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Moved my girl

Moved her to another window. It faces west. East window just wasnt putting out the sunlight like it used to with the suns path slightly changing due to the seasons changing. Hopefully she thrives a little more



Looking grand and glad she has new spot. However, she does not some air flow to help strengthen those stems to hold the flowers she will be carrying soon. Is your plant in flower yet? If not I would consider trimming her a little and starting to think of ways to hold her up.

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Looking great and Healthy. Can I suggest something to you about your East to West sun exposer?

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@chrisj she is in flower. Kinda weird…i thought she hermed on me. All forward progress just stopped. Now she’s got new pistols forming and trichomes forming on some of the leaves. I’ve got a couple tomato stakes that might work. Any suggestions?

@bryankp sure dude! Im all ears

@chrisj and I have my ceiling fan on high. She gets a good breeze but not directly on her

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I will assume you know 100% how to open up the canopy the right way. No stakes. Try HD has a green film that stretches is my number 2 number 1 is garden ties if you know how to use them the right way.

@bryankp I legit have no clue what youre talking about lol. I know I’m gonna have to find a way to support her tho. Maybe a picture woukd help me understand what you’re talking about.

Increase passive air flow, DIY a U Shape frame and add so of I’ll post in pictures to the inside to maximize your sunlight exposure, YOU line it with the picture on the inside and you can use a black Husk bags for the outside framework or non movable luver following doors for most cheap rental properties. To black out.

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1000% Sterile Reflector for ~4.00 dollars tops in the south of USA.

I was thinking something like this just to support the long stems. And could tie them to the round bar for extra support.

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Sweet. That may be the route I take. Simple and I could probably make one myself for cheap

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Super. Look forward to seeing some cool homemade homegrown updates.

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For sure. I’ll get busy making one today or tomorrow.

New pistols. Started about a week ago


Can I still trim a bit or will she freak out on me?


You can still trim its early flower.

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oh, she is beautiful!

@preybird1 alrighty. Thanks. How much shoukd I trim and where? Lol​:sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile: