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New to competitive cannabis cultivation?

Hello all I decided to post something as it has been sometime. I was wondering how many medals you have won as a individual from GN. I would Also like to know what drew you in most to cannabis. I completely understand if you don’t want to share just making conversation.


I haven’t entered any. But here in Oklahoma it’s only been legal a year. The first event that has a competition is coming up but with a $1k entry per category I’m not that brave. Maybe next year. I am curious if that’s the average cost or just for high times events? Or just specific to here.


I dunno about medals - haven’t won any of those… I won a free t-shirt and some free seeds on another forum, does that count? Heh.

What drew me to cannabis was the suggestion from my wife to consider it as an alternative to what was becoming a bad whisky habit. Being able to grow and source my own has kept me hooked.


I have no idea about the entrance fees. I. Well said Bogleg after my T.B.I I really just want to be able to source my own medications for as cheap as possible and I would be lying if said I did not enjoy the pleasant feeling properly dosed Marijuana Can provide. How do you enjoy OK?


I grow for pain meds. Everything else is just a bonus lol. Ok isn’t to bad. But I was raised here so I’m biased. But it’s pretty wild watching how much this state changed in the last year. If you’d have told me 20 years ago that we would have any sort of legal access to cannabis I’d say you were crazy. But here we are and it’s blowing up, I’m sure it’ll slow down but so far there’s no sign of it.

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Oklahoma does sound like a quiet serene atmosphere.I am from Ca so as far as I can remember it has always been more lean on cannabis then a lot of other states.That is exactly the point I want to get to so I don’t have to be at the mercy of others. In your opinion what is a hearty strain or they all the same in your opinion?


I have severe nerve damage in my lower back. The pain goes from my belly button to my toes. There’s not much I’ve found that does anything more than just kind of mute the pain. But if you’re looking for a easy growing really tolerant strain I’d say white widow is about the best you can get for learning. And although it gets a bad wrap for being a plain Jane it’s actually a very nice smoke especially home grown since it tends to be better with the extra attention to detail we give compared to mass produced stuff.

And yes compared to parts of Cali Oklahoma is a pretty laid back. Our rush hour is nothing compared to LA or similar.


Nerve damage can blow the big one ha. I took a three week nap and awoke with thinking I was going to prison cause I was handcuffed to the bed after continuously successfully ripping out of my tracheotomy. I will definitely look into the white widow when no Longer strapped for money. What do you find works best for you edibles, burning or some other way.


Sorry for the slow reply I got sidetracked lol. Common problem for me. I find a combination of methods works best. Especially for sleep. During the day I usually start my morning with a little bud from my vaporizer. By lunch it’s a tiny dab (got a new tool for that which makes it way faster) and by dinner another little dab. Then comes the wind down towards bed. It’s a big bowl of flower chased by a dab and a edible of some sort. I make my own butter using a magic butter machine to make edibles. Press my own wax from flower with a press I built. And smoke flower I grew. Gotta be self sufficient when you use as much as I do. So now combined with a few pharmaceuticals (no pain meds) and a spinal cord stimulator implant I got a month ago I am doing pretty good compared to a year or two ago.

My brother had a head injury after a motorcycle wreck many years ago. They had to do the same to him. He broke all the regular restraints the hospital had. I couldn’t imagine being in that situation. And I know the money struggle all to well. I haven’t been able to work in 2 years now. Still working my way through the SSI process. Do you have your grow room or tent and all of that already?


Damn I thought I could take a beating you make me look like humpdy dumpdy in correlation. Your prescription sounds straight amazing I definitely need to apply that in a regiment whenever possible. I have to check out OK it sounds like my kind of atmospheric.


It’s pretty laid back here for the most part. And our medical marijuana program is probably one of the most relaxed in the nation. I would encourage you to try a few different strains when you can just to see what works. I’ve got a friend on another forum that uses cannabis that had a TBI as well. He tends to use a lot of concentrates. I think the combo method is best but most people would be passed out all day long with what I go through. But it’s all different for each person. If you already know it works for you try to get a grow going soon even if it’s only one plant. It takes a while to grow but just a single plant can provide enough to hold you over. It’s to expensive here to buy how much I need. And even the growing part is therapeutic to me. It gives me something to focus on and in the end rewards me with medicine.


Man that talk of OK made me want to check it out further. I found a position and applied.If I end up in the area we definitely need to collaborate it seems like I can learn a lot from you. I appreciate the knowledge.


Cool! Definitely can help you get setup if you end up out in this area.

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If any hobby growers want to have a solo cup competition for some fun, join this thread:

Solo Cup Contest

Trying to get as many people as possible to join. If we can get a good competition through, we can keep starting more and do it as a regular thing as a community. Doesn’t take much space or resources to get involved either.

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