Light Penetration

If light x rates the PPFD at a height of 18" at x then how much does it ‘penetrate’ into canopy? If we take 24" readings does that mean at 18" I get the 24" readings 6" from the top? Therefore I have 6" of cola tops to optimize for this intensity?


Wow look at all that math! I dealt with light penetrating the canopy by rearranging how the plants grow, with little to nothing left below any canopy…

Trellis Project
The trellis project


how deep from canopy?

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I am sorry…I cannot parse that this morning…how deep is what from which canopy? In my setup, the “canopy” such as it is, is more or less plastered flat to a trellis, to the whole plant is pretty flat and as a result, any canopy thats there is at the same “level” as any buds, so rather than trying to light all sides of a 3D object from a single side, in flattening the plant I can shine light on all parts of the plant from a single position and all buds/leaves catch a pretty equal level of light, and it shows in the yield…no airbuds or crappy things you would normally find below the canopy on a standard grow…just really solid buds from end to end…

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If you double the distance, you get 1/4 of the strength, not half. If you quadruple the distance you’ll get 1/16 the strength.