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Online strategy and marketing

Do you have an online strategy?

Are you utilizing email marketing, social media, web pages, blogs, ecommerce, SEO, video marketing or something else?

In a legalized atmosphere what have you found works to connect with your customers the best?


One interesting strategy I’ve seen here in Denver is highway sponsorships:


I’m finding it somewhat difficult to utilize e-commerce in the cannabis industry. On the other hand, utilizing a modern, consistent, balanced and creative marketing platform/strategy has been working very well. Giving shout outs, connecting networks and portraying positive vibes always helps as well.


I went to a workshop on this topic at Canopy, hosted by California Cannabis Marketing Association a while back.

It’s not super simple. The rules are unclear and vary from platform to another. Since it’s federally illegal, the services tend to call it out as forbidden on their guidelines.

Basically, it’s hard to ADVERTISE, like using AdWords, since it’s forbidden to advertise for drugs on their system.

I’ve seen highway billboards in California, they’re always pretty vague, picture of a vape, website address, and something very subtle like “best vapors ever”.

Even posting “SALE” graphics on your social can be problematic. Several dispensaries had gotten their social channels closed after they were breaking the rules of Instagram. So though trial and error, they had figured out that it’s ok to show the product, but not say it’s on sale. Or that it’s ok to say there’s a sale going on in the store, but not say what’s on sale. And you can post pictures of happy people, or pictures the product, but not happy people smoking the product…

It’s still the wild west out there in regards to online advertising.

Which is not to say you can’t do lovely social media work!
Check out Defonce Chocolate’s instagram for example, it’s lovely.


I’ve noticed that as well. There’s a few signs for Weedmaps around Tucson, and they make jokes without explicitly advertising anything. I imagine it’s particularly hard to reach those who don’t already know at least a little bit about the product.

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Is this them?

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This company not only has excellent marketing, but their products are creatively crafted and taste phenomenal. I just soft-launched my new marketing company PufCreativ. We are a one stop marketing shop that specializes in the cannabis industry. We’re doing free marketing platform audits for the remainder of Feb. Feel free to send me a message for more info.


Yes, that’s them. Really nice product photography, and interesting high-fashion-y use of models in pics. (Also AMAZING chocolate!)


Hi John - thanks for the post. What are the challenges you are seeing in using eCommerce in the industry?


@nathan @John_Shute we offer the leading cannabis e-commerce platform for dispensaries. check out or visit the" menu section" on many of our client’s websites such as


You can sell THC products to the public on this e-commerce platform?


If anyone’s looking for assistance with web design, SEO , social media, menu design or infographics check out !


If anyone needs help – I have 20+ years in web production/development and I have owned a dispensary for 7 years. I am looking for new projects so HMU.


This platform offers a text message platform for reaching your customers:


we do not process transactions right now, but if you are in canada, we do offer the ability to ship product - its as close to e-commerce in the industry as anyone can get!


Banking & shipping/transport

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What kind of EPOS system for takeaway is most likely to fit everything together and enable your takeaway services to run as smoothly as possible?

We are happy to help develop effective marketing strategy for THC and CBD cultivators. And check out our Sales Cultivation program - proven sales results in less than 90 days!

You can’t utilize e-commerce for the public in the cannabis industry for the most part. I notice that some sell CBD, but I still feel like because of FDA regulations, it’s still not a smart move. Any thoughts?