Is this thrips?

Greetings growers,

I’ve spotted these white/silver spots and black dots on some leaves, as far I’ve searched they appear to be signs of thrips. I want your opinion on that and also on how can I proceed now to clean my plants with the least damage possible.

I grew from seeds planted 1/21/2022 and this is how far my plants have gone. In the black bags are Barney’s feminized Gorilla Zkittlez and in the grey one feminized cheese (unlabeled). So far I have used 18/6 and I am planning to change to 12/12 today. My goal is to be able to harvest before July, judging the condition of my plants (which they’ve been through a lot…) do you think this is possible? I am currently not looking for maximum yield but rather being able to harvest before July. I have used 250W HPS which I changed to 250W MH at some point. Now for 12/12 I should use the HPS, right? Also will setting it at 400W make it more likely to be able to harvest before July?

It’s my first grow and countless things have gone wrong …, I will probably prefer autos next time due to my tight schedule.

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It is possible, or spider mites. I cant see any bugs to try to ID for you, but damage is similar, as is the treatment for both.
Spinosad - Capt Jacks Dead Bug spray or a Pyrethrin(DoktorDoom), Greenclean, or something natural like SNS 217 (rosemary oils) or neem (in veg only)if you can stand the smell.

The Other Q is possible, but (unlikely - get em healthy first), thats 12 weeks out, but solve one issue at a time. All is contingent on your expectations(which you pointed out). Personally, I’d stay on the MH after flip until the burrs show up well, then I’d switch to the red spec when I felt the stretch game was up. (thats just grow style opine tho - lots or Who-hat-here-hen-hy’s)


Thank you very much <3


Those are mites. Pluck off a leaf look underneath. Black dots are poop from the bugs. Watch out man act quick. Remove affected leaves to help remove unhatched eggs.


I am anxious that if I do that I will remove to much leaf mass and make it impossible to achieve my goal (harvest before July). Do you think Neem Oil or an apropriate spray will be enough?


Check out this thread.


Spotted this on the strawberry I have in the far right corner. That’s a thrip, right?



That is definitely a thripper snipper to me!!!


:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


yup that is a thrip. They leave silvery trails on the upside of the leaf. I live in soybean country and get them even year. Not too big a deal, honestly. Cant Jack’s Dead Bug and Green Cleaner kill them quickly. Mites are much worse and harder to get rid of


I love spider-mites… so much…basterds.

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