Introducing NIDO - The revolution in the Hydroponic cultivation

Hello Growers!

My name is Matteo from NIDOPRO. Congratulations to all of you for sharing your passion on this forum!

I desire your feedback about a new product that will help everyone with the hydroponic systems: NIDO.

Our company produces solutions for the monitoring and the automation of Hydroponic systems based on IoT and machine learning technologies. You can see the presentation of our product here:

NIDO is able to make every Hydroponic system and grow room fully automated. In other words, NIDO is going to be another grower that works for you 24h, 7 days a week, checking and adjusting constantly the Ec and Ph level of the system, monitoring humidity and temperature of your indoor garden, controlling with WiFi your grow light, exhaust fan, humidifier and everything you need to make your plants happy.

NIDO is not a simple dosing system. NIDO is a real advanced computer for the control of small and medium-sized Home grow box, greenhouses, vertical farming, grow container, etc…; it is ideal for all hydroponic systems from 2 to 660 gal of total water in closed circuits. It is managed by a digital platform and allows full control of every function through any smartphone connected via internet.

Some of the main features are:

  • pH control
  • EC / TDS control
  • Management and supply of fertilizers (max three-pack fertilizer)
  • Management and supply of pH- / pH+
  • Water temperature controls
  • Environmental temperature control
  • Environmental humidity control
  • Control and management of LED / HPS lamps
  • Control and management of irrigation systems
  • Control and management of extractor/climate
  • Control water level
  • Control and programming from the smartphone
  • Cloud Data
  • Automatic Formula for growing better
  • AI-driven analytics system
  • Charts in the app

You can check the App video here:

It is designed for all Hydroponics / Aeroponic systems, but it is usable also for cultivations on the soil.

What is your first impression of NIDO? Any suggestion or critics are more than welcome!!
Thank you!


Is your app capable of changing temperature, humidity, pH and EC week to week? For example, can I program the EC to increase throughout vegetative growth, week by week, then decrease as the plants approach the end of flower? Can I do the same to decrease humidity week by week without having to constantly adjust the program?


Hi, thank you for your question.
Yes! You can change and customize all the parameters that you desire day after day from the NIDO app (Temperature, pH, Ec, Humidity, Fertilizers…).

Let me know if you have any other question.


Wow that is a impressive machine that you have there. that will sell in no time best of fortune in your endeavor.


Is it possible to program the weekly targets at the beginning of a grow cycle and have it run automatically? For example:

Week 1
pH: 6.2
EC: 0.8
RH: 80%
Temperature: 22°C

Week 2
pH: 6.1
EC: 1.0
RH: 75%
Temperature: 23°C

Week 3
pH: 6.0
EC: 1.2
RH: 70%
Temperature: 24°C


Absolutely yes!
From the app, once connected NIDO to your Hydroponic system (it takes just a few easy steps) you can choose the AUTOMATIC or the MANUAL control.
In the MANUAL control, you decide day after day the values for each parameter. You customize it at 100%.

If you want to know more, we invite you to take a look at the User guide and the App guide for NIDO:




These are a couple of screenshots of the app when you decide to create your own formula:

And on the calendar looks like that:


That’s great! It is a rare feature to have on a product in this price range. Well done.


Is it possible to interface with CO2 controls (can I slow my exhaust while CO2 is being produced)

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What is the price? How is it installed so that it can control all the different parameters that it does

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Hi @hoppiefrog,
Thank you for your question.

NIDO can’t control the CO2 parameters.


Hi @sali78619,

The price for NIDO is $1490.00

Compatible with any existing hydroponic system.
Once NIDO is connected to your hydroponic grow box, it will start analyzing the water and adjust the values of pH and Ec/TDS as you previously set up with your smartphone.

Centralize climate control with NIDO. Thanks to our Smart Plugs connected Wi-Fi you will manage your environmental extractors, humidifiers and heaters.

NIDO controls and maintains the optimal ranges of the nutrient solution of your hydroponic system, managing the pH- and up to 3 independent fertilizers.

In this video, you can see the unboxing NIDO and parts kit included:


Out of my price range now.

It wouldn’t have been a year ago but now it is.

With that said I am super jealous of anyone who owns one of these setups. You have a great product @nidopro and if I ever get back to the point I can afford one I will buy it immediately



We appreciate your kind and sincere words about NIDO, we understand you but never give up! You will be able to afford a NIDO unit soon.

If you have any question, just ask.


I hope so. I’m battling cancer right now and many things I used to be able to afford are suddenly out of reach.

Once again, hats off to your product @nidopro


We experience some variations in EC with an in-line doser…no tanks. Could NIDO monitor and adjust the EC of a small pre-delivery tank installed after the dosers to smooth out our numbers? We won’t go back to using large tanks but how big would the tank need to be if this is a valid idea?


Hi @empyreal.craig,
Sorry to hear that in the past, with other products, you have experienced some variations in the EC with bad results for the plants.

NIDO monitors and adjusts the EC from its own unit. We tested the system since the last 18 months with beta testers units used by professionals growers all around the World and the stability of the parameters is exceptional.

You can install NIDO in any tank for all hydroponic systems from 2 to 660 gals of total water in closed circuits. The installation of NIDO is super easy, please take a look:

We hope to have replied to your question, thanks.


Attached a video that shows the control panel and the accuracy of the NIDO APP for each value (Ph, Ec, Temperature, Humidity and VDP).

Did you know that you can connect a camera also to the app (the image of the video comes directly from the NIDO APP) to check the status of your plants? Hope you will find that interesting!



I must say nidopro sure looks like it would take a lot of the frustrating factors from a hydro set up out of the calculation of risk at hand;) love the camera option. Possibly add CO2 interface for nidopro2 ?


This is a possibility for the future @hoppiefrog, yes.