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MW's 1st Grow Journal

I have asked a lot of questions and gotten a lot of help here. I figured it was time to do a journal of my own.

I started growing a couple of years ago with seeds and advice from a friend that grows up in Alaska. What work pretty well for him just gave me little tiny Bonsai pot trees with a few little buds. That was enough encouragement to get me wanting more and better.

So started watching YouTube videos and read a bunch of grow journals. That is how I found this site!
Finally MLB asked me if I was going to actually going to growing anything again or just live vicariously through others. So I started copying what GreenGene does. His grows looked good to me, he explains things well (gets a little wordy but thats ok) and he doesn’t hide his mistakes or issues.

So I am in 3 gallon fabric pots with Pro Mix, feeding Jack’s 321 with a hydrolock watering system under a Mars Hydro TS3000 light.


I have 2 Cheese Quakes, 2 Harlequins and a Sleeping Beauty. Just flipped to flower yesterday so this is day 1. I just gave Super-cropping a try. It was hard at first to intentionally hurt one of my girls but I did it to one top and it worked great. I have done a couple more tops since then with good results. Also did a couple tops and a couple of FIMs.

Just learning and having fun.



Welcome to GN!!!

Plants and set up are great!!..:+1::+1:

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Wow those look great, I gotta make myself trim the bottoms like that, I just hate to cut off bud lol. That is only one day of flower? They look like about a week.

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Thanks @OltimeGrower. I appreciate it.


I appreciate it @sssportsmfg. I flipped from 18/6 to 12/12 slowly over a week. I think they liked it.


And here I was about to call you MR GREENJEANS ROFL…I wondered if you did something different than just 12/12. Makes sense…I’ve been thinking about doing that for years…just seems more natural.

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So I learned 2 things.

#1 Don’t buy cheap trellis nets. They fray if you look at them wrong. There are legitimate places to be thrifty but the net isn’t one of them.

#2 Figure out if I will need to rehang the light for increased clearance BEFORE you put your cheap-azz trellis net up and your babies grow up through it! I am going to need every inch of height I can get and am not excited about working high above the girls.


Solid advice on both, but especially this one.

Love my Jack’s! Foot cones everywhere . Good luck.


Day 5 of flower

Starting to get a few hairs

Tried a little super-cropping.

I talk to them a lot. So far so good. Keeping an eye out for bugs & mold.


Tragedy in the grow room. My only Sleeping Beauty has hermied I believe and one of the Cheese Quakes may have as well.

So do I hack them out asap??!?! or look forward to some Harlequin Beauty and Sleeping Cheese?

What do ya think?


Trash it brother…and What’s your lux meter reading at canopy level?


Thanks @ultrapuff. He is gone. I will check the light with the lux meter in the morning.


There’s an app that you can get on your phone… Works better then those cheap lux meters. In case you do have the cheaper ones. I read your a greengene garden fan. Why didn’t you do coco instead of dirt? :facepunch:t3::facepunch:t3::facepunch:t3:


With the phone app I get between 92,000 and 94,000 in the center but gets down to 34,000 at the edges. Too much? I can adjust it down. What is optimal?

No special reason for going with promix instead of coco. I found a lot of folks using promix with Jack’s on the interweb so I tried it. So I didnt copy Gene exactly but my growing style this run is a Greengene heavy hybrid.


Yeah. I actually might think you can move up a little bit to about 75 in the center so you can get more on the sides. How many times a day are you feeding? Because if you’re doing soil… Your not going to be able to water as often because it takes longer to dry back. But i have a marhydro ts3000 also… I plan on changing for a light kinda like greengenes…

I’m getting the rói growers Choice e720

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Daylight intensity starts around 30,000 and goes up to like 130,000+.

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@ultrapuff @KevGrows Thanks, I feed/water once a day. I need to rehang my light to get any more height. Going to try to do that after work today.

Even with the problems and challenges this is fun! Learning everyday. I appreciate the good folks on this forum.

Heading off to pick some cotton for da man. Later!