O2 Emitters VS. Airstones


Has anyone tried an O2 emitter? Essentially it breaks the hydrogen and oxygen molecules to create more dissolved oxygen than a traditional air pump and stone.

They are super expensive, but have heard mentions of people just building their own. I was curious to see if anyone out there has used these or not.

Or you can google “O2 Grow Emitter” to see exactly what I’m talking about.


The nanobubbles produced by these devices.oxygenate your reservoir exponentially. Air stones can’t compete!

Good question @vega0284! Has anyone ever built one of these devices?


I’d be really interested in seeing a grow comparison as well. Most of the info that I have found focuses strictly on Dissolved Oxygen levels. Where, as you said, the nano bubbles would impact this tremendously.
But what about the effect on grows, I’ve had a hard time finding information regarding the effects on plants with this much more oxygen in their solutions.


I also would be curious to see a side by side study using a few plants of the same cultivar, the only difference being one set of plants receives the nano bubbles and the others do not receive the nano bubbles. At the end we compare cannabinoid/terpene levels and overall weight.


I’m curious why these things are so pricey… but I’m more curious about how this compares, so if anyone does a study, I would love to know about it.
I did a project back in high school that used electrolysis to generate oxygen and hydrogen and
I would recommend caution when building your own electrolysis device; you can can certainly generate enough hydrogen/oxygen to cause a flare up or explosion if it’s allowed to build up (probably not a concern in a properly ventilated grow). The shape and size of the cathode/anode in our experiments impacted the output, so that may be reason enough for some to just buy something.


Good question for @Moleaer!

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A lot of useful information here: 🍃 AMA with Warren Russell from Moleaer


The process is known as electrolysis. It’s the same technology that the United States Navy uses to supply oxygen to the Mariners on the submarine.

I use an o2 grow and love it but I use it in conjunction with air stones.

They say you can actually dissolve too much oxygen into your water, not with an o2 grow but in general. I have tried to exceed those saturation points and never been able to do it lol, therefore I just add all the oxygen I can.

I have seen diy videos on YouTube about making them but have never tried myself.

For electrolysis to take place there needs to be salts in the water, this is the reason the submarines can derive oxygen from ocean water so it will not work in a situation like a flush where you are running 0ppms.

Also, the emitter needs to be cleaned every reservoir change because it builds up allot of gunk as a byproduct of electrolysis.


This is great thank you so much!


Np buddy @vega0284


Would this be something I run 24/7 or just a few hours a day while the air stone runs 24/7?


I run it 24/7.

Roots continue to grow even in the dark cycle so I don’t cut off their oxygen supply at any point


For sure, I just wasnt sure if the saturation would cap out and thus be wasteful. Appreciate it again man, I had a hard time justifying the buy, but I’m so excited to try the DIY I’m going to try and make them tomorrow.


Truth be told, you would probably be totally successful without it.

I have allot of “bolt on parts” to my dwc but I spend allot of time away from it so I built it with “peace of mind” in mind lol

If I worked a regular 8-5 I might not have all those bolt on parts


Did you make one yet? @vega0284

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