Media's: coco coir, soil, other types testing

Media testing

  1. Media types. Soil,coco,ect.
  2. Media types i have tested
  3. Media catagory’s
  4. favorites. I have tested.

So i will be testing my own medias. as i dont have time to wait on people to be accepted into some testing programs for equipment and what not. So without further adieu. Here we go…
(1.) I have on hand for testing.

  1. Fox farm ocean forest.
  2. Ocean forest Happy frog
  3. Lowes brand veggies soil.
  4. Canna coco coir compressed block
  5. General hydro ponics coco tek block.
  6. Dakine420 natural coco coir. Bagged
  7. Tupur royal gold with perlite. Bagged

    This will get us started! I will post my likes dislikes and pro’s and cons.
    (2.) Medias already tested. FFOF. Canna coco. Dakine420. And Happy frog. And lowes soil lol.

(3.) Media catagories.

  1. Coco coir. Bagged or blocks
  2. Soil.
  3. Non coco mixes (soiless)
  4. Soil mixes-hybrid.

Ok after testing many medias. Here is what i found.

  1. Cocos are so close to the same it doesnt matter which one you use. I prefer dakine420 its more natural and smells better. There were only differences in how fine the coco was ground. Resulting in a thicker media and more dense. The dakine420 is far more spongy and seems lighter. But when i take the plant out of the dakine420 pots and examine the root ball i will know for sure how it compacts over time like the coco blocks did.

  2. I dont care for soil. To many pests unless you make your own soil. Soil is a little more expensive than coco.

  3. I really like the Tupur im testing now. Very porous stuff. Much easier to water run off with stuff than coco.
    Really happy with all the testing. In going to try promix next. But so far this tupur is awesome @hoppiefrog.


Tuper is a great product I hear


I’m following this :+1:


Cool experiment :face_with_monocle:
Thanks for sharing :smiley:


Cool I’m following!


So 1st test i transplanted a root bound mother plant into some of this new media and it took off!

Shes perked right up


Awesome Rootball

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And i also planted my only 3 clones of this white rhino. I almost lost this strain twice. Its very very hard to clone. I cloned 7 times and got 1 plant and then cloned it 3 times and somehow i have got all going phew…

Damn this plant is hard to clone.
But makes sick smoke i love it.


Root bound- bigger containers, loosen roots , etc. keep us in the loop.

Yes root bound. And for god sake guys wear gloves


No way. I like to play with my plants. And I sure would never wear gloves when trimming. I can taste the latex now. :face_vomiting:

All medium they should come clean and with adjusted PH and fertilizer charge + wetting agent (for peat moss ) ;

The only difference is in the physical properties .

You should test 4 things about the physical properties of medium ; all you need is one cup , water , scale and microwave . You can calculate easy the Total Porosity , CC ( water capacity ) , Air Porosity and Bulk density ; when u get those numbers you will know what to expect ;

Tupur is great medium cheap and with high air porosity …


I love the tupur. Its really working better than coco coir by a longshot.

Ok so after lots of testing. Im am really happy with Tupur. Its similair to coco but so much better. Its is much more porus but also holds water a little longer than coco.


Do you have to buffer it with CalMag? :nerd_face:

Hhmm good question! I didnt this time but i water with cal+mag everytime now so it wouldnt matter anyways.
Love it though.

Roots seem to love it like the coco. The roots are coming throut the pots.


The Tupur should be Coco Coir based medium with some extra air porosity with Perlite and Basalt and some Forest Material .

But it looks like its more forest material - perlite and some coco …

I wish the manufactures publish the physical properties of the mediums and their structure in %


@PreyBird1 have you ever tried seed into pot before with the royal gold… I was super curious about it


Is it like a biodegradable pot? Like cow pots?