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Oklahoma dispensary leads but make it lit

We’ve created a buyer’s guide that comes out weekly for anyone who in Oklahoma that is trying to sell to dispensaries. Basically, you get all dispensary contact, all buying information, sample, demo, requirements for decision makers, appointment availability, etc. We update the information every week from dispensaries around the entire state (not just Tulsa and OKC). If you hate prospecting, you’re going to love our Hot Sheet.

If you don’t need the leads and you just need to get your salespeople in shape, we have workshops, sales tools, and private coaching for that.

We’re really good at what we do. We want to help independent farms. We want to see more professionalism in the industry. We want patients to have access to more products. We want dispensaries to have an easier time buying what they need.

Please check out my company: The Sales Joint and look under “hot sheet” in the products menu for those leads. The rest is self explanatory as you poke around on the site.

Stay Lit!