Jobs or volunteer work without being a US citizen?


I am currently enrolled for my Master of Cannabis Certificate at the Cannabis Training University,
After I get my certificate I will like to do volunteer work or get a job in the field to gain some experience And knowledge, in order to fulfill my dream of being a part of the cannabis industry,
Which is to start my own business or just being a support in any possible way to the industry.

I am from Trinidad and Tobago, which means there isn’t any avenue for me to start my journey as yet,
So my question is, how possible is it to get an opportunity with work or to do volunteer work, in the US
without being a citizen?

I am 25 years old and i have been running my own business that manufactures safety nets for offshore cargo containers for the last 6 years.

I want to shift my career path from “getting paid to do work” to “getting paid for work that I love to do”

Looking Forward


first welcome to GN u will meet a great group of growers with unlimited knowledge. I think u need to check with customs or some federal agency about working or volunteer work. All U need to do is google marijuana jobs in the USA and start applying. Maybe someone in our network has a grow going where they need help??


Hi @cannakris

Welcome to GN and thanks for your post. Its an interesting question on the basis that if you want to get experience in cannabis, North America is the best place to be to get that type of work.

Which is to start my own business

I love this and respect that statement. But it would be very difficult to setup a business as you arrive. There are however many options you can look at to get a grounding, experience before you start your venture e.g getting a sponsor to cover your job. You could also look at doing things like:

  1. USA summer camps
  2. Wwoofing
  3. CCUSA

Those are just a couple options to get a foot in the door and might help you. You are young enough to experience traveling, pack a bag and go around the world. Cannabis is not only booming in the USA, you could look at Canada, Israel, Equador, jobs in Jamaica etc. The world is your oyster, hope some of these tips above help. I would do it in a heart beat if I was still young and dumb. Age caught up to me. :rofl:


Hi @cannakris !

We’ll be open for volunteering by end of the year. Please keep in touch!

Greetings from Ecuador, South America.


Hey @cannakris , how is that for an opportunity from @paulcoyote , he is already ploughing his fields for their 2nd license. Check out more information from his post here.


I did a little research, basically I will have to apply for temporary work visa
I have seen visas for temporary agriculture work.

I believe I fit the criteria for a H-2A Temporary Agricultural visa,
I need some to help with the legalities and paper work if anyone is willing to educate me,
I also have a feeling there will be some sensitivity to this case, since there Is cannabis involved.

these are all the visas they have

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I will be happy to help and support in any way possible!!

When I finish my masters course at CTU, I am going to do some courses on Green CulturED as well,
I know experience is a whole next thing but there is only one way to achieve that,
Is to get it done!! in other words “wake up and smell the turps”

Will keep in touch
looking forward


Appreciate the support!!

Looks like I might really be packing my bag to go around the world lol,
Will keep you guys updated.



I got my masters certificate from CTU.

I am also a bit stuck in my journey at the moment, I have lost count on how many companies I have emailed lol.

Any advice or possibilities out there???