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Mantis Buffered Nutrients/ Northern Lights DWC

Hey everyone. This is just a little something to keep me occupied while I get my new space set up. Fresh new rooted northern lights clone just placed in a 10 gallon DWC system using the Mantis Buffered Nutrients. I’m running a Mars Hydro Cree Cob 300w on this single plant and soon to be placed in a new tent for the remainder of the grow. My ec came out at 1.6 after mixing 5ml/l of spring water as I don’t have a RO system installed also I’m trying to avoid using any cal/mag products, I want to see what this product does all on its own. My ph came out at 6.3 without doing any adjustments.



Looks like a really cool trial. Looking forward to updates!


Set to learning! :nerd_face:


Hey thanks for tagging me here.

What a great little trial!!!

Loving the pail as well :slight_smile:

Can wait for you to see the results and the simplicity from our true 1 part nutrient solution. Please do refrain from adding anything else at anytime.


Looks like a Fun time ahead @growyourowndope

Happy Growing :vulcan_salute:


Nice I’ll be following along


Kudos on the grow. DWC is always an adventure.

EC 1.6? Seems a bit high for amount you used/plant in veg.

Cant see entire setup but airstone is essential and chiller is recommended for water temp.

Good luck!


I’m just trying to follow the instructions from the manufacturer, they claim you can use the same strength nutrients from start to finish with no flush. I’m using an air pump from an 8 bucket system from previous with 2 stones. Water temps are within reason as this room does not get to warm but that may change when I get the tent set up.
Thanx for watching.


I thought I would check my levels just for kicks this morning and found my ec at 1.3 and my ph shot up past 7. I brought it back down to 6.2 with phosphoric acid. My bucket temp at around 20 degrees.
@mantismike is this normal?


I like this chart for a quick reference about what’s going on with my plants.

EC dropping and pH rising (I’m guessing the water level went down too) means the plants are feeding and healthy. In a closed system like that I’ll usually top off every day or two with with enough fresh nute solution to top off the reservoir. My top off solution is usually higher EC and lower pH than the reservoir which will help to equalize things in the res.


Hey man,

No this is not normal to see the ec drop that quickly and for the pH to spike that high. Here are a few things to troubleshoot so we can find the solution of the solution.

  1. Ensure that before you mix MANTIS with water that you shake the bottle very well. (10 seconds full on). The pH buffer settles to the bottom so it imperative that it becomes one with the solution.

  2. Next time you check for the pH and it if is out of the range of 5.6-6.3, before you add phosphoric acid, can you please remove the top and pull out the air stones to give a good mix from the bottom up? I am concerned that the ph buffer (fine powder) might be settling to the bottom under the stones.

  3. It is very odd to see that much of a fluctuation in the ec overnight. At this time of year you do see quite the variation in the ppm of spring water but that is quite the variance. For the ec to be altered that much from such a small plant is not feasible.
    Does you reader test for ppm as well as ec? Do you think we could get both readings next time you check and they are out of whack?

  4. Are you always mixing at 5ml per litre? Do not vary the amount you are mixing based off the ec Keep it at the same ratio unless the ec goes to 1.8 or higher. at that point you can back off the amount you feed.

Hope this helps… Please feel free to reachout anytime to talk it out if you would like.

Please keep the posts coming. We will get to the bottom of this right away. Pumped for you to show everyone how simple and effective MANTIS is.

Mike - 250 328-4695


Thanks. I’ll check it out again in the morning.


Make sure ur calibration is on had an issue while ago come to find out battery was dying just a thought


I checked again this morning. Pulled the air stones and gave it a good mix. My ph is holding at 6.1 and ec is at 1.2.:ok_hand:


That’s a great chart! Thank’s @devjyarn. Very informative with lots of useful info that I’ll reference in the future.


I’ve also got it saved. Thanks. :wink::+1::v:


@Tygrow78 and @oldguy This chart is meant to work with recirculating hydroponics systems, like an flood and drain table or a recirculating drip system. I’ll be gluing this chart to the side of the flood and drain system my dad is going to try his first plants in this summer, haha!


That there is what we like to hear!!
Pumped to see this plant take off!!


Everything is holding steady, we have roots starting to emerge from the basket.:ok_hand:



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