OlyBoy's (Dunning–Kruger growing style) Last Wash Clone rambling thread with bad advice

Howdy back, neighbor! By the way, I normally only see that view of the mountain when I head downtown. The picture I posted yesterday was while I was at the bottom of it at Paradise. So beautiful. I never tire of it.

Anyway …

Darn it! I already cut my cups and did it wrong. I thot I was supposed to cut the bottoms off. LOL. Now I’m going to have to raid some hotel rooms for more plastic see thru water cups. I was so proud of my perfectly cut off cup bottoms with almost no serrated edges.

Okay, well, mistakes made, lessons learned. I know I got that idea from you from my readings, but I don’t remember this more detailed how to. This is wonderful. I will pick up the pieces, get some more cups and be ready. Actually, I have some bigger clear cups from past iced coffee drinks … yeah, I throw nothing away … I’m ready for the Apocalypse … so I might be okay. Your cups look like they could be about the same size … pint?

Just checked my beans and they are nice and warm and hydrated, but no growth yet.

Thank you!!

p.s. the grow lites I have are cheapos from Amazon that I bought for my tomato plant addiction … but they seem to work well with the maters.


You didn’t do anything wrong! You just haven’t found what works best for you. I didn’t do it this way the first time I did it, and I’m sure that I’ll find a better way to do it in a few months. Ask 10 growers how they do anything and you’ll get 13 different answers.

Yep. I bought some clear 16 oz Solo cups for [I don’t know what] ?? years ago and they were sitting in the back of a cupboard until I found them about a year ago. I have some smaller, red solo cups that (again) I don’t remember what were originally purchased for. I use them for growing now. I try to be frugal. Sometimes I do things the hard way because I don’t want to pay for the easy way.

If it’s stupid, but it works… it ain’t stupid.

IMO: Document everything with your grow. And do it to remind yourself of everything that works and everything that doesn’t work for you. Take lots of pictures and document the small stuff. Keep everything in one journal.

My first grow could be described as a semi-successful sh!tsh#w. I clearly did not know anything about growing. I didn’t even know the questions that I should be asking. One thing I learned was that I didn’t remember anything that I didn’t document. When I started my second journal, I started learning what I wanted to document because I was reading other growing journals. I can admit that I still don’t know what I’m doing. I’m just slightly more successful. Ha haha!

If you have any questions, just ask. Thanks for following.


4 cups of water for her today.



She is starting to get bushy. I trimmed all of her leaves and branches that were growing from the bottom half of all her branches.

She’ll be a nice little banzai tree in a few weeks. Light is getting through a little better. Not something I necessarily worry about for my outside plants. But we’re gonna be in for a while.

She felt really light this morning and got 5 cups of water and Jacks.









I have to flip her soon. She will be too big to handle before long.



@1sttimegrower Something to remember with potted plants outdoors is that once the leaves of the plant extend past the edges of the pot, almost no water will make it to the soil. A little rain is great for washing the detritus off of the leaves and flowers, but I cannot expect the rain to actually provide water for the plant.



My little banzai.

So today I took a better look at Wash’s undercarriage. I put on my glasses this time! There was a lot more growth than I remember seeing before.

I remember how her sisters grew last summer and I know this will be too much.

I’m so excited to cut some of this out.

I want to keep some of the leaves.

I took out a half dozen branches and popped off 20-30 bud sites.


Much cleaner now. When she flips, she’s going to explode.



Wow, she’s gonna be a BEAST!!! :+1::+1::+1::grin::grin::grin:
Look at the trunk on her already :heart_eyes:


I kinda want to repot her in a 7-gal pot like her sisters last summer! We call all see her get that big and see those giant colors.

But I will have to pick that pot up every day, twice a day, for 60-75 days. I’ll have to stick with the 3 gal this summer. lol!

I’m flipping her as soon as Spiral 2 is in the dirt and Spiral 1 is outside full time. Then I can dedicate the closet to her 12/12 darkness period.


Good to know. I already do mostly container veggie gardening, but this is a first with weed. What do you suggest for when the leaves of the plant extend past the edges? Speaking of watering, so far all I’ve done is wet the top a few times a day. Seems to be fine, but I would think they want more. Can you tell me how I should be watering, how often, how much each time, etc.? I sure appreciate it. And, then there is feeding … I’m on day 8 right now. Still too early? Extra leaves are coming out, so I’m thinking it may be time. Pics tomorrow. Thanks!!

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I really hope both of the ISK seeds you have going now are female. Your plants are always so pretty.


That’s hard to answer without seeing the plants or the cups. Looking back in my thread, I gave my autos ~4 Oz of water each in a wide circle around the plant by day 8.

I know that I have a tendency to underwater my plants. When you get your pics ready to post in your thread tag a bunch of people and ask them what they think.


Will do. It would probably help to do some more reading, too. I know the answers are in here. I really should take notes as I read. I didn’t think to tag anybody. I usually just reply to people. Hate to leave anybody important out … LOL … I just put the babies out. Looks like another sorta sunny day, little nippy but warm in the sun. I’ll go take some pics. Thanks!!

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She’ll have the closet to herself starting this weekend. And I’m gonna flip her.





Wash is in the closet to sit in the dark for a day and begin her 12/12.

March 23

4 days later, March 27

2 weeks later, April 10

2 weeks later, April 25

2 weeks later, May 08

And this afternoon, she went to the spare closet until Monday morning.


Wow did her stalk ever grow in those 2 weeks between March and April, that’s crazy!!!