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New tent, office moved to other end of the coal room

Well been a long time not here. Just some life stuff. A few months ago I purchased a new Infinity tent, moved up from 3x5 to a 5x5. Not a lot of difference size wise, but should give me just a little more room to keep the light on everything. The narrow 3’ width of the old tent made it impossible to keep the 6 plants inside the tent, by the end of the veg I was always opening up the tent and letting them hang out the door, which made climate control a pain. lol.

Anyway finally got some time and decided it is now or never to take down the old tent and put up the new, but that required my moving my computer desk, file cabinets, and whatnot to the other end of the coal room. This was required because of the position of the door going into the room. The additional 2’ would only allow it to be erected on the opposite end of the room from where the original tent was. I had intended to do this for many…many years lol…I’m sure many can relate to the procrastination thing! And it will work out better as the ventilation out of the room was at the opposite end from the original tent position. So now it is just 3’ from the fan outlet to the outlet through the wall, instead ot 16’ of smaller 4" duct, it is now all 6" and only 3 feet. Should be a lot eaiser on my temp and humidity controlled Infinity fan. And move a lot more air quickly and a lot quieter too.

Anyway got it all done on the moving part, the growing goodies…lights, fans etc are all in the process of being installed. Let me tell you the Infinity tent is very nice…however it is intended to be put up in a room with PLENTY OF ROOM to work around it. It is designed with zippers that run around all three sides, with only one side being zipperless. The intent was to lay it out on the floor, find the bottom, and then erect the poles completely then basically pull up the three zippered sides onto the poles and then slowly zip then pull, zip and pull, zip and pull…lol. Now acomplishing this in a room that is only 5’6" wide is a endevor all it’s own…I got it done…but it took 5 hours. I also had a few choice words for anything or anyone anywhere near…thankfully I was all alone lol.

Everything is pretty much new for this grow, new coco coir, new Radicle pots, new saucers, and new diviots to keep them up out of the water. I decided to go with only 5 plants, rather than the 6 I am allowed with my medical license, I think with that amount they will get more even light and produce just as much. I also have a bottle of BBP thanks to the generosity of Bob… @rflasch THANKS!

Started 5 seeds yesterday at 10:30 and 4 of the 5 are already sprouted, one is a holdout, but hopefully it will pop soonest. Decided to put in a version of the Planet of the Grapes…it is called 10th Planet, by ETHOS. They threw in some Kush genetics to the original Planet mix. According to the little broshure they are 30% THC seeds. Anyway…gonna be growing soon again. Missed everyone. Hope everything is going well for ya’all. @preybird1 Russ your stuff is on the way, sorry for the long long delay in getting them back to you. They were treated well, spent the whole time in the fridge, inside a glass jar.!

Hope everyone has a blessed day !


DANG Sport…It’s good to have you back. Sounds like you have the patience of a SAINT !
Or the engineering skills of a genious!! Either way I’m glad you survived that feat!

Off we Go!


Great to see you back. And with the new set up to boot…:+1:t3:

I have a 10th planet started also. That’s cool too.

Can’t wait to see your baby girls up and running. :+1:t3::+1:t3::v:t3:


Welcome back!!! 10th planet is good smoke. Look forward to watching the new grow.


Happy I was thrilled to see you are growing it too, your plants always look so crusty with resin! I agonized over which of the 30 different strains I had to pick from. :+1:


Wow two thumbs up on the 10 planet! Have you grown the POTG? If so how would you compare POTG and 10th? The ones I had to shut off before their time were POTG…honestly I didn’t care for the smell of them. Kinda turned my stomach.


I don’t have any experience with potg at all. @budlover2 might be able to chime in here.


and anybody that I might have missed.

:eyes::eyes::eye::eye:… look who’s back…:+1:t3::+1:t3::+1:t3:


Well speaking of procrastination I meant to come over here sooner… LoL…:rofl: Glad the ol Covid has been eradicated in the sportster household ey. Would you say your about 80/90% pre-Covid? This long haulers shit is crazy for some ppl. One of Mrs. Locs’ g/f claims she still can’t taste anything and has some really foggy days like on the weekly. Man sport sure do wish ya well man, not only does being sick really suck… but it carries this depression funk with it for some time after you dig. Sounds like your up and … On the move <— literally. Got shit squared away and back in the saddle. All of a sudden everyone’s growing planet of the apes huh. Well not me but everyone else I mean :smiley:… lol I would have paid to see video of this tent set up… 6" clearance on 1 side you say??? LoL it take a lot of bud to stay calm I bet…


Very nice to see ya back. Pulling up a chair to see whats going on :grin::v::call_me_hand:


Loco you got that right, I however ate two gummies made with some good stuff I grew previously. Calmed me right down lol. I also got ahold of Infinity because I wanted to purchase two extra roof braces, not gonna happen they don’t sell parts at all. I asked what would happen if I was missing parts and they told me they would take them out of another box and ship them to me. Had I known that…lol. Anyway made my ceiling braces out of some 3/4" copper water pipe a hammer and some silver hammer finish paint. Hanging up to dry now. I neeed it for the Far Red spectrum light I built for the center. So got that done today as well. I’m about 70% back I guess if you ignore some stuff that will never be normal again. Not gonna bitch, it could be a lot worse. I never did lose my taste or smell, but I did lose my hair from some of the drugs. Uggg!! I think it is starting to come back as it is no longer falling out…that alone is a good thing!


You know what sport - Cody and bunch of them guys make all kinds of shit with the 3D printing. I know he makes fan clamps for the tent bars and pretty sure some kind of braces. I know you said you made something but just an FYI maybe. So your blaming covid on the mid life male pattern balding dilemma huh… :pleading_face: whatever keeps you asleep at night buddy… LoL


Yo @sssportsmfg, great to see you and the new set up!! Missed ya…:+1::+1::+1:

Riding the the Ethos 10th Planet rocket fuel strain with ya’ll too…two weeks old…:rocket:


Welcome back, Sports! The new setup looks great. I can’t wait to see it filled up. :metal:


Ohhhhh lookin GOOD very nice for two weeks for sure!


Why thank ya very kindly sir !


ROFL…well actually one of the only things I was blessed with was great thick still not gray at 70 hair…then along came Eliquis…look ma…no hair lol.


Thank you sir !


I dunna know about all that kinds stuffs…old school, hammer and tounge hanging out of one side of my mouth lol. Dem roof poles gotta be 5 feets long…dat woud be some kinna priter thingy.


70 and no silver fox going on. My grandfather was same way, pretty sure it’s genetics on my side with the horse main till death :skull_and_crossbones: also. About the only good genes passed on. Think I got a green thumb from mom’s though. Thank you momma :kissing_closed_eyes:!