Let's try this growing thing! 🤓

Yeah been upper 70s and 80ish here last week basically besides the rainy day. Gonna be a hott one for sure.


We had heat index @ 112° yesterday… LoL that’s a boiler mate! BUT in other news - BAM! I got my baby back baby back!

I ended up taking the front end off all together Sunday but with it at my buddy’s lift it was CAKE…


Not a single code thrown…well kinda! After 2014’ Jeep went to an electronic rack and pinion power steering unit. OEM Mopar is $1500 for the complete assembly, looks like this, entirety electric, no pump, fluid or belt. Well buddy says aftermarket units suck I need to go OEM. Grrrr so heres the story. According to Mopar technician notes - unplugging grey/ white wire plug can result in damage. LoL YUP I unplugged just about every wire there was and now I have no power steering - blew the unit. Ahhh what’s another $2k I’m $5k deep . LMFAO…


Damn the luck it’s getting there though


If the setup ia as shitty of a setup as they have in the avenger and the mini vans u may wanna check out the heater core while u jave everything apart now. They tend to take a shit fast. Had the one in my avenger done last uear and its fucked again i believe. No blown heads but i hear water swooshing thru dash area where the heater core is which is telling nw its a plug somewhere in there that the fluids r pushing thru the block car gets a touch warmer than it should also. I think that shit should still be under warranty from the asshats who did the work. I almost dont even think they changed it. I believe they flished it and shit worked good so they left it charged my neighbor for a new heater core and change no way a yearblater its messed again. Lol.


That was wishful thinking $800… lol The OEM Chrysler part is $2451 …$3k for a friggen electronic rack n pinion assembly. The part comes in tomorrow or Wednesday hopefully. Crazy how I saved 4 or $5k doing my engine but lost it all from little ol power steering out. It’s only money right… I’ll be broke my whole life why stress now… LMAO

Happy memorial Day folks… Keep it green and be safe y’all.


New electronic power steering rack n pinion assembly is in… ended up getting it at cost $2500 and took us 6 hours to do it. I did have to pay for a alignment after it was in since its new tie rod ends and ball joints included in the assembly. But Believe it or f****** not to add on to this entire s*** show I got rear-ended yesterday, the day after it the truck was officially completed . LMFAO you can’t make this shit up man.

I spent about 4 hours working on it yesterday. I think I did pretty good.

The lid is bent slightly and the top bumper fascia is popped out a bit still. The jeep wrangler that hit me has that massive 3" roll bar front bumper that didn’t even get a scratch on it. I got the reflector light off Amazon for $15. 2024 is a year for the record book mi amigos.


The rest of the story?
Did they have insurance?
Did you get an estimate before you took it apart and fixed it?
If the answer is yes to those questions or are you just gonna take the check and put it in your pocket?

Because if they had insurance and paid for that, that would certainly put a dent in the cost of the power steering box. Just sayin. :v:t3:


Damn kid… You are psychic!!! Phenomenal thinking skills. They already mentioned me submitting an invoice and I’m taking it to the body shop next to the mechanic buddy who helped me with all the work. He’s giving me “THE” quote to submit. I won’t lie, Marcos my buddy thought of it first when I brought it down for us to do the steering unit and I showed him nonchalantly my latest luck. I of course didn’t know he had a connect until he brought the plan up. We’ll see how much I can recoup but I know - upper and lower bumper fascia is about $800 & $350 for the 2. Plus the lid dent and a wire harness. Yadda yadda yadda. I hit a $5 scratch off for $100… maybe I’m due something finally. I played Lotto so I got that going for me. Regardless incredible deductive reasoning skills and forward thinking young padowan!


You know I remember a long time ago you telling me one of you strong points was solving problems to put it short. God knows you’ve nailed the shit out of growing but that’s still impressive.


Thanks kid. I’ll take that. :grin::+1:t3::v:t3:
Don’t forget about the R&R time the prep time the paint time the man ours is where the money adds up sometimes. Looks like it might be the case in this one. And it all depends on the shop rates in the area. Either way if you don’t mind the back, bumper being a little bit jacked, by all means, save the money. If it was only one or two years old, you might want to get it fixed but I don’t think it’s that new. :v:t3:


Yup… It’s only money right. God knows I’ve been spending it WAYY WAY faster than making it. Still learning the ropes I am… I want to really pursue my condo babysitting jobs. They are great gigs man, $100/month - swing by once to turn on the water & run all the drains keep from smelling up when traps run dry, make sure no leaks and plus $50 every other month for AC filter change. I am working on some flyers but there’s a market for it NO Diddy. Regardless seasons.over so my condo work has slowed 5 fold.
I lost one of my baby plants this week so I’m down to 2 now…plus my second generation one I let grow out. mEHhhh we’ll see

PS - don’t delete my page please!!!

Double EDIT - I get GN & clave mixed up. LoL


Here’s what I was saying… I chopped it way back when and just left it to grow.

She still has pistils every node
Somin been nibblin in her

Imma search up the dark web try an fine some DDT. LOL


Where is @Slym3r these days?


SOooo imma be around. Business actually slowed down a bit so I actually started painting my house this weekend. I have a bathroom remodel coming up end of the month so I am taking the kid and his buddy from New Mexico to key largo next week. Should be fun as hot as it the fishing surely will have lots of swimming involved.
I only have the 2 plants going so not too much in the grow department happening.