My Summer's Grow

I have 2 girls in flower downstairs in my 4x8 - in autopots - the tent was flipped 14 days ago - Lovin in her eyes - Candy Chem OG and Rainbow Kush - here I am using Veg plus Bloom nutes, dynomyco, and autopots as well as ACT/SST teas - I am also testing BudBusterPro @TheMadFlascher a foliar application treatment of unique combinations of organic acids - I have been using it on my indoor and outdoor grow and LOVE it! can’t wait till flower…

Outdoors is an ALL ORGANIC GROW - with living media and ACT and SST teas only - the top of the support is 6 feet - there’s about month left of veg - it could be trouble ahappynewyea
The photos in the front row from left to right @RocBudInc - Ghost Breath Mint OG, Sweet Seeds - Tropicana Poison Fast, CultClassic’s - Wedding Fantasy, @barneysfarm eys Farms Dos Si Dos, Paradise Seeds - Sensi Start, and @THCinkc - Blue Kushberry -

In the back row from left to right ACSB’s - Hells Fire, LIT Ice Cream Sundae, @dnagenetics - Purple LA (this is an honor seed for a fallen grower), 2cnd BF Dos Si Dos, CultClassics’ - Unicorn Sherbert.
There are some errant autos that were stunted early in their young lives that I am letting grow out

Then there are a bunch of late planted autos and some photos - I have been experimenting with rooting cuttings and have had some success.

I see there are some friends and other growers that I know from another forum or two - I hope to find you here…
Thanks for looking and stopping by - happy growing !


Very nice i wish i could grow outdoors! :muscle::muscle::point_right::+1:


Thank you @PreyBird1
I am very lucky to be in a wetlands area and some privacy to be able to do this - it has always been my dream to walk amongst the giants - This year my biggest pot is 15 gallons and she is already 6 ft tall with lots of veg and bloom time left so I may be in trouble but its the kind of trouble that I dream about - next year perhaps a 50 gallon apeo


You won’t be disappointed my friend. :smiling_imp::+1:

Girls are all looking stellar brother. Beautiful back yard. :clap::clap::clap:
And welcome to GN. :sunglasses:


Thank you so much @oldguy - good to see you here -

when it comes to cannabis I never am :slight_smile:


Ahhhhhhhhhaaaaaaahhhhh a @ravenchief grow journal!!! Yayayayay lol Howdy Raven!


howdy @Slym3r -
I think I need to be here - getting-stoned


You getting rattled at the others…? It’s peaceful here. And knowledgeable.



nope - just like knowledge and sharing experiences and good relationships

  • its all good happy-puppy-smiley-emoticon-1

That’s what’s up!


The top of the supports are at 6 feet.
Over nite one of my gals reached the 6foot mark - This is ACSB’s Hells Fire

Last summer my largest pot was 7 gallons and the 2 photos reached 6 foot only at harvest - there is still a month left in veg here


There are 3 more approaching that height - I will have to super-crop some but after months of silica their stems are pretty strong - I better stop feeding them malted barley :slight_smile:
Having fun even in the rainy cold summer days so long as I can tend my garden… Happy Sundae everyone…


Looking good


Thanks so much @Slym3r
they are really loving the organic inputs and BudBusterPro - can’t wait to see what happens at flower @TheMadFlascher 7ead3eabee70b3dffb2408ed18a95c8147b21e21


Damn man your outdoor set up is a massive area and green. Super jealous here drooling.
giphy (5)


Thank you so much @PreyBird1 -
It is my 60 year dream (ever since I discovered Cannabis when I was 9 :slight_smile: )
to be able to have a garden and walk amongst the giants - My largest pot is 15 gallon Rain Science bags - last year my largest was 7 gallons - I may get my wish this year but next year 15 gallons will be my smallest haha passing-joint-smiley-emoticon
I really have my eye on my wife’s garden and putting the gals in the ground but I have to wait until she gets sick of gardening (probably not going to happen in my lifetime…


Beautiful setting raven,
Guessing you have a strong and high deer fence around the property!! Bet it’s beautiful with the winter snows!
My advice,don’t intrude on mama’s garden space…bad juju!!


Yes we have an 8 foot invisible deer fence protecting the backyard otherwise I wouldn’t be able to grow anything.

I’m with you there there’s no way I’m touching anything in my wife’s garden except when she asks for my help or I offer it and she accepts :blush::vulcan_salute::sunglasses:


There is still lots of summer left - and they are showing a spurt of growth - no complaints here :slight_smile: The Hells Fire is my tallest, and I just took a picture of her stem base and roots are aggressively growing from above the line - she’s not the only one doing that but - Wow

I swear she has grown another couple of inches since this morning - I am one very happy boy -

now the trick will be to get all these gals to the finish line - I spend a good amount of time inspecting and treating pest issues mostly in my wife’s garden but if its there, it will soon be here so… an ounce of prevention is what my mother always used to say and she is always right!


Listen to your mother…wise woman :wink:
You gonna need a chainsaw to chop that tree …:joy::joy::ok_hand::sunglasses::v:


I always do and THANK YOU.

I like to fend off problems before they happen, I am not always successful - but I can see that my outdoor girls are going to have very heavy branches in flower - They are all approaching 6 feet tall and stacking nodes nicely.

I decided that this summer the best way for me to deal with the ever-growing trees whose branches I suspect will get weigh them down is to utilize the already in place stake supports with ribbon tape tied to the branches and the support looking like an upside down umbrella - I decided to stock up :slight_smile:

I tried bamboo stakes but I like to give my gals lots and lots of silica and one of the downfalls is this late in the game their stems are pretty rigid - supercropping is an answer for some but I think with my space and their height I am better off letting them hang from a string- This worked out really well last year with my gold Leaf the only photo that I grew to be 6 feet at harvest - these gals are already 6 ft and have lots more time to go… - no complaints here… :slight_smile: