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Mud's Perpetual Grow

I got good enough shots with my phone to be able to tell she was close and took a sample. Sample was great, so I chopped.


Autos are very natural my Loco one lol


Too bad we cannot just take a bud off the tree as needed break up and smoke lol. That would be awesome. God damn i smoke good i just picked it off the tree. Lil shorty look good and she coming home with me. God damn i look good i got my fifth from overseas. The only time u ever see me with my head down is when im rolling up my weed. Tight lil song


Whats up @defnsmokn hows it growing buddy??


Right? Like a fruit tree. Pick a few buds and let it keep going. Lol


Exactly what im thinking til it cant produce anymore lol


Its good. Close on our house tomorrow! Whoop whoop!!!


Hey @mudman I see you found me and been giving out alot of love. Much appreciated :pray:
Figured I’d drop by and see whats shaking. Think ill start from the top and work my way through :grin:


Yes sir. I knew you were around here somewhere. lol Found your journal this morning. Looking stellar as always! :metal:


One of these days I’ll get back to updating on a regular basis. Maybe… :sweat_smile:

Looks like maybe I spoke too soon about Vivienne’s density. She’s definitely looking more dense than Kim did! Just imagine what she’d look like if my environmental numbers weren’t all over the damn board… :laughing: She’s thickening up nicely. Still holding onto that lemon-lime and sweet tropical fruit profile. Looks like her bracts are going to have the stripes from dad’s flowers. Which is pretty cool. The few that have fattened up a little are a nice bright green with dark green streaks.

She’s definitely pissed about the heat and huge humidity swings we’ve had, but adding more sativa to the mix made her way less temperamental than her mom for sure.


Vivienne is out of the garage hotbox during the day, starting today. I think she endured enough. I haven’t noticed any heat stress nanners and the bud structure has stayed surprisingly tightish considering the high temps and terrible transpiration conditions… She’ll have to sleep in the hotbox still, since I don’t have a good indoor dark space, but at least she won’t be out there in the heat of the day, under lights.

Temp when I got home was 84 and holding (I forgot to turn the bathroom exhaust fan on to pull in more cool air. It should stay cooler with the exhaust on.) and RH was 50%. I’ll take that over 106°/30% any day! :laughing: I went ahead and plucked off those ugly leaves and gave her a quick once over. The structure is promising. Just gotta wait and see how it smokes. :metal:


Always an adventure with the master of perpetual.
Well done… AGAIN


Aaaahh… You give me too much credit. :wink::grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Speaking of the perpetuity though… I’ll be soaking at least 3 Lights Out Larry auto F2 beans very soon! :grin: Personal stock made from Randomly Ran Cannabis Lights Out Larry auto F1s. Mom was funky cheese and phenol. Dad contributed a nice creamy cheese to the blueberry cheesecake pheno of my Interstate Killer. I’ll be looking for big cheese terps. :drooling_face:


I will be watching my brother! Dropped a couple more Twenty20 Auto’s.
Will see if I can squeeze in another harvest before Fall…
My POTG Is kicking ass for my first photo.


That is BEAUTIFUL! :metal:Those leaves are absolute perfection. I can’t wait to see how she flowers.


I love it when they’re that big and all the leaves still look like young leaves. Usually means you got a REAL vigorous one on your hands and you’re treating her just right.


I am trying the BudBusterPro for her. Bob is helping me along, but I am thrilled to this point…
Thank you!


I bet she’s gonna be a stunner! I’m gonna have to get with Bob after I get the LOLs started. I didn’t want to use it on an experimental cross in a hotbox. :laughing: Probably wouldn’t give the best endorsement material. Haha. I think I can do it more justice on some climate controlled autos.


I get it! I am want to do a good job for him too.
I will keep ya posted on my progress…
Also using it on this mystery Auto from Twenty20
Aren’t the leaves interesting?


Super cool! Very primordial looking. I’d have to throw some sort of pollen at it. I think I have a problem… :laughing: