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Welcome to another no-holds-barred episode of
“Let’s Be Blunt with Montel”. Today, we sit down with a trailblazing figure in the cannabis regulation and advocacy world
— Cat Packer. Cat’s impressive body of work includes her role as the first person of color to lead a comprehensive cannabis
regulatory agency in Los Angeles, as well as her current contributions to the national dialogue on drug policy and cannabis law reform.

In this compelling episode, we’ll unearth what’s bubbling beneath the surface of cannabis legalization, discussing the complex layers of racial equity, legal frameworks, and the potential socio-economic impact.
We’ll also explore Cat’s vision for the evolution of national cannabis policy, the role of technology in fostering ethical practices, and the necessary steps towards effective education and restorative justice for communities historically plagued by disproportionate
drug laws.

Cat brings immense wisdom and a dynamic perspective to this pressing issue, offering invaluable advice for those navigating or impacted by the world of cannabis. Join us as we untangle the complexities of legalization
and what it means for future generations.

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In this heartening episode of “Let’s Be Blunt with Montel,” we uncover the remarkable account of Adam Beltran, a stroke survivor whose path to recovery has been uniquely intertwined with cannabis therapy. After facing
the harrowing trials post-stroke, Adam’s quest for healing brought him to the burgeoning world of medicinal cannabis—a decision that not only facilitated his physical recuperation but also spurred a personal transformation.
The conversation reaches deep into the societal misconceptions and medical possibilities surrounding cannabis use. From initial reluctance to passionate advocacy, Adam’s transformation offers listeners an intimate look at
the powerful impact of alternative therapies. With gratitude to Dustin Hoxworth and the team at Fat Nuts magazine for spotlighting this inspiring tale, we’re set to explore the intersection of adversity and the pioneering spirit.

Join us as we discuss Adam’s pivot from traditional recovery methods to cannabis, the reactions of friends and family to his unconventional choice, and the founding of Cannabis Intentions. We’ll also hear about his firsthand
experiences working as a budtender, where he gathered insights from consumers that shaped his understanding of cannabis’s diverse therapeutic roles.

Adam’s advice for those considering cannabis for health reasons is a testament to the potential of open-mindedness in face of personal and collective health challenges. His story isn’t just about personal perseverance; it’s
a dialogue on progress, understanding, and the evolving landscape of cannabis in modern wellness.

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Welcome to another insightful episode of “Let’s Be Blunt with Montel” where your host, Montel Williams, takes you on a truth-seeking mission into the world of cannabis. We confront the harsh reality of misinformation and
the overwhelming need for genuine, trustworthy cannabis education.

Joining us is the tenacious Andrew Ward, a highly regarded journalist and author within the cannabis space, seasoned with a personal touch to his exploration of cannabis topics. Together, we venture into the misunderstood
arenas of the cannabis world.

In This Episode:

Background & Personal Connection: Andrew kicks off the show by sharing his roots and how his own experiences with cannabis led him down a path of advocacy
and enlightenment.
CBD Miracle: A heartwarming account of how Andrew witnessed CBD transforming his dog’s health and well-being.
Dissecting Misinformation: What does ‘cannabis education gap’ really mean? Andrew uncovers the layers of misunderstanding and the common misconceptions
encountered during his career.
Roots of the Problem: We examine why misinformation perpetuates within the industry and the effects it has at the grassroots level.
The Impact of the Point of Sale: The critical role of dispensaries in bridging the gap between knowledge and sales practices.
Technology’s Role: A look into how platforms and tools are being used to educate and spread the right message about cannabis.
Legalization and Education: The influence of state legalization movements on the narrative around cannabis and the continuous battle against misinformation.

Remember, “knowledge is power,” and through this episode, we invite you to become a powerful advocate for cannabis truth. Understand the importance of questioning, learn to discern credible sources, and spread awareness
to enrich our collective understanding.
Don’t just listen, act. Join the conversation, empower yourself and others through advocacy, and help us bridge the cannabis education gap.

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Happy 420 to the incredible community that has fought tirelessly for cannabis legalization and to those who benefit from its healing powers every day. Since 2000, I’ve stood with you, advocating for the rights to
use this plant not just recreationally, but as a crucial part of my daily regimen to help mitigate the symptoms of MS.

Together, we’ve witnessed an amazing shift towards understanding, acceptance, and legalization. Today is a celebration of that progress, a reminder of the work still ahead, and a personal thank you to cannabis for
giving me moments of relief in a lifelong battle.

Here’s to continued advancements, education, and the healing power of cannabis. :herb:#420 #CannabisCommunity #LegalizeIt

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In this episode of “Let’s Be Blunt with Montel,” we’re taking a deep dive into the evolving legal landscape of cannabis in New York State with our distinguished guest, Jason Ambrosino. This entrepreneur and dedicated advocate
has not only made significant strides in navigating New York’s complex cannabis regulations through his ventures, Veterans Holdings and Veterans Hemp Market, but his military service and unwavering commitment to supporting veterans spotlight a profound dedication
to community and innovation.

Join us as Jason shares insightful narratives on transitioning from military life to the forefront of the cannabis industry, overcoming regulatory hurdles in New York, and debunking common myths surrounding the market. Further,
he explores the critical role of legislation in cannabis therapy for veterans and forecasts the future of cannabis regulations in New York. Through his stories, discover how military skills can uniquely prepare one for the challenges of cannabis entrepreneurship
and the impact of Jason’s work on veterans’ access to cannabis.

We’ll also get an intimate glimpse into Jason’s brands, such as New York Honey and Space Buds, and learn how giving back remains integral to his mission. With upcoming initiatives on the horizon, Jason’s vision for the cannabis
industry, especially concerning veterans in New York, promises to inspire and drive change.

Don’t miss this enlightening dialogue on how perseverance, advocacy, and leadership are sculpting the New York cannabis scene. Tune in to grasp the profound intersection of military service, entrepreneurship, and legalization
efforts reshaping the future of therapeutic cannabis.

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In this enlightening episode of ‘Let’s Be Blunt with Montel,’ we’re crossing the borders to explore the intricate
world of cannabis laws and advocacy in Canada. Join Montel Williams as he welcomes a distinguished guest from Toronto, Russell Bennett. Not just any cannabis lawyer, Russell is an author, podcaster, activist, and the driving force behind the compelling documentary
project, ‘Colton’s Maze.’

Dive deep into a conversation that bridges law, creativity, and activism. Russell shares his unique perspective on the evolution of cannabis law in Canada post-Cannabis Act, shedding light on its impact on industry dynamics
and public perception. The discussion navigates through the contrasting approaches between Canada and the US, revealing the complexities of legal discord and the road towards national legalization.

Russell doesn’t just stop at legal analysis; he also brings creative projects into the mix, explaining how they contribute to wider cannabis reform. From the pioneering influence of his documentary ‘STONED’ to the personal
and political narratives within ‘The Reefer Man’ play, discover how Russell uses art to advocate for change.

Listeners will gain insights into the misunderstandings surrounding cannabis laws and learn lessons the US could take from Canada’s legalization playbook. Russell also outlines his vision for the future of North American
cannabis law and offers sage advice for anyone looking to enter the cannabis industry.

The highlight of the episode is undoubtedly Russell’s current documentary project, ‘Colton’s Maze,’ which illuminates the critical issues surrounding medical cannabis and the story of Colton. Find out why this story matters
and how you can support ‘Colton’s Maze’ and broader legalization efforts.

Wrap up the episode with ways to connect with Russell Bennett for more enlightenment on cannabis law and his innovative projects. This episode is a must-listen for anyone intrigued by the intersection of cannabis legislation,
activism, and creativity.

The Future of Luxury Cannabis | Terrence White

In this eye-opening episode of ‘Let’s Be Blunt with Montel’, we sit down with Terrence White, the dynamic CEO behind
Monko, a brand that’s redefining luxury in the cannabis market and setting a bold standard for social equity in the industry. With a rich background in real estate and an impressive portfolio of entrepreneurial success, Terrence shares his unique journey from
navigating the property market to establishing a leading name in luxury cannabis with Monko.

Listeners will be treated to an insider look at what it takes to pivot careers into the burgeoning cannabis industry, the inspiration behind creating an upscale cannabis experience, and the importance of integrating social
justice into the heart of the cannabis business model.

Terrence dives deep into the essence of the Monko experience, shedding light on the brand’s vertical integration and how it maintains its pioneering edge in a rapidly evolving industry. He doesn’t shy away from discussing
the challenges and rewards of advocating for social equity, his vision for the future of cannabis, and his plans for expanding Monko’s luxury experience beyond DC.

For those intrigued by the intersection of cannabis, luxury, and social impact, or looking to make more informed choices in the world of high-end cannabis, Terrence offers actionable advice and insights.

Tune in on Wednesday, March 27, 2024, at 3:30pm for a compelling conversation that promises to enrich your perspective on the luxury cannabis lifestyle and the power of entrepreneurial spirit in championing social change.
Don’t miss out on this candid discussion that’s as enlightening as it is inspiring.

Remember: Innovation, integrity, and impact drive the future of cannabis. Discover how Monko is leading the way by joining us on this episode of
‘Let’s Be Blunt with Montel’. Stay informed, stay inspired, and, as always, keep it blunt.

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Trailblazing in NJ Cannabis | TARA “Misu” SARGENTE

on a true trailblazer, Tara “Misu” Sargente, founder of Blazin’ Bakery—the first legal edibles company in New Jersey.

Tara shares her incredible journey from designer and branding specialist to becoming a leading voice in the cannabis industry. We delve into the inception of Blazin’ Bakery and the innovative idea behind their DIY pot brownie mix. Tara also discusses her role in co-authoring the historic 2019 Medical Marijuana Bill, Jake Honig’s Law, and how the poignant story of Jake Honig has shaped the state’s medical cannabis framework.

But that’s not all! Tara gives us an exclusive look at her latest venture, Alchemy Green—a new manufacturing facility set to revolutionize the market.

We also touch on the importance of staying ahead in the fast-evolving cannabis industry, Tara’s vision for creating a cannabis hub in South River, and the critical role trade associations play in advancing the industry. Plus, Tara shares valuable advice for those looking to enter the cannabis market in New Jersey, her preferred method of cannabis consumption, and the tunes that set the perfect vibe for her ideal session.

This episode is packed with insights and inspiration for anyone interested in the cannabis industry. So, don’t miss out—tune in now!

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Europe’s Cannabis Evolution | Dr. Andy Mannsfeld

Welcome to another illuminating episode of “Let’s Be Blunt with Montel”! This is the go-to podcast for all the canna-curious minds out there seeking unfiltered truths about cannabis and its global impact.

Today, we’re setting sail across the Atlantic to explore the burgeoning cannabis landscape of the European Union. We’re honored to have a distinguished guest who has witnessed the seismic shifts in the cannabis industry
from two different continents. Meet Dr. Andy Mannsfeld—born in Germany, bred in the US, and now a stalwart in the European cannabis space.

Episode Highlights:

Dr. Andy Mannsfeld’s Background: Discover Dr. Mannsfeld’s journey from growing up in Germany to practicing medicine in the US, and his first exposure
to medical cannabis in Colorado.
German Cannabis Legalization: Get an insider’s view of the new German cannabis legalization law and what it means for the future.
Medical Cannabis in Europe vs. the US: How does medical cannabis use in places like Germany and across Europe compare to what we’ve seen in the States?
Cannabis Legislation Across Europe: Learn how various European countries are approaching cannabis legalization.
Business and Employment Opportunities: With new laws sprouting, what’s the business buzz? What types of employment opportunities are emerging in the
European cannabis industry?
Andy’s Cannabis Jobs Platform: Hear about Dr. Mannsfeld’s motivation to create a cannabis jobs platform for the EU and his vision for its evolution
over the coming years.
Join us as we dive deep into these topics and more, offering you a comprehensive look at the European cannabis scene. Dr. Mannsfeld’s unique perspective, having had a ringside seat in Colorado during the legalization wave
and now in Germany, promises insights you won’t want to miss.

Tune in to gain a deeper understanding of the European cannabis landscape and its future. Dr. Mannsfeld’s expertise and firsthand experiences make this an episode you can’t afford to skip.

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The Future of Cannabis | Alexis Rosenberg, Esq.

In this episode of “Let’s Be Blunt with Montel,” we delve into the rapidly changing world of cannabis entrepreneurship. Join Montel Williams as he welcomes Alexis Rosenberg, Esq., a distinguished legal analyst and co-founder
of Rosenberg Law PA, to uncover how new regulatory shifts are reshaping the industry landscape. Alexis brings a wealth of expertise in business and healthcare law, offering invaluable insights for anyone looking to venture into the cannabis sector. With offices
on both coasts of Florida, her firm specializes in guiding business owners through complex legal terrains. Discover how Alexis’s early interest in law, sparked by personal tragedy, led her to become a pioneering legal authority, and understand the implications
of the DEA reclassifying marijuana from Schedule I to Schedule III for new cannabis entrepreneurs. Learn about crucial legal traps to avoid when starting a cannabis business and why maintaining a close relationship with legal advisors is essential amidst swift
regulatory changes. Explore the prospects for research and development in the cannabis sector with the transition to Schedule III, and get sage advice on navigating financial management in an evolving legal environment.

Gain strategies to ensure ventures align
with current and past regulations, and key actions entrepreneurs must take to comply with state-level mandates. Understand how to safeguard innovations and intellectual property in a competitive market, and principal elements to consider for compliant and
safe operations in the cannabis industry. Alexis also shares insights and advice for aspiring female entrepreneurs in the cannabis space and expectations for the potential passing of adult-use legislation in Florida. Her final thoughts include additional wisdom
and advice for cannabis entrepreneurs. Alexis Rosenberg’s insights are indispensable for anyone navigating the evolving cannabis industry. Her discussion with Montel sheds light on the complexities and opportunities within this dynamic field, underscoring
the importance of diligence, legal guidance, and innovation. To our listeners, we hope this episode has illuminated the critical aspects of entering the cannabis industry, especially in light of significant regulatory transformations. The future of cannabis
is being shaped by those bold enough to navigate its waters today. Stay informed, stay inspired, and remember—let’s all continue to be blunt about our pursuit.

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Cannabis vs Marijuana: The Power of Language | David Paleschuck

Welcome back to another enlightening episode of “Let’s Be Blunt with Montel.” We’re thrilled to have David Paleschuck, a branding expert who’s worked with giants like American Express, MasterCard, PepsiCo, and Microsoft,
joining us. Since venturing into the cannabis industry in 2012, David has become a pioneer in cannabis branding and marketing.

In this episode, David and Montel discuss the intricate language of cannabis, examining how words shape perceptions, influence legislation, and either unify or divide us. With his new book, “Cannabis vs. Marijuana: Language,
Landscape, and Context,” David dives deep into the significance of cannabis terminology and its impact on society.

Key Points:

David’s transition from mainstream brand-building to cannabis branding
Insights from “Branding Bud: The Commercialization of Cannabis”
The motivation behind “Cannabis vs. Marijuana” and why the distinction between these terms matters
How language evolution impacts legal and social frameworks surrounding cannabis
Examples of misused words within the industry
Implications of the DEA potentially reclassifying cannabis
Navigating linguistic challenges in branding and marketing within the cannabis industry
Media’s role in shaping cannabis terminology
Effective marketing strategies amidst advertising restrictions
Innovative products in the cannabis marketplace
Future predictions for the evolution of cannabis globally
David’s expertise and insights make this episode a must-listen for anyone involved in or curious about the cannabis industry. Tune in to understand how language plays a crucial role in shaping the future of cannabis.
Listen now and be sure to grab a copy of David’s latest book, “Cannabis vs. Marijuana: Language, Landscape, and Context,” to stay ahead in the cannabis conversation.

Stay informed, stay elevated, and keep the conversation going.

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Hemp for Veterans | Robert Head

Welcome to another episode of “Let’s Be Blunt with Montel”! In this compelling episode, Montel Williams dives into the world of cannabis advocacy specifically aimed at supporting veterans. Our guest is Robert Head, a dedicated
advocate and the founder of Hemp for Victory.

Robert’s story is inspiring—after serving honorably in the Army and experiencing the challenges many veterans face when transitioning back to civilian life, he recognized a significant gap in the care provided to veterans,
particularly regarding mental and physical health. This realization propelled him into the world of cannabis advocacy, where he has become a driving force for change.

In this episode, we explore:

Robert’s background and military service
His transition into the cannabis industry
The pivotal moment that led to the creation of Hemp for Victory
The diverse and influential board members supporting this mission
Efforts to dismantle the stigma surrounding cannabis use
The upcoming initiatives and collaborations for Hemp for Victory
Personal insights and anecdotes from Robert’s work with veterans
Join us as we uncover the vital role that cannabis is playing in helping veterans manage PTSD, chronic pain, and other post-service health issues. This is leaders educating leaders—making impactful change happen.

Tune in to this enlightening episode and learn how you can support the mission of Hemp for Victory. Don’t forget to subscribe for more insightful discussions. Let’s be blunt about it—change starts here.

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One thing I can confirm, is being on GN I have learnt the best ways to grow ‘organic’ weed, also thrown in a cleaning process to make sure my cannabis is the best I can get. But with all the mold, pesticides and fungicides around, I do wonder how dodgy the weed was in the past. Thanks for sharing this.

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Fighting for Relief: A Mother’s Struggle for Medical Cannabis | Crista Eggers

In this compelling episode of Let’s Be Blunt with Montel, Montel talks with Nebraskan activist Crista Eggers, who is on a mission to legalize medicinal cannabis in Nebraska. Crista’s fight is personal—her 9-year-old son, Colton, suffers from severe epilepsy, and traditional pharmaceuticals have failed to provide relief. With a looming deadline of July 3, Crista and her team must gather over 87,000 signatures on two petitions to get a medical cannabis initiative on the state’s November ballot.

Join Montel and Crista as they discuss:

Colton’s health struggles and the desperate need for medical cannabis
The challenges and triumphs of gathering signatures for the ballot initiative
The broader implications of Nebraska’s cannabis laws in comparison to other states
The personal toll on families fighting for access to life-changing treatments
Crista provides a raw, heartfelt look at the obstacles faced by patients and caregivers in states without medical cannabis laws. Her resilience and determination offer hope and inspiration to families in similar situations.

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