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Paper Towel Seed Germination

Guide Name: Germinating Cannabis Seeds in Paper Towel
Lesson by: ChrisD
Topic: Seed Germination
Summary: This lesson will teach you how to germinate your seeds using a damp paper towel.

Materials Needed

  • Cannabis Seeds
  • Medium to large dinner plate
  • Paper Towel
  • Water


  • Step 1: Ensure your seeds are healthy an viable. Click here if you need help with this.
  • Step 2: Moisten a sheet of paper towel and place it on the plate
  • Step 3: Place your seeds on the wet paper towel
  • Step 4: Wet a 2nd sheet of paper towel and lay it on top of the seeds
  • Step 5: Place the plate of seeds in a relatively cool place to maintain moisture; Keep the paper towel moist by adding more water as necessary
  • Step 6: Check your seeds daily for signs of the taproot “popping” from the seed shell. When this happens, your germination was successful
  • Step 7: Plant germinated seeds into your grow medium

Additional Information:

  • Remember to keep the paper towel moist throughout the process
  • Consider wearing gloves/using tweezers to handle your germinated seeds

Living FAQs

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Just checked out true north seed bank… I’m definitely interested guys and I don’t say that too often either


I thought you wanted the paper towel in a dark warm place :thinking:


Since it sits between two plates it should already be in the dark, the darkness is just a bit more protection from the light…imo…

I just reread his walkthrough and you’re right,he doesn’t mention a second plate…
So then before step 5 you could just put a second plate, reversed so you don’t squish the seeds, on the paper towels.


a closed space in my closet worked well enough, enclosed between two plates