MW is growing again

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Hello My Grow Friends,

I have been gone for a while. I have checked in on ya from time to time and appreciated the stream of love ya’ll have sent my way.

Life has mellowed out for a minute so I am starting another grow. Actually it will morph into 2 grows.

Part 1 - Doing another run in 5 gal fabric pots with Promix HP and Jacks 321, folvic acid and a little silica under my LED lights. I bought a 5 pack of Auto Fem Gorilla Glue from Grower’s Choice.

I only had 3 of 5 germinate! So I emailed GC and they apologized and gave me a credit on their site far greater than 2 seeds worth. That is good customer service so I am good with GC and looking forward to my first run of Gorilla Glue.

When this run is done I am moving my grow space.

Part 2 – Spent some studying living-soil, “Coot’s mix”, vermiculture, this and that, yadda-yadda and the rest until I came down with serious case of Analysis Paralysis.

BUT I haven’t given up on living soil. I am going to copy some of what Stealth Grows does with Dr Earth on his YouTube channel. I popped 6 of Preybird’s beans (3 Runtz and 3 Monkey Slapz) a week ago will transplant next week. These are Fem Photos so I didn’t start them in their final pots.

PreyBird’s beans freaking jumped out of their skins! I soak my seeds for a day before the paper towel in a Zip Lock treatment. 4 of 6 seeds started to sprout in less than 12 hours and all 6 are doing very well. I germinated them the same as the Grower’s Choice seeds so I don’t think the issue was with me.

These organic pots will get hardened and moved outside as soon as it stops freezing every night. They won’t survive outside here long enough to flower to perfection. So I’ll move them back indoors to finish.

I am giving up my garage grow room and will take over the my old chicken house as a grow room. The chicken coop is a bit smaller (40” wide, 8’ 4” long and 6’ 8” tall) than the current room (50”x 8’ x 8’) but I’ll make it work. Wish I had a long skinny light instead of a square one.

Anyway, I’ll post some pictures soon.

Happy to have plants growing again!


Welcome back!


Yep, it’s that time of year isn’t it. Spring is finally arriving. Good to see you back. I’ll be watching. :+1:t3::v:t3:


Welcome back mate!


Hey hey hey good to see you again!


Thats what im talking about. I love vigorous seeds, they tend to make Great plants :exploding_head:

And welcome back my friend!


Hey, finally a few pictures.

Making some soil (Promix HP, Dr Earth Home Grown, Dr. Earth Flower Girl & local worm castings).

A long shot of the room. I cleaned up the wiring and removed several extension cords.

Almost ready to transplant.

Monkey Slapz in the cups Auto Gorilla Glue in the big pots.

Runtz in the cups on the right. Another Gorilla Glue.

Most of the babies have new homes. Just one Monkey Slapz and one Runtz left in cups and they get new homes tomorrow.

The pots with GG are straight ProMix Hp that I feeding with Jack’s. Everybody else is in organic soil. Hopefully they will just need water for the next 3 weeks then I’ll top dress. We will see! I have bat wings and eye-of-newt standing by just in case I need to do some serious, mystical, organic black magic shit.

Going ok so far. Everyone is looking pretty happy.




This is why I can’t run a full grow outside.

This could happen anytime up until Memorial Day @ 7,500 feet.


Good evening. Before I get into a progress report I want to answer the many questions I have received (in my own mind) why I switched from what was working darned well for a total beginner, hobbyist.

This is part of the answer.

This gal popped up out of my compost pile. I did nothing but make sure she never dried out completely. She froze before her peak, but she wasn’t bad at all and I think given enough time she might have been stellar. Who knows. But the point is… I did almost nothing.

So here are the babies today. The sprouts went into media 20 days ago.

The soil pots seem to be working the best but to be honest it isn’t a controlled experiment. I think I under feed my 3 hydro pots. One of the Gorilla Glues never thrived so it gave up her soil pot to Runtz #3.

Once these auto Gorilla Glues are done. Everybody else will be outside by then and will finish up in my new grow space in the old Chicken Coup.

That is about a 1/3 of the coup sticking out from the old chicken run, now storage. It a long a skinny space so I need to rethink my set up.


Happy 420 day! 23 days in the “dirt” for these kids.

Not much to say this early. I have to travel next week so My Lovely Bride will have watering duties. I am sure it will be fine… it will… It going to be ok… it is going to be fine.
It is going to be ok.


Evening all! I had to travel for a week and MLB had watering and feeding duty. She did a great job.
35 days old.

upfront at Runtz #2 and Monkey Slapz #3 looking good. Was a little late on the top-dressing and they got a little yellow starting on the tips.

The 3 pots with the Yellow bug catchers are Hydroponic with Jacks the rest are organic with Dr Earth. They are all doing alright. I won’t do 2 different growing styles in a small grow space. It is an interesting experiment but a complication when I have to travel and MLB has to take over.

Leaving again in a day or so for another week+. I have a lot more confidence. Hope to be able to stay home most of the summer. That is the dream anyway.

Thanks for checking in!


Dang be safe on the trip. And she did a great job.


Been a month since I posted. Got some issues in the indoor grow. I have had a minor issue with fungus gnats but keeping them to a minimum. I went to trim up a few leaves on the Gorilla Glue and found this!
bot 2
bottom 1
top 1
top 2

I didn’t see anything moving but I am guessing its the GD @#$%&@! spider mites.
What ya’ll think? I had them 2 grows ago but they seem to have come back.


Hard to say but so far doesn’t look like mites but treat the plant anyways. Just like it has mites. Better safe than sorry


Thanks PB! Only found 2 leaves with these symptoms, both on the same plant. No webs, damage or movement on the rest of that plant or any of the others. MLB and I both inspected using the jeweler’s loops. I might have missed something but not MLB! She could find a BB in boxcar in 3 seconds flat, I shit you not.


Do I have a male? I swear these weren’t there yesterday.

Those are on Runtz #2. They don’t look like they have opened if that is what they are. How long until they shoot? I may move it outside. On the other hand I could have a Runtz/MonkeySlapz or a Runtz/Gorilla Glue cross or both?


That one looks like it’s gonna pop in the next couple of days. If you have more big fat ones, like in that first picture, get it out if you don’t want the others pollinated if they are starting to flower. :v:t3:


Yep thats a male. Interesting because there femanized seed. And ive been after a male for a while from the original seed stock. Now im gonna have to regrow more of those to see if any come up male. Because you sir are the 1st. Bobette got a male once from the original seed stock and destroyed it. She had no need for a male and didnt know i was looking for one… :man_shrugging:


Ill keep mine if i get one brother and clone you little guy.