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Katmwall first grow!

Thanks for the video. I’ll watch and let you know.

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So lucky got a grace period of another week. There are still no amber tricomes on the buds themselves. There’s a ton of amber on the sugar leaves but none on the buds themselves. (Or there is very VERY few). Here’s pics of the biggest buds tricomes

the fan leaves look AWFUL. in fact the whole plant looks pretty terrible and it makes me want to just chop it down and start over but we’ve put too much into this to quit now!! In other news the stuff I’m curing smells more and more like marijuana every day so I think I’m doing it right? It’s been a week of cure so far. Looking forward to sampling it after the 30 days are up. I’m also curing the sugar leaves. Does anyone else do that? Is it unnecessary? I just didn’t know what to do with them yet because I don’t think I have enough to make anything out of them yet. I’ll have to wait till the rest of lucky comes down.


Just chop it now so u can start your next grow it’s going to be good whether its milky or amber this is just my opinion and if ur gonna try to make hash save your trim until u have enough trim to try that’s what I’m doing it’s in a ziploc in the freezer


I see the trichs turning now. Just chop or add a couple days. Then chop. The fan leaves will be consumed by the plant as it finishes and can even turn brown.


Oh the fan leaves have turned almost black. So yeah they are definitely being eaten by the plant right now for resources. The buds look fine though. Will post pictures later of what lucky looks like rn.


Black green, yellow, purple? Yes that’s beautiful.
Let’s see some color.
If the leaves are fading color, it’s all part of the process based on conditions, strain, grower, nutes.
Yes some larger/older leaves will burn up and turn brown as the plant’s energy is going to the flowers and meds.
Watch out, an early sativa can creep up on you lol.
Kyle M


I forgot to post pics!! Here is lucky tonight. Tomorrow I’m checking the tricomes again to see if it’s time to harvest.

I have been burping lucky’s early cut every day for 10 mins. Also the sugar leaves from that cut are also curing in a jar. I’m hoping to make some edibles or something. I’m taking a tea break so I can really feel what lucky can do. Right now my tolerance is too high. It sucks!! :sob:


Here’s lucky’s tricomes today!!

I think I’m just going to chop it down at the end of the week of the beginning of next week. I’m doing a week flush with distilled water then I think I’ll keep lights out for a couple days then finally chop her down


You named your plant? lol… Ima start doing that! :joy: