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Let's connect! @MGirley


As a serial entrepreneur, venture capitalist, and Real Estate Broker, I am a business professional who is proudly part of a growing industry.

Girley Farms, Inc. is a cannabis management company, specializing in indoor cultivation of premium cannabis. What started as a leap of Faith almost two years ago, has now come to fruition with two permitted facilities currently underway. Exciting times for us!

As an umbrella corp, Marlee Girley, Inc. holds the following companies:

  • Girley Farms (Cannabis Cultivation)
  • Stockton Real Estate Group (Residential & Commercial Sales)
  • M.Business Consulting (Management, Marketing and Start-Ups)
  • M.Events (Concerts and Entertainment)

I am here to connect with other cannabis professionals, to grow my network, to learn, as well as share insight and offer my assistance and guidance for anyone interested in getting into this industry.

As most of us on here know, the experience from start to finish is unimaginable but definitely worth it! So please feel free to reach out! I’d be glad to help or consult on your cannabis project.

I am also interested in learning about any acquisition, merger or partnership opportunities.

Looking forward to connecting and getting to know all of you!



I may not be exactly what you are looking for, and I not going to retype what you can read, but we are an Oakland based CPA firm. I am a very experienced practitioner that more than a few very skilled accountants and attorneys would tell you that I may be the most knowledgeable CPA working with the cannabis industry that you will find. As a start, I am the AICPA’s National Cannabis Task Force lead. If you would like something to validate off we have a good number of posts here, and our website is here.

I have been working with California cannabis industry businesses since Prop. 215 was passed twenty years ago. In summary, We don’t source investors, deal or $$…but when a transaction needs to be pulled together that;s us,

Nice to meet you.


Thank you and nice to meet you as well! I will definitely keep you in mind as I am currently negotiating a buy out of another project. Have a great evening!


Great introduction! Glad to have you in our community. Your umbrella corporation sounds like a diverse set of companies. I bet a lot of our members would love to learn more about how they all function together within the cannabis industry. If you are interested in an interview to teach everyone more about your business, you can message @Hunter to set up a date/time to talk. See you around the forum!


Thanks Nick! Would love to chat with @Hunter.

The experience and professional relationships I have built through my other businesses have helped tremendously and have made it easier for me to get into the Cannabis industry.

My real estate business allowed me access to properties (first and sometimes off market) that are in the green zone or would be in areas that are rolling out regulations. I was able to chat directly with owners and decide if I wanted the opportunity for myself or solicit to others looking to get into the industry.

As for the entertainment business, I am one of the main concert promoters in my local area. I will bring mostly R&B, some rap and comedy shows to town. What I discovered early on is that most the Artists have a preference in alcohol and weed. I have had to expand my network to be able to meet their requests. Now with new regs, I have received tons of inquiries on promoting Cannabis events. In which I am currently working on a temp license for an event in November.

My consulting business is my oldest venture. I started it in 2001 when a lay off from local government motivated me to go into business for myself. I have a network of political consultants, politicians at local and state levels that have guided and lobbied for me. And this works for areas that are offering a limited number of licenses. Most license applicants are already vetted before the “general public” even knows regulations are rolling out. I’m currently consulting for a group leaving the gray market and now entering a regulated market.

Anyhow, what I thought to be short was not. Apologies for that! In summary, I find that my consulting and real estate business work hand in hand in this industry. As for the entertainment business, I’m able to take it to another level now being part of the cannabis industry. If all goes as planned, I will be hosting a Cannabis concert event, with a display of vendors, and a roster of Artists who support weed! A modern day Woodstock if you will. Just a day to sample product, enjoy everything cannabis while watching live performances and chillaxing to good music.

Have a great evening Nick!

P.S. Girley Farms just linked up with a top brand and will be pumping out a few of their exclusives.


If you are interested in investing in a Canadian company, feel free to send me a message and we can elaborate.


Hi Bryan! Thanks! Will email. Would like to know more.


Always happy to connect with others. I’m cultivating about 10.5 acres in Santa Barbara county right, thinking about expanding to about 20 next year


Just wondering …what is the actual square footage of cultivation. If my math is correct, 10.5 acres is around 457,000 square feet. The license for a Medium Grow is 10,001-22,000 square feet in California. Am I missing something here?



The larger farms “stack” licenses. While there is a limit on the actual size for each individual license there is no limit on the number of licenses. Someone nearby me has 88 licenses, which is about 20 acres.

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Well…thanks for giving me a challenge. I just went in and did some data manipulation. Here is a file that has a sorted list of every single Temporary Cultivation license in Santa Barbara County as of today.

What I am going to do for fun overnight is link the database to California Secretary of State LLC and Corporate Records, and the Santa Barbara Tax Maps. What that will give us is detailed map of every grow in Santa Barbara County, where it is located, and WHO OWNS IT.

If you would like to get a sense of what a land map for this looks like, a map of Humboldt Country can be found here

Most people flip out when they realize what we just did with publicly available records. .

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Looking forward to it!

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Ok…and the purpose of all this work is?

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Well among other things knowing who owns what and where it is can be very useful for quite a few purposes such as making an effective argument about a concentration of ownership when they consider changing the law to deal with large growers.

If can be very easily tied to water rights permits, and any other type of data that is publicly available like building permits. We have actually written some of this up just to provide an idea of how much data is available out there. California Combined Cannabis - CCCRBC

The next logical step would be to turn it into an iOS or Android app. With the GPS, all of a sudden you have instant ability to distinguish legal from unlicensed illegal grows. I am sure we know some people that would appreciate that information.

Once again…its merely an intellectual exercise. Think of it this way…add into that the New York newspaper that published the list of every concealed carry permit holder in Westchester County.

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Good points. I can actually see commercial use for that type of info, such as a state agency who could simply look at their phone to see whether a grow was legal or not.


Let’s try something much simpler…like deliveries, or a contractor going to drop irrigation bladders, fuel, etc. Or figuring out if a grow is in a National Forest


I have amazing Canadian company 2 revenue steams just getting licenses looking for 6 million (2 million land)
I own Denali Accountants cannabis accountants is our niche …
I have a 50,000 sq ft grow site starting in Southern Cali looking for 14 million (3 million land)
plus many more

Sharon Burns