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Nugsmasher Touch settings?

Just curious to see what settings and duration people are using out there.

Yield and cured.


Johnny5 is alive!


Nice freaking press

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Thanks it’s been fun using.

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Very nice press indeed. May I ask what you are squishing @johnny5 ?

We’re currently doing our own genetics.
We just landed 2 clients who want rosin.
So we bought 2 more and have our staff pressing
6-8 hours out of the day.

Was just curious to see if anyone else in the forum was using nug smasher and what strains and settings they have found work the best.

We go back in and cure afterwards which is really where the magic happens.

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Beautiful and glad to hear you have a demand for your product. A couple other members are using the NugSmasher: @tigerweedz @RosinRocks . You might also want to see this post, lots of information about extraction, temps, curing by @hoppiefrog .