Need help! Weird looking clones

Lately I’ve been noticing this problem happening on some of the trays in my room. Its only occurring on 2,000 of the clones all of them are the same strain and cut on the same date 8/20/2020. It looks like the inside is turning black but most of the outer leafs look fine. It’s a new strain so no cross contamination is going on we use separate tools for every strain. Ph and ppm levels are perfect. Temp and humidity perfect. It kind of looks like a nutrient burn? Recently we have been deep cleaning all tools, sprayers, buckets, drums etc. I was thinking it might be dirty tools?? Any ideas would help

Here are some photos of the problem


@PreyBird1 any ideas?

My guess is some type of microbe has infected the clones with the black wilted leaves @cooperm . I’ve burnt my clones before and they don’t look like that. They get the typical burnt, fried, wilted edges. That really sucks your having issues on such a large scale! I’m curious what @PreyBird1 has to say on this topic. He’s the clone master.


Interesting? Everytime that has happened to my clone was 2 things everytime.

  1. It was a humidity swing. And the leaf dried out to fast.
  2. I sprayed something on it or gave them to strong of a nutrient and burned it. I have seen this with a foliar spritz of say seaweed extract. Or marine algae
    Q. How far along are those clones?
    Q. Are all of the clones from that batch affected?

Why are the leaves all chewed up and speckled. Looks like nutrient burn the more i look at it. Were these clones fine and developed this after they were growing fine? Or were they cut and started heading this direction from the start. I would really want to take another small batch of cuts and see if i could duplicate it with those. Any chance the cleaning chemicals got into the trays or sponges?

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do you guys re-use equipment and grow containers? Or do you guys have a way to steralize what you re-use if you do? Like autoclave

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  1. Humidity has been good only seen spikes within 5-8%

  2. I am spraying a foiler feed on all the clones older then ten days every two hours

  • Clones are 20 days old today
  • All the clones from that batch we’re affected this problem has been driving me crazy the past couple weeks. The ones pictured I have 2,000 that look like that all the same batch. We cut from the same bed a couple times after and I’ve only experienced this problem with about 10% of the clones probably (5-12) dead clones per tray. So the problem is going away but I don’t know what’s causing it. It’s only with this one strain that I’m seeing this happening. All the clones are still rooting normally.

Leaves chewed up and spreckled. I have no clue what’s causing that either. I’m only dealing with that problem on that one batch. I do a quality inspection on every tray before coming in the room. The clones were doing fine the first week and after that started going downhill. Cleaning chemicals in the cubes could be the problem. At the moment I have the processors using isopropyl alcohol to clean all their tools. But I don’t see this happening on such a large scale.

I’m thinking it might just be bad mother plants? Because I’m only seeing this on one of our strains. We cut multiple strains a day. All other clones are doing perfect.

It could be a bad mother reacting to the folier spray. I mean all your paramaters are perfect and there is no reason for this. Also do the plants continue to degrade or do they slowly start to grow again and the new growth shows no sign of the issue like it had passed?

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The plants seem to be progressing. Everything looks like it’s growing expect the middles being black. I was surprised to see them still having nice roots. Transplant team says they do okay after transplant. Which is good. Black goes away. Issue passed. But this problem just looks bad for my room. I’ve been trying to fine tune everything we do when handling this strain. Success going up but problem still present.

Here is one of them with the roots pictured


Wow definitely confusing? What strain might i ask. I wonder if they react to your rooting hormone? Its definitely interesting and maddening at the same time. Maybe try an experiment with a different rooting combination and see if issue it changes? Better or worse.

I had the same problem with the new Turboklone 144
The water temp always seemed high… due to the pump I believe ? there wasn’t sufficient humidity due to the sides of the cloners walls/dome being somewhat warped
I assumed it was primarily a humidity issue and misted them periodically.
They looked HORRIBLE but had roots
Whatever, I tossed them, took another batch and put them in, the old school trays wh domes in oasis cubes
After seeing your post and pictures, I think there was something else going on. I got a RO unit thinking that will help… it certainly won’t hurt
I cleaned everything before and after each use, it happened with 2 runs… the only runs Ive ever done with a “auto cloner” lol
It got expensive !!! it’s pretty sickening having to toss over a 100 clones (ANY CLONES) at a time… fuckthat

I wish I could give you some answers…

It looks to me like the clones are cannibalizing the newest growth, and some of the larger leaves, to fuel root growth.

What kind of feed are the moms getting? What’s your SOP for the first week or so of cloning?

Could it be some kind of virus, that’s affecting only a few moms? It may be a few issues, that leaf spotting does look like nutrient foliar burn to me. Maybe due to increased sensitivity as the result of another issue as others have stated.

This is an article on Lettuce Chlorosis Virus in Cannabis. Doesn’t sound like your issue, as this virus appears to present in later growth stages. This is just an example of virus causing leaf necrosis that can come from a mother.

Could it be a bacteria infection @PreyBird1? It can come in from open wounds and moisture.

Guys , that is mold , too much humidity , nothing else . Dont use humidity domes , or if u use them be careful of overcrowding , ventilate them on daily base and dont overspray them . Humidity issue 100% , have seen that 1000 times especially during summer time when people cloning high temperature and high humidity it cooks them inside the domes . If you have healthy nodes they will survive but they will take time .

That sounds so familiar to me . People will see dry tops and spray even heavier , worsening the problem , the reason is high humidity combined with high temperature . You can see immediately darker green/brown color on the leaves and tops , in 4-5 days it dries out . Number one reason of unsuccessful cloning are humidity domes/high humidity combined with high temperature and aeroponic machines during hot months .

Hhhmmm its over a hundred here and i use a Clone machine with and without a dome. and the last 48 clones i cut are 100% sucess. I grow seedlings in domes aslo. Never have problems like you say @eldindupljak here pictures buddy.

14 day clones 18" roots. I Like to crowd them 75% humidity and 80 degrees. You can push clones also.

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Theres my dome