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Journal of my 30’x20’grow build from scratch

As of 2010 I had already built well over 300 commercial and hidden residential grows. I was supposed to be retired, but my wife decided to start a hemp farm to try and help some of my disabled military brothers. At least until the laws change here and we can grow more than hemp.:alien: Hahaha anyway,I am starting this journal to show everyone my progress in building this grow.
The building is a barn style structure with a concrete floor. It was my commercial butcher shop for several years. Time to create life and not so much death. Anyway, I wanted to leave the outside metal siding like it is so people think its the same old building as always. So this build is being done kind of back wards. It has a make shift barn frame with metal siding and a concrete floor. Hahaha so…Heres my steps of where Im at.
First we pressure washed the entire Inside of building.
I used 1/2” osb and put up a ceiling 10’ high. Then 6 mil plastic wrapped entire inside walls. Then I used 1/2” osb to board the walls up. I am still framing and all now. I will be using 1/2” osb again since i got a killer deal at Lowes. Hahaha but I will be putting up those osb boards, then I will tack up 6mil white panda paper on every wall and ceiling. Thats when I get to blow insulation in the new built attic, then its anchors, chains, and light hanging time. I will show my wiring and everything as I go thru all of this. I wire my own 220 timers and all. I should add I am trained in all areas of construction, and I was an electrician for a time. Also, Ballast will be stored Up in the attick.hahahaha
I do have some ocd so Im sure your all going to see pics of stuff ive done where you will have questions hahaha please,ask away. I am having fun doing this and just want to take some of you with me on the ride. When its all done and built I will follow thru with Starting some seeds, making a mom, cutting the clones, and even follow that seed and clone all the way to flower. Hopefully I can stay with this thread and get some of you to follow along, cuz this journal should take me about 6 months to complete. Hahahaha In the end, this grow should have around 20 1000w hps lights hanging and I don’t want to even think of what btu of a/c Im gonna need yet. Hahahaha
Maybe I will even mail out a bunch of the hemp at the first harvest if anyone wants to dabble in some of the cbg stuff Ive been talking about online. I will send out the hemp bud from what I show step by step the growth of.


1st layer of osb and plastic done, and the ceiling done.


Walls are up, framing is going well and insulation is on the ready!


I was doing the insulation and electrical wiring when we decided to take a break for a few days and have a covid party,ok 4th of July party. Hahaha so I processed 4 of our hogs in the “future grow building” and threw a big ass 4-hog roast and mid-day 100qt sea food boil…amazing and awesome time…now back to the build!!!
I should add. I was able to wire up the breaker panel and some receptacles. I passed all inspections and The electric company hooked me up a new meter. That’s rite…we have 200amps of power now at our disposal in this one building!!!


Walls are going up. This picture is today. 08/07/20. I am half way done with the wall boards. I hope to be wrapping the walls with white panda paper by monday or sooner. I have decided to add a few more receptacles and switches in first. I ran each wall with receptacles to their own 20 amp breaker too. Power is not going to be my down fall,the dam electric bill will be. Hahahaha


I forgot to tag people. Hahaha
I forgot who else to tag hahahaha I really am a scrub at the forum stuff. Hahaha






have a great yield Man , looking nice

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Nice im saving money to change my electric also. Im going to install high amp sockets all over the basement as well as celing sockets. And a new breaker box and meter.

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Very nice @bullfrog420!
Looks like it is gong to be a fabulous space to grow!!
Can’t wait to see what your room will grow!!:green_heart:

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Looking great man I see a true forest about to sprout :wink: if u have any environmental issues u need help w I’d be happy to help big rooms are a different beast :muscle: , congrats can’t wait to see it lit up


It’s looking really good, @bullfrog420. I will definitely be watching to pick up some knowledge. Thank you for being willing to share.


Awesome job brother I’m actually about to be designing a larger room my self soon I gota meet my buddy and go shopping for gear like this week I’m pretty excited , some guy jus got busted 20 mins from my place 3600 plants look it up Savoy Massachusetts

Huge grow op

3600 hahaha the thought of working that many again just gives me heart burn! Hahahahahahahahahahaha Thats crazy tho lmao
I had a few different farmers out here approach my wife. I have a pic in here of a 6’ long table loaded with a couple hundred hemp clones as we were about to plant. Well they saw those plants driving by and wanted to know how I got them to stay so thick and dark green. Hahaha and then they each asked if I could fill 20k-30k clone orders at a pop for their planting next year. Uhg hahaha hey, If we ever say yes to them I will have plenty of seasonal work if anyone wants to travel out. Hahahahahaha At this time I do not plan on it. Hahaha

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SICK! not much you cant do with 200 amps…nice work and thanks for sharing.

I read that 1 haha chinese dude just stuffs a wad of hundreds in the inspectors pocket! Like he’s going to risk his 6 figure job for a few thousand teehee.
If they had any brains the plan should have been “ok we’re using 10K a month in electricity” and “right when the inspector comes out we immediately dismantle and sanitize op”?! Guess they have seen to many bad crime movies and/or like going to jail?

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“asked if I could fill 20k-30k clone orders at a pop for their planting next year.” What what what!! Subcontract that out! I’ll bid haha

I know man what’s crazy bro is so many people grow in my area and he coulda got away w it if he jus did it out side that’s how every1 grows out in Savoy thers alot of woods but that guy was nuts