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Looking for a pound of CBD hemp

Hey guys I’m looking for a pound of CBD hemp flower. I’m in need of this to make tinctures for clients.
I’d be willing to trade out genetics for this. I’m looking for flower with NO THC at all. Just pure high test CBD.
Please help me out. I have a few patients in serious need of this medicine.

no such thing here in the US @MK3_Pharms , you are probably looking for a CBG flower.


It does exist, someone on a different forum just had a pound shipped to them in Alaska. I have no idea where they ordered it from, just saw the post.

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It does exist. And that’s why I’m searching for it.

I can get it but not sure the grower would trade for seeds


For a short term solution, Amazon will ship ounces to your house for like 20-40 bucks an ounce. Maybe not the best deal long term but if you have super picky patients who cant wait that might be your best bet.

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Lol amazon ships cbd flower? I didn’t find any.

We have some available, but it would be for sale, not trade. Let me know if you’re interested.

I think it’ll be hard for you to find with no THC at all. Most of them include it nowadays and it’s not that easy to find something pure. You want to trade out genetics? That’s not a bad deal, but I think most of the sellers won’t agree, they’ll only want to sell, so try buying it. I think that growing seeds is underrated and if it will be legalized everywhere, most people would be if not happy, at least in a relaxed state of mind. But that’s just a dream of mine (maybe someday it will come true). I get my seeds on at fair prices and then grow them. You can try there, maybe you’ll find what you need. Good luck with your search.

Hi there - I am late in seeing this post. Did you find the flower you were looking for? If not, let’s talk!

Send me an email [email protected] We can discuss options! I’m always willing to trade for something of my interest. We have many different strains of CBD buds available.

I don’t think, it is possible to buy a pound of CBD hemp

cbd hemp direct out of las vegas is pretty good and they have cheap shake that i use in my hemp pain relieving balm

So you probably should search for the legal traders of CBD since there are a lot of stores that can mix the CBD, so you won’t find out about it. I was in a situation when I needed a pure CBD cream to cure the injuries that I got when I was high after I smoked a lil. As far as I know, CBD is one of the best medical products that are on the organic made, and when someone is selling it mixed?! I see that the problem is going deeper. After I had a lot of mixed CBD situations, I decided to buy CBD only from the licensed stores which can guarantee your safety for your health. However, later I tried to buy CBD cream for pain from the licensed store that sells CBD not for the first time. The result was amazing since they sell only organic products with a guarantee for you and it’s not expensive as I thought. Sometimes I’m still using CBD for such causes.

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Hello MK3.
We have found several farms that can yield the product your looking for.
I would have to confirm any quantity restrictions for the CBG, if any.
The quantity otherwise is inconsequential beyond offering a price reduction for
particular amounts. Let me know if I can help MK3.