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Laughable first grow

Hi all.
Found an old seed recently and decided to pop it.
I have a poor grow space, initially just afternoon sun due to home location.
The seed immediate had a slight curl/twist in the first “real leaves”. Wasn’t sure if genetics or environment.

Plant performed poorly due to environment - light for first couple months, really slow growth, non symmetrical form, light green leaves.

Changed into closet grow under 300 LED. improved foliage but form abnormal.

Transplanted into larger pots, soil medium, nutrients initially was compost tea from banana peel then moved to over concentrated form for veggies.

I’ve had it 18-6 for a month or so and decided to see what bloom would be like.

36 hour darkness and in 12-12 cycle. Noticed very yellow top leaves.

Light burn?

I watered and added nutrients prior to the flip.

I accept I haven’t got the best space and conditions but it’s a first attempt…

Cause or yellowing after 36 hour darkness prior to flip.
Lights to close

3-4 months
Initially sun - afternoon 4-6 hours from seed
Nutrients - vegetable nutrients

Tap water. Not ph up/down
Temp high 20c (77-86)
Humidity 40-50
300W LED
No exhaust/fan/humid

Uploading: 42C467C4-B61E-4B8D-9D57-1442040791C4.jpeg…


The first picture looks like some immobile nutrition deficiency most likely : Boron or Iron .
Check your medium PH usually immobile deficiencies upear with high medium PH and always on new tops .

Last picture looks like re-veg plant or sometimes when you mess a lot with the light schedule they get retarded like that .

I guess I’ll look to get some bloom nutrients for the final stage and see what happens. Any recommendations for soil?
Not ready to upscale to ph test kits and the like just yet.
If I need to make nutrients more mobile in the soil, I’m guessing getting the ph correct is the way to do it.
Any options to manage without specific equipment? Or that’s all guess work…
Couldn’t say what initial plant the seed came from. Looks pretty messed up.
Light schedule was terrible to start with.

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If you decide to Ph and I don’t… you need a $40 Ph pen… I do not Ph as I know my water and nutrients and teas and I like to piss off the Ph’rs… sorry but that is what I am known for… not Ph’ing…


So you just go by feel and the look of the plant? I like the idea of intuitive growing but some people seem to have very specific “recipes” that give good repeatable results.

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If you want repeatable results for a noob, and don’t want to PH just yet. Go for the Advanced Nutrients line-up of nutrients. They have a formula that supposed to balance the PH by itself. So no need to PH and you get very decent results with them! :face_with_monocle:

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Nice. I’ll look into them.

I seen your using tap water. I would recomend leaving your water sit out for a day or two to dechlorinate. The chlorine is bad for plants and soil and leaving it out for a couple days will help evaporate it. Adding an air pump speeds up the process


I have been using them for 3 years and the better I become at growing, the better the results with my nutrients also! Those nutrients helped me get decent results even when using crappy lights in my tent and now that I’ve got some decent lights, they give me a lot more!!! :smiley:


I am one of them… I know my soil now and I know my water… I do not Ph my DWC clones and I don’t my aeroponic clones (but these I must so I only DWC clone at the moment)…lol…


and when we test for chlorine in our cooling water intakes (use it for zebra mussel and algae control) and our outfalls it takes 6 minutes for the sample test to be invalid (we have to run the sample with in 6 minutes or the chlorine has off gassed)… I don’t even worry about chlorine… best practice is let it sit but in the winter when I need water sometimes I need water… hell I water from the hose if I run out of rain water etc in my outdoor… I find I will do what I have to do…


I had a quick look. There seems to be a lot of possible products.

Ok. I’ll try this as well. Thanks.

There is soo much out there. Its overwhelming. Ask questions before you waste money. With the combined experience here. I’m sure we have tried it all



Clean up abit on and around your plant. Otherwise looking good


So just de-leaf the yellow leaves and remove some sitting above the flower sites?

What would people think about re-potting a plant in flower? Pointless? Harmful? Any chance it’d help increase yield?

This one has small root tips coming out of the bottom.

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You can transplant. It will help the roots. Sounds like they are root bound. Remove the dead and yellow leafs.
What do you want to remove at the flower sites? Are you planning to top or fim?
How old is the plant now?


I’ve just de-leafed a few leaves.
Generally over the whole plant now.
The flower sites are progressing. I’m not going to touch them.
I just thought I might re-pot it.
It’s been going for about four months.
The first couple were a struggle with minimal natural light.
I had used a heavy concentrated veggie nutrient only a couple times, under strength rises.
Now I’ve only used an indoor plant one that has smaller ratios.
It’s been a little sporadic on the watering and the nutrients, no real system but it keeps growing. Proof will be in a couple of months.
I had also cut a lower branch that didn’t seem to be progressing and have turned it into a clone a week or so ago. Not sure if it’ll take but I’m hopefully. Some of the bigger leaves have started to yellow off but the central leaves still seem quite green.


About seven days old after being in a make shift dome of a large zip lock bag.