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My Summer's Grow

I am running an experiment this run - its not with scientific accuracy or methods, but an experiment none-the-less - I have 5 girls in the big tent and 3 gals in the small tent - The nutrients are the same, the wattage per plant is about the same (240 in big tent 245 in small tent) the spectrums are similar but not the same, same age, same BudBusterPro treatments) - there are some Major differences - big tent is autopots so bottom feeding vs the small tent is top fed, I can top dress the small tent gals not the big tent, In the media I mixed all soiless (coco/promix/EWC/amendments) in the big tent and in the small tent I added soil with less coco/promix (I do this in my outdoor plants but never indoors), The Big tent has the UV no UV in the small tent, In the small tent I can add humic and fulvic acids and seaweed extract and other kelp products to my hearts content but in the big tent using a reservoir and small tubing I have to use them very sparingly or it will clog the system and zero defoliation on any plants.
Here is the small tent

here is a representative bud site from the small tent

here is a representative bud site from the big tent

Its very hard to tell in the photos but the small tent’s buds are further developed and the node spacing is tighter as well as fuller with budsites - I interpret this as they are further along in flower than the big tent I cannot be sure that any of the differences are because of genetics or the changes in the environment - every plant is a different breeder and strain.
I will be very interested as this experiment progresses and will be sure to update my findings. I will be very interested in whether or not the soil makes a difference in taste :slight_smile:


Just before lights out I decided to see what the UV lights looked like as the sole lighting source and see the coverage - It is not totally accurate for coverage as what we are seeing here is only the visible portion of the uv spectrum.

the 2 honor plants are getting the highest dosage intensity - it sort of reminds me of my old college days and the blacklights we all had. I thought it was pretty and so I am posting it for all to see.


You need one of those fuzzy blacklight posters now


Very interesting coverage. This is why i always run Uv from seed to weed. But seriously the sun puts out uv so why not try emulating the sun? Nice :+1: keep testing. We talked about this but everyone else here didn’t.


Thank you @dunbar
and @preybird1 you are right - conventional wisdom is definitely conventional but its not always wisdom :slight_smile: that’s why I try everything myself and share my experiences - I have found that there is alot of misinformation out there about nuance growing techniques.

Three weeks since flipping the tent and all is well in my world :slight_smile:

I have never had this much bud development this early in flower - this looksmore like 4-5 weeks in flower.
Thanks for looking


In the small tent where the bud development is uniformly further along than in the big tent here is #Transcendancestrain from a collab between @tikimadmanseedz and @clearwatergenetics

it was originally called Blood Oath but changed their name before shipping - Compared to the big tent these gals’ buds are larger and more mature by several days - I believe it is because I can top dress Malted Barley in the small tent but not the big tent and that is speeding up the flowering cycle.

There are 2 more gals in there :slight_smile: Nothing is for sale or trade - ever - Thank you for looking -
Aside from losing one of my gals to a sex change operation, this grow has been pretty much trouble free - I will not second guess good fortune and count my blessings


Nothing for sale or trade- ever haha (leftover from an IG post :vulcan_salute:

But I freely give-it-away - and spread the love apeo


so… im gonna watch this classic now. thank you good sir!


And to finish up the individual introductions are the last 2 in the back at day 25 in flower
Back Left is Cantava and Back Right is Blackberry Moonrocks Front is Transcendence.

Cantava from Aficionado French Connection -

Blackberry Moonrocks

I have the lights on for 10.5 hours and off for 13.5 - and will reduce in a couple of days another half-hour - Both tents are on the Gas Lantern Routine schedule for flowering - I am liking what I am seeing.
Thanks for looking - hope your day is as good as it can be!!


blackberry moonrocks looks beautiful :star_struck:


Thank you @OlyBoy - I agree - she smells divine and is stacking like a champ - She is supposed to be 33%THC but I always am skeptical of breeder’s numbers in that regard, but as a relative measure it sounds potent haha


Both tents are 26 days from flipping - My honor plants Acid Rain from @RAP ad Peach Marachino are so beautiful it makes me tear up every morning to see their progression - The last 2 pics are from the small tent BlackberryMoonrock and Cantava from - I can see a visible difference in the frost with the honor plants which get the most direct UV treatments -
Thank you for looking





:pray: :heart_eyes: :blush: :sunglasses: :vulcan_salute:


Day 30 since flipping and all is well in my world.
My 2 honor plants are getting the most UV treatments of all the plants as well as the best seat for the expanded far reds in my main light and their flowers are the most colorful so far. They also are the tallest being about 12 inches from the lights at the top of the tent -
Here is Acid Rain from @rapseed

Here is Peach Marachino from Lovin in her eyes

Aside from the extra frost because of their prime location under the lights their smell is the strongest in both tents which is telling me that the UV lights are doing their job on terps.
This run is teaching me several nuance methods that will become a regular part of my growing style - UV lights are in :vulcan_salute::blush::pray:


I hope your day is spectacular,


I hope yours is as well!


Thank you - @Slym3r
It will -
I choose it to be and when I do, it always is apeo


The Acid Rain buds are beautiful! The Peach Marachino ain’t bad either, haha.


I agree :slight_smile: and Thank you.
She has more budsites than any plant I have grown and the fragrance is incredible and getting stronger every day - her colors are beginning to show - and PM is just under 12 inches from my lights which are and have been set at 100% and not a burn mark to be found.- she’s a looker too and actually has a peach smell developing -