JaxsoNL5 Take 2: Year 2, Two Photos Meet BBP

That’s right, kicking off year 2 with a fresh twist. Last year was all autos to get my feet wet, now i’m jumping into the big kid pool. Let’s try some photoperiods and the man @TheMadFlascher got me BBP shipped in lightning speed :fire::fire::fire: Photos are in 1 gal fabric pots with a Mephisto auto freebie in a nursery pot (about the size of a Solo cup).

Here’s the specs:


  • Romulan x Gluey (Brothers Grimm)
  • Blackwater [Mendo Purps x Tahoe OG S1]
    (The Cali Connection)
  • Strawberry Nuggets x Livers Bx1
    (Mephisto Genetics)

Fox Farms Cultivation Nation (70% coco, 30% perlite) with a small layer of LECA clay pebbles in the bottle of pots. Dynomyco added throughout medium prior to transplant and into transplant hole during potting.

2x2x4’ CoolGrows tent (on my fourth cycle with this cheap tent, almost at end of life)

Bloomspect SL600 (early veg) and SS1000 (mid to late veg), HLG Rspec 100 (flower). Side (vertical lighting) with two T5HO 24” fixtures interchanging 6500K, 3000K, PureUV, and 10,000K Finisher bulbs as appropriate during cycle. RapidLED far and near red pucks for flower initiation.

Gen Hydro MaxiGro, MaxiBloom, BioRoot, and CALiMAGic. Advanced Nutrients Nirvana, Overdrive, Big Bud, and Bud Candy. Bloom City Silica Boost and Humic Acid. And the new addition (drumroll please)…Bud Buster Pro FTMFW!


Damn !
@jaxsonl5 has re-entered the room, and it appears he is seriously prepared to kick some ASS!
Welcome back, and excited to join in your adventure! Really looking forward to it !

Don’t hesitate to ask me anything that I can help with !



The instructions you send are super clear and thorough, days away from the first application!

Started seeds 10/25/22, soaked in distilled water with a drop of BioRoot for about 18 hrs, then into moist paper towels for 24 hrs on a heat mat (set to 79 F)

The chosen ones

Kids in the pool

After 24 hrs in paper towels we have life!


Seeds go into Rapid Rooter cubes pre-soaked with dilute (1/10th strength BioRoot) and little dome tray. I do an extra cube that gets the temp probe into the hole to measure the root zone temp and keep the cubes heated.

The tray goes into the dark for roughly 24 hrs and then the first lights on starts. Strawberry Nuggets x Livers popped it’s head out during the dark period…Hello World!

After the first lights on (SL600 at 40% - 24” above) all popped out, the photo babies were helmet heads :joy:


Last update and all caught up.

Strawberry Nuggets x Livers (SNL) autoflower is my fastest wild child so far, three days from starting bean soak to being transplanted to it’s final home…one decent taproot poking out to sit on some Dynomyco in the planting hole

Romulan x Gluey (R x G) and Blackwater (BW) were shedding their protective gear

And last thing was transplanting R x G to its final home, taproot looked almost identical to SNL.

Blackwater got transplanted same day as R x G, didn’t want to show its roots so I sent it home with no pics.

Thanks for stopping by growmies :v::green_heart:


That’s some root action!


Has anyone tried a dilute (0.5-1 mL / 8 oz) on young plants/seedlings around 7 days old? Would you recommend against, or maybe like a guinea pig LOL?


Day 7 - auto update
Lights are up to 18.5/5.5
SL600 @ 100%, 20” above the photos (about 24” above SNL)
Day: 80-82 F, 70% RH
Night: 70 F, 65-68% RH

The baby pot (reused nursery pot, pretty much a Solo cup grow) Strawberry Nuggets x Livers (SNL for shits n giggles) is going strong and a day ahead of her photo tent mates. Weird little burn that’s been on the first leaf, keeping a hand (cotyledon) on her hip. She’s a funny lil thang


Sure @jaxsonl5 …as soon as you have your first set of true leaves you are good to go with the 2ml/8 oz rate. We also have growers treating newly cut clones either when putting them in the cloner or a few days after…

Of course it’s not going to take much dilute, so you may want to start with 0.5ml/2 oz water…get em on a weekly schedule and maintain 2ml/8 oz rate until they get 3-4 sets of leaves and you can bump that concentration to 2.5ml/8 oz water !


:point_up:Guilty. Did it here:

All the clones survived and were super happy back then. I can’t tell if these early applications had much effect but it sure doesn’t kill the young clonesies.


Appreciate the input @TheMadFlascher and @MrMonkey420 :pray:

Day 7
Lights are up to 18.5/5.5
SL600 @ 100%, 20” above the photos (about 24” above SNL)
Day: 80-82 F, 70% RH
Night: 70 F, 65-68% RH

RxG = Romulan x Gluey
SNL = Strawberry Nuggets x Livers

Applied BBP for the first time at a dose of 1 mL per 8 oz of water (did roughly 80 microliters BBP concentrate into 20 mL water).

The small volume covered all three babies, my wife’s rose bush, and our strawberry plant! Did a light mist right before lights out.

Thanks for stopping by growmies :v::green_heart::fire:


Pics from Day 14 (always late to post LOL!)

Lights are up to 20.5/3.5…hold for four days and start ramping down to 12/12 over the next month.
Swapped the Bloomspect SL600 (85W) for the SS1000 (100W), put it 26” above the photos…dropping an inch a day until its 18-20” above and will hold there until 12/12 is reached, then swap for the HLG Rspec 100. Added in one T5HO 24W 6500 K, short pulses of the PureUV bulb (1 minute exposure time, done 3-5x each cycle), and have the RapidLED Far and Deep Red pucks going. The initiator pucks I start at 1 minute before/after lights on (2 minutes total) and the same at lights off, they’re now at 5 minutes before/after at on/off.
Day: 80-82 F, 70% RH
Night: 70 F, 63-67% RH

RxG = Romulan x Gluey
SNL = Strawberry Nuggets x Livers

Also just got an AC Infinity Oscillating tent pole fan, this thing is dope!!! :fire::fire::fire: 10 speed settings, oscillation can be turned off, AND remembers the previous setting when power is cut…I have mine on a programmable timer to do four 3 hour sessions (my other fans run constant).

My saving graces and BEST INVESTMENTS EVER for growing. The two outlet timer has a program for my lights (including all side lighting except the RapidLED pucks). The other outlet has multiple programs controlling the AC Infinity oscillating fan.

The power strip Always On outlets control my fans and humidity controller (which operates my humidifier/dehumidifier), while the “Switched” ports are on programs to turn on the RapidLED pucks and a booster fan (for an extra breeze and cooling wind at “dusk” and “dawn”) before and after lights out.

Now the babies, one day (two days for SNL as she’s a day ahead of her photoperiod siblings) prior to their second - first official since the first application on Day 7 was very dilute - app of Bud Buster Pro from @TheMadFlascher. All pics are at D14 of growth since sprout.

Happy growing, danks for stopping by :v::green_heart::fire:


No. Dank you… lol


Day 21 (on time, yayayyy!)
Passed the “solstice” (ramped from 18/6 at sprout to 20.5/3.5 over the first three weeks) and ramping down towards 12/12 while lowering the light as the days get shorter. Currently at 19/5 with the Bloomspect SS1000 22” above, added in the second T5HO Sunblaster 6500K bulb for vertical supplemental lighting. Deep and far red pucks 10 minutes before and after lights on and off.

Have given two BBP foliar applications and am using an 8-day cycle. Weekly feeds are silica boost, then MaxiGro (first full strength dose given at day 20) plus CalMag next feed, and CalMag + BioRoot (and sometimes half strength Bud Candy) in between. Every other week giving humic acid the day before starting the weekly feed regimen.

Started LST to open up the plants. The TCC Blackwater (Mendo Purps x Tahoe OG S1) finally pushing out some new branching

Brother’s Grimm Romulan xGluey is a short bushy thang with nice branch structure, constantly tucking and re-tucking leaves behind new shoots



Coloring up nicely…all systems go from what I can see !!


Had some issues with the SNL looking like Cal and N deficiencies…i’m surprised neither photo showed the same. I’m adjusting to this new medium but think we’re on the way now :+1:


Hope y’all had a good Turkey day! Went ahead and luckily my automation did a good enough job while away for four days. Got a cheap aquarium air pump and put it in a dish to oxygenate CalMag for the Solo cup sized SNL, got a auto drip irrigation for the two photoperiods feed 200 mL CalMag every six hours…had to make a reservoir from a 2.5 gal water jug.

The ladies got a Bud Buster Pro spray and MaxiGro before hooking up to their vacay feed systems.

Lights back down to 18/6…started gradually dropping to 12/12 upon return from our trip.

BW - Blackwater (The Cali Connection)
RG - Romulan x Gluey (The Brothers Grimm)
SNL - Strawberry Nuggets x Livers Bx1 autoflower (Mephisto Genetics)

Before leaving the auto (SNL) showed her lady parts

The tent

And at our return

Next update in a few days, thanks for stopping by :v::green_heart::potted_plant: