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LED/T5 Maui Wowie Hydro perpetual grow

Looks great, @Tygrow78


Got my plants home yesterday after a thorough disinfecting of my whole system and tents. Maui Wowie is drying at 55-60% Rh, and between 66-68f.

My clones are tall and will be a challenge to scrogg, but I got this!

Some of my dried CBDurban buds. Fat and rock hard. Surprised the shit out of myself when I got a dry weight of 215 grams. :call_me_hand:Out of my 2 smallest clones.



Sure is a complete thought. Lol


Day 21 Flower

I finished lollipoping my plants this morning, and my Screen of Green is ready to start growing some fat buds! My other tent smells so good from my drying Maui Wowie plant. I can’t wait to trim it up next weekend and get it jarred.
Then a long 3 week wait till I take a nice Maui Wowie kif topped B-rip.

I’m running Connoisseur Bloom 3ml/L, Sensi cal-mag 1ml/L, B52 1ml/L, Voodo Juice 1ml/L, Bud Candy 1ml/L, Big Bud 1ml/L, Nirvana 1ml/L, Sensizym 1ml/L, Rhino Skin 1ml/L.
Daytime temps 77-79f, nighttime 66-68f, Rh 50-55%, H20 temps 66-67f, Ph drifts between 5.7-6.1, Ec 2.7.

This was my most challenging scrogg, forsure!! I spent a total of 4 hrs to get to my last picture. Getting my plant through my screen without damaging it took alot of effort, but I succeed. I had to make alot of 90 degree turns and U-turns to fit all of my branches on my screen. That was lots of fun.
This plant we grow is absolutely amazing at what it can take. These ladies took a beating and it hasn’t even phased them. :call_me_hand: