Nutrient block

Would root bound block nutrients intake

Welcome fellow grower hard to diagnose without a few pics and some more info on ur setup pot size how long they’ve been in there


4x4 tent it went 4weeks on veg had to flip early cause they got way to big now there coming upto end of 2nd week in flower, had them in 300mm plastic pots just went and got a 450mm and now iv just transferred into bigger pot I notice pot was bit light and dry even tho I watered them last night, also she can’t stand up to heavy

For every 5 gal of soil feed 1 gal this ratio always seems to work for me every 2-3 days feed 2xs then Cal mag or pH water she looks stressed what’s ur medium and ur pH u could possibly have a pest hard to tell in pic

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Also iv never transferred weed plant before do is it the same as other plants when transferring loosen up the soil and roots a bit??

That can be dangerous if u break the main roots

I’m Using coco and ph iv just change from 5.8-6.2

It will cause one side to die I slammed a clone down broke half root ball took a while to recover most dust and drop

Yeh that’s why I asked but even transferring other plants I never break the roots if I can help it, it’s best just to loosen up but I know weed different that’s why I asked

As for the cal mag I was told by the guy teaching me don’t need it, I know he was wrong now though

When I put the bamboo steaks in to support it because it was very wobbly top heavy they took a fair bit to get them in hey

Coco needs calmag 5.8 pH I have a chart I’ll have to find run like hydro early flower requires a transition with more nitrogen veg nutes they will stay green as well longer some strains stress going in flower more, they love the extra week or so of N, Cal mag and potassium silicate make stronger stalks and cells

But support is always a must

Yeh the stalks on my plants are 2” or so thick, if you find that chart sent me a copy mate👍

Trying running a flush give her a few days if she’s drying out she’s drinking probably pH fluctuations

Also only reason I turned early is because they were getting big but it’s also my first grow and I wanted to spread the plant out, in the 3rd week of veg I cut half the plant back to fill out some more I know now I should of done it earlier and kept on top of it

Yeh but the nutrients were building up in the pot



What products u use