kind, helpful and fun so I would love to offer a discount of $150 off anyone’s first order and free shipping. I will also honor this as a word of mouth discount, just tell them to mention the Growers Network discount and contact me directly.

For product information you can visit or contact me at 425-466-4994

Cheers all!


Unfortunately by law, 420 Friendly Insurance cannot offer a discount on our insurance products, but we are happy to do something for all of the Grower Network Member to give back.

Therefore, 420 Friendly Insurance will offer all Growers Network’s Members a FREE no-obligation Cannabis (specific) Insurance Review. We would be happy to do this for all of the Growers Network’s Members, in all 50 State as a give back for what we learn from the members in these forums.

The process is very simple. We need about 15 minutes of discussion on the front end to get a basic understanding of your specific business and how you handle certain procedures. Then, we will do our coverage review of your current policies, limits and identify gaps (lack of coverage). Once we have complete this, then we will have a second discussion to disclose our finding. It is that simple…

Contact me, (Larry Harb) directly at 517-381-9909 or e-mail at [email protected] to get your FREE NO-Obligation review started.


Thank you everyone for helping!


Dakine 420

Hello everyone, we’re excited to be a part of the network. As new members here DaKine 420 would like to offer a 10% discount on our three part powdered nutrient system to any Growers Network member or friend of a member that mentions Growers Network. We can run this til the end of March 2018.Powders vs Liquids


STM will definitely add something for member discounts soon!



If you don’t know already, Genifer M is the only luxury cannabis jewelry company in the world. We want everybody in the industry to wear a high-quality piece of jewelry decorated with a cannabis leaf. Our jewelry comes in a variety of metals including, Gold, Rose Gold, White Gold, and Sterling Silver. There are styles for everyone at and we want to make it easy for you to own a one-of-kind cannabis inspired jewelry piece.

Everyone on this site will receive 10% off their order by using the code “GROWERS” at checkout. GENIFER M also specializes in custom jewelry as well and we have made pieces for industry leaders like JCana and Dixie Elixirs. We want to give you the power to share your story and to #StartTheConversation about what cannabis means to you.

Thank you!


Switch2CBD is offering 10% off your purchase to everyone on the Growers Network. Use the code “Growers” at checkout to receive the 10% off.

We do offer wholesale products so please feel free to reach out if that would be something that would interest you and I will be happy to help.

Thank you all!

-Kristine Gonzales


PROTEUS420 is proud to offer a 10% discount for the life of your system as long as you are an active member of the GNF.

This discount is for Monthly subscription cost for our POS system and you can use “GrowersNetwork” in your request.

-Dawne Morris


This information is FREE from me to you. It could mean everything to you, your family, your businessI
Do you own a cannabis business? Are you a ‘Key Employee’? Do you have s business partner or partners?

I can’t offer a rebate on insurance products. However, the benefits from the products themselves are truly worth more than any promo code or discount IMO. And my 32 years of experience, knowledge and 420 industry friendly connections to be advised about certain available cannabis financial solutions. Like a cannabis business ‘Key Man’ policy (company receives funds upon the death f a ‘Key’ employee) or a cannabis business ‘Buy-Sell’ arrangement . This makes the life insurance proceeds available to buyout the share of a deceased owner, partner or key employee instead of the deceased’s family getting involved in the day to day running of the business. Usually, not advisable. Please read the following flyer and if you have any questions or want a free no obligation quote please give me (Ken Kaufman also known as ‘CannaKen’ ) a call. I can be reached anytime from 9am - 8pm-est at 623-977-3411.

Thank you.
[email protected]



        Do not let your insurance needs go up in smoke!
           What can we offer your Cannabis business?

 ‘Key Person’ Life Insurance on a cannabis business owner
or a ‘KEY’ employee. This is very new to the industry!
 Buy/Sell Life Insurance for cannabis business owners and
partnerships. HOT!!! This is very new to the industry!
 Group Health and Life Insurance.
 Supplemental Employee Benefits (payroll deduction).

My name is Ken Kaufman, but some of you may know me as CannaKen. In my 30+ years of industry experience, I have assisted countless business owners and individuals in planning for the future goals and needs of both their families and businesses with solutions tailor made for each specific situation. As the founder of both CannaLife Insurance Agency and CannaLife Financial Solutions, we are now able to assist you in the CANNABIS industry as well!

           For additional information, please contact us:
           Phone:  Ken at 877-468-6584
           Email:  [email protected]

We will provide a Shoe Inn Stay automatic shoe cover dispenser for free (normally $749) with purchase of two full-size cases of shoe covers or a Shoe Inn Fusion dispenser for free (normally $299) with purchase of one full-size case of shoe covers. You can use this for however many dispensers you need, and it is a risk-free proposition with a money-back guarantee. This promotion is only applicable when ordered directly from us ( by calling us at (877) 595-7463. You can also find our products at Grower’s House.


Tamisium Extractors offers a $250 off coupon on the TE175 2 ounce and $500 off on the TE700 8 ounce systems. I will also offer a 10% coupon on the larger commercial systems TE3000 and TE12000 to anyone that mentions the growers network.

I have been extracting for 20 plus years and teaching the cannabis industry how to extract for the last 10 years.
I have personally taught every customer not only how to use the extractor but how to perform any extraction of anything from anything. I invented the hydrocarbon process and hold 3 patents on the systems and methodology so you are in good hands.

Coupon for TE175 is SAVE250
Coupon for the TE700 is SAVE500

Various size systems stocked.
TE175 systems which hold 1-4 ounce with processing times of 30 minutes full extraction and recovery.
TE700 systems which hold 4 -16 ounce which processes in 1-2 hours
TE3000 systems which hold 1/2 - 2 kilos with 2-3 hour processing.
TE12000 systems which hold 2-8 kilos and are 2-3 hour processing.

The TE12000 can be fitted with full automation with computer control of not only the extractor but formulation for standardization of product output.
All systems are completely passive requiring no pumps of any kind for extraction or recovery. 100% of the solvent can be recovered and reused indefinitely.
100% recovery via a safe passive process is what the patents cover. That is why you dont see anyone else competing with us. They have tried but always failed requiring pumps to be put back on the systems. No pumps here. Just safe fully capable extraction systems that can extract at any density, temperature, speed, and volume of solvent while using multiple or single solvents.


Sorry I didn’t see this post sooner.

UVPPE offers a 10% discount for all orders as long as you are an active member of TGN. We are the only company focused on protecting the health and safety of growers and cultivators from unavoidable radiation exposure. We want the health of growers given as much care and consideration as the plants they are working next too. All of our products come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Let us help you protect yourself and your team.


We would love to try it out! We have been looking for an accurate DIY testing option.


I’d like to offer a couple of discounts for members. Certainly let me know if you inquire about our products and services so I can make sure the discount is applied. We’re offering 20% off everything for members!

InstantGMP MES quality assurance and batch management software
InstantGMP INV inventory management software
Implementation Package (200 hours of consulting)
Standard Operating Procedures


We at P&L Grow Systems would like to offer all members here a 10% discount coupon to use in our store at checkout, the coupon code is TGN.

P&L Grow Systems