Oh boy oh boy oh boy.....lol

Finally got my tracking numbers…
Star Killer
True OG Kush
Girl Scout Cookies

All on the way ! Whoo hoo …now someone hold me down and make me stop ordering seeds lol.


I know what you mean @sssportsmfg. Collecting genetics can be addicting…


I know what you mean, I sent an order request for some seeds I was told about. I was thinking of spending a few dollars to buy specific strains and then found out the strains I am keen are free if I spend $200 or more. If you think smoking weed is addictive, try growing it. :joy: and @Slym3r, you are responsible for that retail seed therapy.


I do what I can lol.


I got my star killer the other day.
Cant wait


Just got my seeds in yesterday

Cali dream
Purple haze

I started germinating 4 trainwreck and 1 Cali dream

Really excited to see these girls go and I’ll already wanting to order more seeds lol


Surely you haven’t missed all my posts with the pics…been growing since the 70’s.

But sure learning a lot here…always just did it the same ol way. But trying to expand my horizons…hard for an old coot like me.

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Did you get yours from Seedbank too? If I remember I put the post up about the 40% off they had going, I had already ordered when I put that post up and everyone else got theirs before me lol.

Oh well.


Where did u get ur train wrecj seeds from. I got from ilgm and so far 3 of 7 are going 4 duds. The plants are growing for shit right now also.

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Where did you happen to get that Star Killer if you don’t mind sharing?!

@ziggyco @Mark0427 I got my Starkiller and Trainwreck from SeedBank. It is an overseas seed bank but they ship the orders out of Cali. Actually all the ones I listed above I got from SeedBank.


Well I sure hope they get better and start growing right! That’s always a bummer.

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Thank you!

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They been in veg for 7 weeks and only a foot tall super small all around. Took forever to get them to germ and now they r growing for shit. Worst 110 bucks ive spent so far.

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I stopped getting seeds from ILGM. Not because of not getting orders or anything. I got some Big Daddy Purple from them and the germination was horrible and the plants were sickly like yours are doing, couldn’t hardly get them to grow. I also got some Blue Dream from them, and while it gets you high…it is pretty weak. Lots of resin on them, just no goodies in it lol. So I am trying other seedbanks.

Pictures of the trainwreck as it is now??

@sssportsmfg @Mark0427 this is disappointing.
I have some seeds from them that I haven’t tried yet

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Yep same ones from Seedbank. They’re horrible about updating the system but if you email them they respond and push your order thru

Dont they guarantee them?

I’ve made multiple orders thru them so far and have had very strong genetics. Good customer service and pretty dam good prices. Plus free chocolope seeds most of the time