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LED light advice please

Morning everyone thanks for the advice on my previous questions.

This time I want to know what are the best LED light to get and why please?

I’ve decided to use LED as I’ve read one sentence saying you get a higher yield and they cost less to run than the other lights so that’s me sold I didn’t need to know more I’m getting LED.

But I don’t know what ones are best to get so any advice would be great thanks.

I think I could buy some lower power lights to start my seeds and initial veg period then buy more in a few weeks for flowering.


I bought this book but it doesn’t have LED light information in it.


You would be better off building your own LED light. It is much less expensive.

Drivers - Meanwell

LED’s - Samsung, Bridgelux, and Osram

You can purchase canopy substrate from most DIY light resellers like -


There are a lot of sellers offering DIY kits that don’t require soldiering… The connectors are poke through :+1:t2:

I use RapidLED for most of my builds or DigiKey (component level)



2 things … 1 - that book is “the” bible, a growers must. Great read man and smart choice.
2 - did you start a journal? You can ask all your questions in one place. Oh and you know the @ symbol “tags” ppl or calls their attention specifically. Like @Marbsbuds
And 3rd - a diy light build is an awesome way to go like P said. Some great strip builds like PLC or Samsung, HLG w boards and Rapid, basically everything P said…lol you save $$, feel the love for the girls, lol, wicked efficient and bang for your buck.


I have the same book it’s a life saver. Good choice. The no info on led lights kinda sucks but everything else in it is great


Great l.e.d. edition.

My bible
Another great book.


Thanks again preybird1. I appreciate the help I’ll be going through every reply properly this week to answer and thank everyone who has helped me out.


Thanks everyone. I’ll be going through all the replies this week to see the advice and to thank anyone who has helped.

I Appreciate your time


Yo poseidon thanks for this advice man I’m going to build my own. Can you tell me how much money about it saves building your own versus buying them off a company please?


I would say on average, 20-30% cost savings on initial upfront cost if you build your own.

Return on Investment is high :+1:t2: Lower heat means less environmental cost. 7-10 year life span so no costly lamp replacement like HID, and you can mix and match spectrum/color temp (red, green, blue) to match your desired outcome.

You can’t recipe an HID fixture.



Thanks mate. Do you have any pictures of yours please?


You are welcome. I have built many but here are a few …


Hey @poseidon ever seen this guys led chips?

He has hyper violet chips. I have a light i designed for a mini fridge using his full spectrum boards. The mini fridge will be the storage for my tissue cultures. Because after some testing and more research the tissue cultures do better cooler and more intense lighting. Lots of testing to do still…


Sweet! I run 420nm Actinic in my main area. I use SEMILed’s across a 3.5 foot heat sink. I am driving 60W in series. With this design, I can push to an entire array at 80% which extends the diode life and puts out even PPF across a 4x4 space.

Have you tested with a quantum meter? I am too cheap to shell out $400 for a good light tester :rofl:


No i haven’t tested yet. Only half assembled.


I use Migro 600’s and the new Migro ARAY in another 5x5.


thanks for sharing pics of your creations-they look great- food for thought alright


before the plague hit and i lost my job, I was doing some research on getting high end LED’s for my grow.

the best light for the best money with the best output spectrum (including UV), with the best warranty (this is vital too) ws from Mammoth. here’s a link

Fluence is great. Cali Lightworks, BC Blondes, etc all are good. but mammoth stood apart form the rest for me


You are welcome :+1:t2:

Fluence, Gavita, California Lightworks, etc. all use standard industry Top BIN diodes and power supplies. The major difference is their spectrum recipe and some bells and whistles, warranty, etc.

Once you start digging into the specs, you will see :v:t2:


@poseidon, I was thinnking one day about supplementing with UV. Seems like a good diea, i doubt anyone will argue that. But here’s my though: the plant in the wild gets the most amount of UV exposure on June 21st, the summer solstice (northern Hemisphere). Wouldn’t it make sense to add more UV to the veg side of things, then?