Need info on good but inexpensive lights!

First time grower; first time buyer of any gardening supplies: For a 80 cm X 80 cm X 100 cm (2.5 ft X 2.5 ft X 5.25 ft) what are some suggested lights I can buy for no more than $100? I know everyone says invest in good lights. However, I don’t need huge yields (less than 6 ounces a year) and I will probably grow 1 or two plants at a time. So I need to keep my investment low. Thanks for your help! *And if you more info to answer me, please ask. (UPDATE: I have to purchase from someone or someplace in Europe. Otherwise the custom and shipping fees are a killer! And if course it has to work with our electricity of 220v)


Marshydro has great affordable lights. As for led, they are my go to brand. Outstanding g/watt output and economical @sike.

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California Lightworks is definitely not an economical light. Way overpriced for the built-in fan LEDs. Fan less QB led in heatsinks is the future of LED.
I wouldn’t waste my money on one of the lights @Budstone.
Sorry for my blunt, honest opinion.


Hlg isnt cheap but awesome lights


No worries, just saw that there’s a lighting company on here and thought I’d tag them.
I’ve got qb’s with heatsinks.
Got a mate with the Mars leds. They are a good light, although they do create a bit of heat. Would be better if they had heatsink on them imho…


Thanks but I don’t need awesome. I only want to yield about 6 ounces a year. I need cheap but do the job.


Thanks–which specific one do you suggest for my small tent, small yield needs. I know the brand has a good reputation but I need to find a specific light to buy. Thanks!


Ts 600 from Mars hydro for a 6 oz goal it’s for a 2x2 for a 6 oz goal 2 autos or one photo you won’t find a better light for 80$on Amazon been an electrician for 30 years


The Marshydro ts1000 would be perfect for that tent. Its a little over $100. I am personally buying the same light to put in my tent that has very similar dimensions. It pulls 150 watts from the wall.
The next step up from there is the tsw2000 which has more LEDs and pulls 300 watts from the wall. Its closer to $250. I just bought this light to replace some blurple lights I invested in when I 1st set my grow up.
Both lights would fit in your tent @sike. It depends on how much you can spend. Your light is going to be your most important investment, next to genetics.


You can build a Bridgelux EB strip light for a little more than $100.00.

Digi-Key is real good for sourcing parts. I think I built a 100watt light at 3500k for pretty cheap. In the states, we have Metal Supermarket which is a cheap place for angle aluminum/square bar.

You could also get the 40” heat sinks from RapidLED but that will put you closer to $140 and I am not sure about EU shipping


I’m using a Bloom Plus 3000 in my 5x5. They have smaller less expensive lights. I’m sure they have something affordable that would work for your set up.


Hey, led 250-300w is ok and cheap if you say 80x 80 cm, better 300w. In Europe it’s easy to find, spanish growshops sell sure and some uk growshops too.

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Germany has also good and cheap shops if you look for lights.

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Hi, try kingbrite led on Alibaba, Its chine but cheap with far red And uvb

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Hey @sike I use one of these I got from ebay I’ll post the link below and this is my plant thats just entering the flowering stage using that light

Look at this on eBay

I’m in the UK so if your struggling to find items in the EU I may be able to help


Thanks for all the help. I decided on Mars Hydro 600 lights. Next question (and I might post this separately as well.)

I will be starting with autoflowering seeds. The tent is 24" x 24" x 55" (60 cm X 60 cm X 140). I need to get soil and nutrients. I need to keep it simple, please. I know NOTHING about gardening.

I need to buy soil and nutrients either online in Europe or from a local garden shop such as Jardinland (Terreau et amendement pour fertiliser le sol du jardin | Jardiland) or Botanic. (there are no grow shops near me)

Where can I buy online or what French garden store do you suggest?
What soil should I buy?
What nutrients should I buy?

If possible, please suggest brand names–I don’t know a thing about this so if you say I need “soil that is XXX and has ZZZ in it and make sure it’s YYY–I will be lost.” Please assume you are just sending me to the store with a list of items that I need to buy. Thanks!

I only want enough for one or two plants–I need to keep it simple (I have no room to store large bags of anything.)

Thanks for your help.

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Soil is based around styles of watering/fertigation your wanting to perform.

If you want to water less, soil. Water more coco.
Nutrients are kinda the same, different variables. Depends on your growing goals.

What is your end goal for your ladies?

Unfortunately, I am too naive to even know how to answer your important question! But here’s the best I can do: My end goal for my ladies is to smoke and digest them! :grinning:

Not to be a smart ass, I really don’t know what else to tell you. I am not even a sophisticated user–I barely know how to roll a joint.

I have no deadline and don’t need a large yield (maybe 4 ounces a year.) I also want zilcho problems (deficiencies, overwatered, underwatered, burnt, mold, bugs, etc.) but that won’t happen. I know that not all seeds germinate, some plants die, etc. So I can’t control nature, but if I have issues I don’t want it due to that I didn’t do my homework.

I have never grown a flower or a vegetable. I am very disciplined and will follow a plan. I know the basics at this point: Light temp and humidity are important. Don’t overwater or overfeed. Strains have different effects. Keep the light at the right height. Don’t let “too many” trichomes get amber. Hey, man, it looks like I am learning. (Most of this I did not know 6 months ago.)

I did read that coco needs more water but I don’t understand why that would change my plan: I am home all day (retired) so I can water according to any plan.

So I need you (and others) to ask plenty of questions. And then to tell me what to do!

Does it help to know what strains I will be growing? (Sorry for such a long response!)

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If you want super basic you can go with something like a simple indoor potting soil, but Promix or Sunshine #4 or the equivalent would be ideal. Also as far as nutrients go, for a beginner, remember that 9 times out of 10 if it’s beneficial for tomatoes it’s beneficial for cannabis. Always follow product labels and remember that more is not better when it comes to nutrients.