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Introducing BudBusterPro

Yeah whatever. Talk to text. You get the idea anyway. :+1:t3:

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Wasn’t dissing ya…tried to look up Vantana, and couldn’t find it, but some links to Ventana came up. So you like that nute line? They sure have some weird formulas lol…zero N in the grow bottle and none in the Bloom bottle either, maybe to keep different nutes from binding up? Put some picts up !! I wanna see, you grow with that unless you already have then point me to the right topic. Thanks!



Where oh where can I get a samplke bottle as I am totally unfamiliar with bbp? It sounds like a growers notch in the belt but I am cautious and am starting a new grow with some hard to go (rated) girls and if thius can help my girls out with my nutrient schedule I’m in. Thank you and hope you can help me out.


@jetzpak I will get back to you tomorrow and provide some questions/information in a PM…

Been a long day today…just about midnight and I’m going to BED !!!

Thanks …Bob


Everything in my grow currently is on Ventana. Hit me up if ya got questions. I’m considering seriously running with these nutes again but…:grin:


I’m pretty happy with these nutrients also. But with my long veg I’m running out of two of the products. I might not make it to the finish using these nutrients this grow. I do have other options, but I also have another little problem I’m dealing with that may cause a do over. :man_shrugging:. I’ll find out later on later today or tomorrow. Anyways that is some fine looking bud you have there. :wink::+1:t3:😶‍🌫


Great Results

These four plants are genetically identical having been cloned from the same Blueberry mother. Three got BudBusterPro and one stayed as a control. Nutrients and water were measured to be the same for all throughout the grow. The control plant is second from left, the smallest in the group. They get harvested next week and an initial weight will be taken, as well as weight of bud when trimming is completed in a few weeks.

So far, very impressed.

EDIT: I purchased BudBusterPro, so this is NOT a “I got it free and owe” routine. I did a true A-B comparison. I think it is worth the money.


Thank you for taking the time and effort to document this side X side for us! There are many growers requesting cloned comparisons and you’ve done a very articulate job for us!


BBP Scrog


The results speak well for the product.


I’m dosing as soon as I get mine in the grow!


Hey Bob, what happens if you root drench with bbp?


Slym3r…Sorry we’re strictly foliar, there must be at least 30 products you could use for your root drench!!

LOL, let me know when you’re getting close, I can see I’m going to have to keep you under tight reins !!!


Harvest Thursday, day seventy of flower, Blueberry - all clones from same mother, including the replacements (obviously, that last photo that’s all green…)

Used BBP on them and have/will on the replacements. Also going to test the Ventana Plants Systems nutrients on two of four.


Gosh, if I’m looking at it right, looks like that poor untreated plant is being crushed by those damn BBP Bullies !


Outstanding grow !, those are just stunning. I’m doingg the BBP too, but not clones and no control, I just sprayed everything, but so far they are flowering faster and bigger than I’ve had before this. I sure hope mine look even half that good!




It’s important for us to confirm and reinforce our claim that BudBusterPro contains NO OSHA regulated Hazardous materials (see our SDS on webpage) and certainly NO PGR’s ( Plant Growth Regulators). In all legal states there are testing protocols established . The problem is the extent of testing varies widely.
Most states test the following catagories:

  1. THC/Cannabinoid Testing (Potency)
  2. Molds
  3. Heavy Metals
  4. Terpene Profiles
  5. Pesticides
  6. Residual Solvents (extracts)
    wow_arizona just completed a grow of his Blueberry, with one control and three treated plants… He was gracious enough to deliver a treated and non treated bud sample to Level One Labs in Flagstaff Az where the Pesticide analysis was completed. PGR’s ARE catagorized as ‘pesticides’. Two of the most common PGR’s misused in Cannabis are Paclobutrazol and Daminozid…you can see the results for yourself…
    scan.pdf (259.2 KB)
    scan0001.pdf (262.0 KB)

Thank You for your interest !!


Beautiful thank you both!


Saint wow… lol


I have an outstanding JL Audio stereo system in my little Crosstrek, I filled my PAX devices with some prime bud, loaded concentrates into their respective devices, took a big cup of tea and hit the road! I made the journey a big loop so I went north on one road and came south on another, a two-lane country road rolling through desert hill country. It was a nice drive!