Muddy Madness (or) How Much is too Much for a 2x4?

Okay… i feel like I’ve gone far enough off the deep end with this scheme that it deserves its very own journal…

All i can guarantee is even i really have no idea what to expect. :rofl:

So here’s the plan. I’ve started 2 of each of these reg seeds in plastic 2g grow bags.

4 new “designer” strains (shorter running/indica leaning)
White Caviar
Royal Salute
Platinum Peanut Butter Breath
Ultimate Galactic God

4 strains that are landrace, still a direct result of landrace crosses, or heavily landrace in genetics (long flowering/heavily sativa leaning and pure sativa)
Swazi Gold

They soaked until they all had tails, except Bahia but they were starting to look waterlogged so i didn’t want to soak them any longer. If those 2 don’t come up I’ll start 2 more.

One of the Swazis apparently had twins and spit one of them completely out of the shell. New one for me! I planted the loose one in the same pot as the one not really showing much root.

Tonight they all went into bags and into the tent. Believe it or not, sixteen 2g bags WILL fit in a 2x4. Just. :rofl:

The current plan is a week (maybe 2) of 18/6, then flip to 11/13. Since they are regs, I’m hoping to keep 9. “9?” You say? I told you this one was totally off the deep end… I’m planning to keep 1 female of each (if they all cooperate) and the best male of the bunch (with some preference to the PPBB because of future plans) and make more seeds of whatever strain the male is and 7 new, off the wall crosses to play with.

You know if i keep 8 females i only have to average a zip per to get a half unit out of the 2x4…

If you’re on the other forum too, sorry for the copy pasta. :smile:


I’d also like to add…

All these seeds were gifted to me. The only thing i paid was shipping on the PPBB.

Thank you
@PreyBird1 for the UGG and WC
@bobette for ALL the old school stuff!
RS came from a member of another forum
PPBB from a Discord growmie

You guys are amazing! :metal:


You’re so very welcome!!
Growem’ @mudman ! :v::green_heart:


A little inspiration/encouragement in photo form, from a grower i follow on IG.

25 plants in a 4x4


On the topic of designer strains… if anyone has done a seed run of Aficionado GTR or Sacred Sour and would be willing to let some go cheap, or for trade you would be one of my bestest friends forever and ever… :rofl:


Been at work all day! @mudman your welcome man! I typically share with people i like. Im not a money person! I mean id love to have more money. But money doesn’t matter to me as much. I give people things because i can. Sometimes i “hunt” people lol. Ill talk to you here and there around town maybe give you i nice little flower.


One of the Swazi twins is popping up! My first ever landrace sativa! :metal::grin::metal:

I planted the loose sprout and the seed that didn’t have a taproot actually sticking out on opposite sides of the same pot to save space. I figure if one of them doesn’t make it, it will probably be one of those 2. Not the one with a ¾" tap sticking out of the shell.


Got a White Caviar this morning! :metal:


When i got home i had 4 more! :grin:

Lemints x 2

You can really tell the recycled mix with a little bit of actual soil. No wonder i had so many problems with my soil grow in plastic bags last time. It holds moisture forever! I’m glad there’s not a lot in there, but I’ll still have to keep an eye on the ones with soil in the mix.


Starting to get busy in here! If i remember correctly I’m only waiting on 2 Bahia, the solo Swazi, 1 UGG, 1 WC, 1 Jezahel, and the other Swazi twin, but that one is a bonus.

Someone apparently decided they needed the clear cups i bought, so i repurposed whatever i could for humidity domes.


13 up now. Waiting on 1 UGG and the Bahia.


Still waiting on 3. They get 24hrs to show or i start the veg count. If they show before tomorrow morning, I’ll give them until the first leaves are open before i start the count. Either way, flipping in note more than 10 days. Going to let them dry back a little so i can bottom load them with light nutes right before the flip


Nice selections you got going watching for sure. Oh and i got your seeds packed up and im gonna go ship them today. Im sending you 3 strain :+1:



You kick ass, Prey! :metal: I can’t wait to run them!


Still 3 shy. I’ll set those aside and see if they’re just slow starters. If they pop up, I’ll find somewhere for them. Everyone else starts their official week of veg today.


Empty pots are out. Pretty sure an over abundance of caution against over watering resulted in those 3 being too dry. I’ll run what’s left of the Bahia together sometime down the road and make more of those.

Heres the starting lineup.
2 Platinum Peanut Butter Breath
2 Royal Salute
2 White Caviar
1 Ultimate Galactic God
2 Swazi Gold
2 Lemints
2 Jezahel

The first popped soil 6 days ago. The last 2. Split the difference at 4… I’ll give them until Wednesday night.


Happy babies.


Light feed yesterday.


Looking ace in your space!


Watching this one forsure brother. You thought about grow buckets or an auto feed system with that many pots?