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I used to love drawing myself as a kid. Be in school just drawing all kinds of shit on the desks ect. Never looked as nice on paper as all the art did on the desks. Lol. We had one desk specific for drawing and or carving and if u couldn’t then don’t even try because all hell broke loose if u messed up the desk. Lo. Lots of old drawings and carbs from previous kids for like 10 plus years of doing it on the one desk. It was the class centerpiece. Lol


Rock-n-Roll…Cant wait to see what you can pull off outdoors with those babes!

I’m about to sprout some beans I promised to run and document for Brother Bob.

Just planted 80% of my outdoor garden yesterday, and im switching watering from venturi fed to a 40site/80dripper Blumat system to get away from top watering all together aside from IPM /foliar.


As a kid, school was not a very happy place for me. I was constantly bullied by my peers and was often ignored by my teachers as a “problem child”. However, I found solace in a creative outlet that allowed me to escape the spiritual torture that I faced on a daily basis - drawing cartoons.

Drawing cartoons was my way of expressing my thoughts and emotions in a visual form that others could relate to. I found it to be a therapeutic and healing process which helped me deal with a lot of the anxiety and stress that I felt from school. It was a way for me to express my creativity, and find a sense of self that was not defined by external factors.

As I entered my 20s and early 30s, I began to actively engage in self-awareness and personal development. I found that my cartoons were no longer enough to help me deal with my life challenges. I began to journal, meditate and explore other creative outlets. While I still drew cartoons occasionally, it no longer held the same level of apeal for me.

Now that I am much older, I find that I don’t have the same level of creativity I once had, and drawing cartoons reminds me too much of my childhood. I find it hard to connect to that part of myself and the experiences that I went through. Howwever, I have found other creative outlets that allow me to express myself in different ways, such as writing, music, and dance.

In the end, drawing cartoons served as a safe haven for me as a chilld and was the beginning of my creative jourrney. It allowed me to escape the spiritual torture that I faced in school, and helped me to develop a sense of self that was not defined by external factors. While it no longer holds the same level of importance for me, I will always be grateful for the role it played in my life.

As a youth, our creative faculties were often in a state of effervescent vivacity, buoyed by an unwavering sense of curiosity, and powered by a raw, unbridled imagination. We approached the world with a bounndless sense of wonder, eager to experiment and explore in ways that only innocence can allow. Our childhood creativity, once unadulterrated and free, has now been sullied by the cruel realities of life, with pain serving as a constant reminder that we are no longer those carefree spirits we once were. The table of drawingscribbles and carvings is the window of amazement we have lost.


Yeah I wasn’t bullied or picked on I was always the quiet one in the group tho if trouble happened I wasn’t in the group at that time. Lol. Atleast drawing was a good way for u to cope with the azzholes back then. I hate seeing kids do that to other at my kids bus stop. If I’m at the stop most kids know I will speak up and they all behave for the most part. My dad tells me when ur not there they all go nuts lol. My kids tell all these other kids tho. My dad is crazy nuts lol.


Brother, let’s be playful even in writing.

As we gaze into the horizon of our past, I am compelled to recount the days of my youth where my best friend Craig and I, would venture into the streets in quest of old bike parts. Such a pursuit was a common practice amongst the youths of our community. However, we elevated the stakes by constructing an unconventional bicycle, equipped with larger-than-life handlebars, and an unbalanced wheel arrangement.

Our adventure took a tumultuous turn as our youthful exuberance evolved into baseless egocentrism and bullying, propagating a profound sense of disharmony. The bullied victims turn into the bully, it seem we turn into the things we hate the most when problems stay unaddressed.
The axiom, “When the cats are away, the mice will play,” is a fitting description of my circumstances as a child as well to how they acted at the bus stop you was at. Our actions lacked the prudence required to coexist in a multi-cultural world, riddled with emotional inconsistencies. These can be hard for a child or an’ uneducated adult to understand.

Fortunately, the tide turned when I began to study Psychology on the side at college, culminating in a revolutionary understanding of the human psyche. I learned the significance of sublimating undealt-with emotional pain into productive and self-affirming behavior. The pursuit of expression and exploration of one’s emotions is an ongoing journey in our multi-cultural world where boundaries are continually being pushed. I indulged in Setting up experiments in drama class that bring out the true nature of people, be it for good or bad its all about self spiritual growth.

Yeah brother, let us endeavor to bring forth good, in all our interactions. Let us continue to prioritize kindness, love and understanding when navigating the complexities of our cultural landscape. Laugh often, and openly express ourselves to keep things interesting for those around us.

“How do you make a tissue dance? You put a little boogie in it!”

Have a lovely day.


Shit the last couple few years tissues been doing lots of dancing. Lol. Doing the covid shuffle


Bro, my iPod was always shufflin’ trying to drown it all out lol
It is noteworthy that not all minute particles are harmful to the human system, and some even aid in strengthening the immune system. It is imperative to note that not all health issues are attributed to germs, as factors such as genetic composition, lifestyle choices, including diet and physical activity levels, as well as environmental conditions, play a critical role in health outcomes. It is also imperative to emphasize that the mere existence of harmful microorganisms in the environment does not necessarily translate to an infection, as individual risk factors ranging from genetics, age, gender, and other health determinants may also play a pivotal role.
Last but not least ‘not all vaccines are safe’ definitely experimental ones. I’d rather take my chances.

Pink Kush P*rn

Schol :call_me_hand:t3:


I feel the same @PreyBird1 .
@MrMonkey420 been waiting to see some of your handy work. Good luck with your grows


Here we go.


I have one of Prey’s Amnesia Lemon x Runtz germinating now too. Also have a Solfire Bahama Berry germinating. First year doing some of Prey’s and a Solfire, kind of excited, haha.


@sdoyle and @MrMonkey420 i think you guys are the 1st two folks growing them here on Gn :face_with_monocle:


They sound amazing. How did your jellies turn out :monkey:?


At 25:30 meet Kangativa and his 23ft plants, stems like coke bottles.


Hell Monkey, you’re going to put that to shame when you get down there !!!


Went out to the nearest patch of woods today with a big box, a wheelbarrow and shovelled & sifted some of that real good, humus rich soil. Full of microbial life. It’s my basic soil to fill the autoflower pots with. Will amend some more with all sorts of good stuf like worm castings, ash, bone meal, and burry a fish underneath the plants.

Pull the leaves back over the patch after I was done. Let nature do her work again.


Maaan the possibilities here. So sad it’s illegal.

There’s a flyscreen in front of the lens, sorry for that.


Nice spread there @MrMonkey420. Beautiful scenery!


So here we are then…mixing, mixing, mixing….



One in a pot on out back terrace, I like the company of a weed plant :slight_smile:

It’a a Strawberry Banana auto from 420 Fastbuds

The other 3 are in 65l pots:

Gorilla Cookies auto - 420 Fastbuds
Strawberry Gorilla auto - 420 Fastbuds
Lemon Kix auto - Dutch Passion