JNL5 - First Grow Journal - Twenty20 Mendocino Whiskey Zulu auto

Howdy all, been having fun interacting and learning a ton here on GN. Finally time to give it a go…my first grow ever and i’m super stoked! I know a learning experience (or many) awaits :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Focusing on a single plant first grow…dropped a WhiZ kid in distilled water in a shot glass on a heat mat with thermostat controller set to 78 F.

Breeder: Twenty20 Mendocino @twenty20

Seed Bank: Chitownseeds.com @automatik

Strain: Whiskey Zulu F1 (fem auto)
[Watermelon Zkittlez (F4) x Trizzlers (F5)]

Space: 2x2x4’ (LxWxH) tent

Container: 5 Gal Fabric pot

Medium: a mix of coco coir, Fox Farms Happy Frog, and perlite…estimate 40:40:20 ratio. Dynomyco mycorrhizae inoculant during planting.

Nutes: Distilled water, GH MaxiGro, MaxiBloom, CaliMagic, and BioRoot. Planning on starting (week 2?) at 1/10 strength and working up to 1/2 strength max during each cycle…MaxiGro during veg and MaxiBloom during flower…do about 1/10 to 1/4 strength mix of each during pre-flower to switch over. CaliMagic and BioRoot will be used throughout the grow. Pure water flushes (or FloraKleen) after every 2-3 feedings. All nutes pH’d after mixing to pH 6-6.5.


  • Bloomspect SL600 full-spectrum LED (only 85W draw, so supplementing…keep reading lol). This was my first purchase in all my over eagerness months ago, not a bad little light for $50 but I would’ve saved a little more to get better in hindsight…this will be my first upgrade after the first grow.
  • 2 ft. 24W T5HO with 6400K bulb (during veg) for supplemental lighting - will be posted to the tent corner (3000K during flower, 10000K Finisher bulb for before lights out, and PureUV bulb)…hope to get a second T5HO fixture eventually for 360 degree lighting
  • Two clamp lights (go in the corners adjacent to the T5HO) with 100W equivalent (15 W true) standard LED light bulbs (daylight “5000K” during veg, soft white “2700K” during flower”)
  • Far Red (720-740 nm) LED Supplement puck (during pre-flower and flower only).


  • 4” inline fan (100 cfm) with carbon filter (scrub air during flower only). Will be adding an intake fan to close off tent during flower.
  • Two small clip on fans to move air inside tent.
  • Small humidifier, going to be adding dehumidifier and humidistat (controller) in next couple weeks :slightly_smiling_face:

21 hour soak, started to crack but going to bed so onto paper towel it goes overnight:

After an additional 24 hours on the moist paper towel I popped the bean in a Rapid Rooter cube pre-soaked (and drained for ~30 min) in 1/10 strength BioRoot. Humidity dome on, I keep in dark overnight (up to 24 hours longer) prior to lights on:

Thanks to everyone who has helped me learn, shown off their skills/techniques, and the great discussions i’ve had - so excited to finally join y’all!!! :seedling: ~ Jax


Hi @jaxsonl5

Lovely start to I bet a great grow journel. Looking forward to watching your progress.


Congrats on a great start. Careful, thats a deep hole :grin: looks like you have all your ducks in a row, this should be fun to watch.


Welcome aboard!
I will be watching with great anticipation.


Sounds like you are off to a great start


Thank you all, so stoked to join fun!

@Jimhigh66 - I bought these WZ’s from Chitown after a chat we had, so thank you for the little push :wink: :fist:


Nice start , me thinks you picked a great seed bank from all the reviews i seen ! Once you start the seed , all you like is finishing~


Looking Great! congrats on getting your first grow off to a great start. Excited to watch the progress!


26 hours lights off after dropping seed in Rapid Rooter cube (went over what I wanted to do), finally got some lights on and a temporary home…starting with the two 5000K daylight LED bulbs in clamp lamps. The taproot has definitely grown and is getting there, hopefully with the lights overnight it will have popped its cots by morning :crossed_fingers:

Going with an 18/6 light cycle. Will gradually add in the 6400K T5HO and then the full-spec LED.


Thanks for stopping by, stoked @automatik brought your genetics to my attention :+1: hope this doesn’t turn into a shit show of a newbie grow :joy:


I’m growing 4 in the same size tent. I do recommend trying out Dr Kelp Kelp me Kelp you. It’s kept my plants living lovely also have some ladybugs as well.


Thank you for the rec, the GH BioRoot looks to be a similar seaweed extract formulation (and NPK) to the KMKY :slightly_smiling_face: I have so much of each GH nute they will last me past this seasons grow (plus all fruits, veggies, and flowers). I’m def changing nute lines after I run out though and will keep this in mind :+1:

I hope to grow multiple each run in the future, figure one will keep me busy enough for the first go around and allow me to really give this lady some real love.


You are welcome my brother, but I don’t think I pushed you…
I shoved you…:flushed:
Chitownseeds is legit, and doing awesome for the little time they have been up. More to come…
Can’t wait to see how your Zulu’s do!
For now; this tune is for you.


End of first light cycle :seedling:

12 hours into first light cycle:

15 hours in noticed the seed shell was getting pushed down into the cube hole. Used tweezers to grab it out and pulled out what i’m guessing is the seed coat(?):

Used the tweezers to take small patches off the corners of the cube to gently “plug” the hole and protect the roots from light. Dropped the seed coat into the hole for nutrients. One last pic, just before the 18 hour mark and lights off.

Germination recap so far:
21 hr soak in distilled water
24 hrs in moist paper towel
26 hr in Rapid Rooter cube in darkness
18/6 light cycle with two 15W “daylight” 5000K LED light bulbs

Plan to do one more day with just the clamp lamps, then add in the SunBlaster 6400K T5HO to the party. Two days to adjust there and should be ready (if not sooner) for the 5 gal fabric pot and add in the full-spectrum LED.


Couldn’t post yesterday as we all know :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Set up the grow tent and it said “To hell with your plan, sir!” :joy: clamp lights were way too high up (tried dropping with bungie cords but too wonky) so added in the 6400K T5HO to the corner during the second 18/6 cycle (pic is through a green “viewing” window)

The sprout loved the T5HO, had to keep rotating the rooter cube tray to bend it back-and-forth towards it…makes me want to get one for each corner (def getting one soon for the opposite corner!). Slight gangster lean at the end of the light cycle

After a nap straightened up just nice, just over an inch at start of day 2 (above “soil” aka the root cube hole)

Swapped out the clamp lights for the SL600 full-spectrum LED for the third 18/6 cycle. About “midday” in the grow added back one of the 5000K clamp lights (without reflector…too bulky for the little headspace). Two clip on fans circulating air (one top right pushing air above the LED to cool). *Running the SL600 dimmed to ~30% to introduce. Turned on the 6400K T5HO after about 2 hrs into light. Clamp light came on about 6 hrs after the T5.

LED and clamp are 20” above the sprout, T5HO is 8” away.

Little lady is stretching well, don’t mind though because the leggy stem will get buried a little when transplanting into the 5 gal pot (likely doing at start of next light cycle - day 3 above ground).

Don’t worry y’all i’ll slow down with the pics and lengthy azz posts, just want to fully document this stage of growth and the setup so I can get advice/critiques to help me advance (I had hell with this stage before I joined here and did research) :sunglasses:


Great looking set up jaxson.
Looking forward to watching it work for you.


Thanks for the love.


Thank you @Jimhigh66, def a work in progress. Been a blast setting up and trying to find what works :smiley: it’s been like grow tent Tetris :joy:


About 24 hrs since last measurement, Zu sprouted up almost another 1 cm

Went ahead and transplanted (been in the cube about 3.5 days). Dynomyco recommended 1 Tbsp per 3 Gal container so I used a little over. Mixed a small amount of mycorrhizae into the entire soil, then made a planting hole. Pre-wet the planting hole and sprinkled the majority of myco into the hole. Lightly sprinkled the cube/roots with myco as well (not pictured) letting the excess fall into the planting hole.

Figured out the clamp light situation, have them adjacent to the single T5HO (just ordered the second unit to go across from it)

Finally got things set semi how I want :muscle: carbon filter and exhaust fan on the way…then really going to be crowded at the top of the tent. Added a small portable evaporative cooler/humidifier. For now, let it be :sunglasses:

Thanks for stopping by :v: - JL and Zu :seedling:


Baby Zu is diggin the new home, or at least survived the move so far :wink: into Day 5 (from breaking ground)…start of light cycle:

I gave a light feeding (~250 mL) with 1/100 strength CALiMAGic because the medium was dry down about an inch…didn’t want it getting too dry overnight with lights on.