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yes… buddy does 16 in a 4x4 ebb and flow table… but that clone to 2 week veg and flip to flower…I will apologize if I go too in-depth… just ask for clarification…

You can customize

Ur fine. I understand a little bit lol

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I use a 3x3 tray for my 4x4 tent and run 4 to 6 plants in 3 gallon fabric pots I could do the same in 5 gallon fabric pots but might be a little tight if I was to max it out I could do 8 in 3 gallon fabric pots but it would be really right and keep humidity high in the room and lower ventilation

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I was thinking of using 5 gallon nursery pots.

Does the type of pot effect the plant? Like is there a specific reason you use fabric pots

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Do you use any PGPR’s? I would highly recommend it ,they make the plants grow much faster and prevent pathogens from forming on them

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Agro light makes a good florescent for veg. I like Mars hydro for LED

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What’s a PGPR :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

Like I’m not gonna lie to y’all…im on an extremely tight budget and recieve less than $1,000 a month. I do get what I refer to as a “crazy check” mary jane keeps me in check tho. Shes a blessing from above. I’m going to have to buy my grow supplies in short bursts at the beginning of the month through the winter to be able to achieve the grow tent i desire


Plant Growth-Promoting Rhizobacteria. It’s free living bacteria that form colonies and promote root growth

The set up can be done quite cheaply initially - you can buy a complete kit (tent, light, fan etc) online for £200 which would be fine to get you up and running! Keeping it all simple helps make it easy too :blush:

If u have a link for that kit, id be super thankful if u would share it.

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Fabric pots create more oxygen for the root zone it also helps water evaporate which helps with the room humidity and such but more so helps keep a healthy root zone free from bugs

here is my current run

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I have 7 tents. 3 gorrilla tents and 4 knock off and the knock offs work fine. I have a hydro crunch tent and it cheap but it works fine. And the others are vivosun.
If i was you i would buy this tent set up.

This is what i have and i absolutely love it. Nursury for clones and small to medium vegging on the bottom. And a 4x4 tent connected for flowering. I really really dig it.! Here is the size i have. I dont know how much room you have. But this is the best option to me. A nursery area is invaluable. Top shelf for seedlings. Lower one for vegging. Then next door for flower in 1 unit. Kick ass.


Being a beginner I think ima stick with 3 plants in each stage.

This is the tent I believe ima get.

Nice one thing to remember. Plants in flower will stretch 45-65% larger in total size.

Reason i say this is tents look big until plants grow then your like oh shit im out of room. Learn to light stress train. And always buy the biggest tent you have room for.

I did some reading on the sea of green method. I think ima give that a whirl. I’m gonna try n grow a strain of each breed. My indica is alien technology. My sativa will be green crack. And my hybrid gonna be LSD. I may even order some auto flowers. I really dig the vibes of green gelato.