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Peyote Purple - Final Word

Strain: Peyote Purple, photoperiod


Lighting: Mars Hydro

Light height: 21-23 inch

Temps (day and night): 77/62

Relative Humidity (day and night):

Added Air (fans, portable acs, heaters, dehumidifiers):fan, humidifier, AC


Nutrient type: Vegamatrix

Ph numbers: 5.5-6

Ec and PPM: 1000

Veg duration: 3 months

Nutrient cycles (how often feed/water): once in 2 days, one day just water


That is a female flower. Its a pre-flower thats maturing and getting larger. If you gently squeeze it. it should be soft. If its hard then it is a pollinated pre flower. And then youd need to be looking for the male.

Look at this picture the anatomy of a female flower. A bud is made up of lots of the flowers.
At the top right corner of the screen there is a magnifying glass. Touch it and try searching here 1st to find many common answers for what your looking for before making a thread about it. We need to journal important information and not make too many threads about questions. Because they become inactive and get erased and if important info is there it will be lost because its inactive. So try and make a journal. Or search the database first because there is tons of info there!.
Nice plant by the way. :+1:


Thanks. I could not figure out how to make a journal. That’s why I am creating new topics.
The thing was hard and I found a green seed inside. I have only 2 plants and I don’t see male qualities of the second plant yet…


I would start with the plant that had the seed. Look very closely at every bud for anything that looks like a banana. Start where you found the seed and work your way out. Check other preflowers for seeds as you go.


Well it could have self seeded if it hermied.
And your thread what is it could be your journal. Just go back into it and edit the title to what you like. Then keep adding things to it. If you want to ask someone a question put @ symbol before there name. @hazehazehaze like this.


This is what I am seeing all over the plant… A also read about pistils getting darker after pollination. I have no idea what’s going on



They will darken naturally with age, but if they’re hard, they’re pollinated. Keeping looking for nanners. You’ve got male parts somewhere or residual pollen from a past male.


It’s fine it’s a resin sack more than likely


@mouse935 a resin sack? Wth is that? Lol :face_with_monocle:

This is what it is. And its a preflower on the stem. The same one you use to sex the plant in the begining when it was little. Now that same flower is all grown up… boy aint it different now. I just pulled one of these off my king kong female im doing my other seed preservation run. Here look at it. It a little early to take the seed off the plant. But when im breeding new strains i periodically pull seeds as they develop to see how there coming along and i check other aspects like shell thickness, inside the seeds development inside. I take long tweezers to hold the seed and i cut the seed lengthwise with the scalpel and examine the seeds insides. I even purposely germinate prematurely developed seeds and test them but thats another subject entirely. Im always doing some weird testing.

This is just a quick drawing of a seed cross section.


It could possibly be a pollen nodule on a female plant. Newport anyone tries to assassinate this as a possibility, please understand that maintaining a female plant without pollinating it goes against the nature of the plant. Under some conditions, some stress related and more common when the plants remain in a flowering stage too long, they will develop these nodules to pollinate themselves as a-sexually reproductive. This is not s as totally horrible thing since they will be creating feminized Seeds. The only drawback is it will slightly weaken the potency of the bud if allowed to pollinate itself and produce Seeds. But, again, you’ll have feminized Seeds if you are willing to allow the process to carry through to completion.


nature finds a way :green_heart:


Thanks and how not to allow the process? I don’t need seeds, I need strong buds. The plant has had lots of stress so that might be the case…


Just a term I’ve heard here and there


Just want to share first buds in my life. I am so happy to see them, can’t wait until they are mature, cured and ready to smoke.


This is a Hermie what Prey n mud mentioned… I circled a “nanner” they look kinda like small bananas when they open up with pollen hence the nanner. You can sometimes get self-pollination like Trish said - nature finds a way. If it’s loaded with seeds that isn’t so great. Sensimilla is seedless buds what we aim for. Sometimes they sneak in 1 or 10… lol BUT sometimes they self pollinate and load up with seeds.

Don’t stress it’s just a flower you have your whole life to nail this hobby


I wasn’t trying to make you feel bad. Just trying to educate us all.


Guys. Is this mold or spider mites? I had some spider mites on some non-smokable flowers and I used chemicals against them. They could have moved to my cannabis plant. Or is this more like mold?
I cut those buds. They were closed to each other. Leaves are eaten also.


Update: I got bad news. Initially I thought they were spider mates because of the eaten leaves. Now, under a microscope, I found out who ate the leaves.

Now, can anyone confirm that this is mold?

I don’t know how to tell the difference between web and mold, but because it has been raining lately and humidity went high, I am assuming that it’s more likely to be mold. Does this mean I lost the whole plant? I know that all mycelium cannot be even seen under a microscope like that, not to talk about naked eye…


Kill the loopers (worms)…the mold is developing on their excrement…get rid of the worms and the mold will go away…once you kill the worms you might want to do a H2O2 spray to rinse your leaves and help suppress any innoculum…FWIW


Thank you very much for your help! I opened up the mold and found that worm inside! That speaks to the fact you are right.