Nutrient brand recommendation

So, I am looking to use a different nutrient line, but wanted everyone’s opinion on the ones they use and like the best. Right now, I have fox farm nutrients, but I’m only feeling meh about them. I am looking at either trying out Humbolt secret or Advanced Nutrients.

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Well after thinking about it all night, I am actually thinking of just doing compost teas instead of liquid ferts.

I love earth juice :heart_eyes: stuff creates fire and it’s cheap, brew as a tea kit like aact, basically living soil tea;)

Bio canna is foolproof and also grows fire but costs a fair bit more.but like I said it’s foolproof;)

I was looking at earth juice, because it was popular when I was looking stuff up in my early 20s. It was the one in my mind when I started growing and I don’t know why, but I bought fox farm instead. I will look up your two recommendations. Thank you hoppie.

Check out “a top nutrient study” 420 mag, great study!! A.n. does not come out on top for anything other than gpw, and expenses lol ( costs more to grow a g than any other in the study) and ej and bio can beat an in every other way, potency,taste,smell,look etc etc… Also both produce almost as much as an… So for me an. Is close to the bottom of the list

I already threw an and humbolt secret out of my mind. I’ll check that study out. Thank you again, you’re a boss.

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Np my friend happy to help! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

You weren’t lying about the price. That’s a jump, but I see why it is so much more.

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Dirty Dozen by fox farms

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Check out “a top nutrient study” 420 mag ff didn’t come close to the top of list

Works well for this closet operation.

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I’m sure it does it didn’t loose in the study due to quality issues, give it a read it’s a CPL days worth of reading but tones to learn if u like to research

The study focused on the top 10 nutrient lines used for medical production at the time of the study. Ff was obviously a good product to be included in the test

Do you have the link for that study? The search brought up nothing.

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Fox Farm nutrients are wonder and priced cheaper than most!! Online I use 4 rooms and test everything for people. On the Facebook group I’m in I’ve tested and let people watch along with the tests. I tested the full fox farm nutes against a more expensive brand Emerald Harvest and their full line and fox farms did just as well for a lot less money!! If I ever went back to soil I would use fox farms again with their soil but would add more perlite.

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I have tested the Advanced Nutrient line also but in no way was I buying all their supplemental bottles to go with them. I’ve noticed they do work and do an awesome job but cost way to much unless your just using a small amount. Be sure not to spend more money on nutrients than you do a good light. One company I couldn’t test was green planet because I use 60 reservoir in each room but just 1 room using their feeding chart and it would cost $600 for 1 grow by their own chart. Plus I would bet it’s no better than fox farms in a good soil. I would put my money on the fox farms. Plants only eat certain nutrients so therefore all nutrients have to have the correct ingredients to work so on a lot of high dollar nutes you are just buying pretty bottles with a heavy advertising cost that they have to recoup! If you didn’t mind getting away from organic nutes I’ve had unreal crops using a cheap brand called Blue planet and with all the nutes I have laying around from tests I’ve proven on Facebook that fox farms and blue planet just can’t be beat!! I’m new here so once I learn it I can move the tests and pictures here and how I went about keeping all tests fair and even by everyone’s comments.

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I did a side-by-side between FoxFarm and Advanced Nutrients on two C99s. The difference between the two was barely noticeable other than the color of the AN plant suggested that there was a slower uptake of nitrogen. The AN plant overall was more yellow-green. The FF plant was deep, rich green. The journal is here: Cinderella 99 2 grow journal harvest14 by - GrowDiaries

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You can’t go by their lists! You have to go about testing different. I do testing for all nutes and lights and growing media’s. I’m new here but I’ve run 2 exact same rooms and tested fox farms against Emerald Harvest in one test. My Facebook group watched along to make sure all test parameters was dead on each other. Again, plants only feed on certain ingredients so therefore all nut lines have to have the same ingredients that the plant has to have. No way around that one. My tests shows fox farms in fox farm soil with extra perlite is just as good as any of the others I have tested. The only 2 I will not test is green planet and AN. They are just way way to expensive to run if you have a lot of plants and the nutes was going to be higher than what you could just buy your green at a dispensary! On a 60 gallon rdwc reservoir green planet was going to be $600 according to their own feeding chart. Noway I will pay that to test those brands. I know people love AN but count your plants or water reservoir and then read their feeding chart with all their addives and then do the math on how much of it you will be using per gallon. That will tell you how much product you need of each. Then go to where you buy and add up the price of how much and how many bottles of each you need and that will give you the price to run their product or any other product.

They have Facebook groups for growing? are they open to anyone or do you need to be in a certain area or have a certain degree of experience? I would love to have other places to ask my questions other than just this forum but don’t know where to go. I found this forum by accident but am I glad I found it! I’m newer (only been here for a couple weeks) and have just started growing so I’m looking for ways to learn more and to make more connections to other growers.