LST first time Low Stress Training

Grow Journal Check List

Seedbank: Herbie’s USA
Strain : LSD Auto
Lighting: Sunlight
Pot sizes: 7 gal fabric AC Infinity
Soil : Roots Organics original pot soil
Nutrient type: None
Seed germination date: 5/6
Veg duration: 60 days (possible slow start due to mis handling seedling)
Watered when no rain for a few days
@ Day 104 was supposed to be 70 days

Finished with LST Day 68

Day 93

Day 104


Looks good. Check this area looks like some bud rot if so cut it out and inch past both sides and spray that area good with peroxide spray. Also a super good bud wash might be in play as it looks possible wpm on the leaves also but swell job


Thank you for the advice! I have seen bud washing with peroxide method vs lemon/baking soda. Would you recommend one over the other?


I always do a 3 bucket wash since most of the stuff is cheap and easy to get. I do first dip bucket with 6 gallons hot water quarter cup baking soda quarter cup lemon juice mix well. Second bucket I do 5 gallons of not as hot water but still pretty warm and 2 bottles of 3% peroxide that washes off anything the first bucket misses plus makes sure no baking soda residue left at all and 3rd bucket warm water and that’s all to rinse then I hang over tub to drip dry with a fan on high. Once the buds don’t feel wet at the bottom tips I kill fan and put in a room tent or otherwise with as close to 60 degrees and 60% humidity as possible. I’ve never had any issues with taste smell ect doing this way never had bud rot but once but the bud was like 4 inches round dried and saturated under a diablo board like an inch under for like 3 weeks. It didn’t appear to harm it so I left it. Well won’t do that again. I believe I baked the bud from the inside. Lol. It was a CBD mix strain and it just grew insane big. I’ll see if I can find any pics in my phone of it. Lol


I did the bud wash. I only have my garage available to dry. It is way too hot. I have put damp rid containers around and a few fans blowing. It is generally 90 degrees during the day. It’s been hanging for 4 days, branch snapped today so I plan to jar it for curing tonight. A little bud rot here and there due to my garage conditions I guess.
I am thinking to try an portable AC/Dehumidifier for the next batch…

Before bud wash


Yeah that ac will help you achieve closer to the 60/60 cure that is desired. Looking great!