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Pipers place

I don’t grow a lot at once due to my health right now, it’s hard to care for them, I do my best with what I have, but hopefully, after my laser treatments and having a HF-10 implanted in my spine, I can get rid of the pain a little and really concentrate on growing … Anywho I figure I would put my boring grows here.

I have 5 auto brides going, I planted all in soil, so far 1 popped, that took 10 days.

For 2 months I vegged this scooby snacks (platinum girl scout cookies x face off og), I popped 3 of these beans, 3 sprouted, 2 males, 1 female, These show sex about day 50-53. This female showed at day 52, I flipped the switch on 2 months, I should have went longer.

In a week, I will be popping some devils food cake x mb-bx (key lime pie x purgatory (hells og x querkle) x mendo breath-bx) and c99/romberry = C99 = (jack herer x shiva skunk) / romberry = (romulan x blueberry) and probably some more auto’s like northern lights.

So lets smoke a bubbler and be a farmer, stay golden …

She is 2 weeks into flower


Woohoo looking good man i just popped 4 brides and 9 pineapple express autos and 5 cardiac cat x mendobreath bx and my last big cat kush f1 x mendobreath bx is a female showed me her pistils last night!!


The brides are very slow, I have one that popped, took 10 days, nothing yet from the others :slight_smile: (all in soil)


Looks good. :+1: @piper.
Hopefully the lils will show soon. :wink::v:


Thanks mates :beers:


Yeah buddy they should be showing themselves soon il take some pics of mine when light come on there on day 14 my big cat kush f1 x mendobreath bx has got a beautiful structure and the cardiac cat x mendobreath bx are some strong lil seedlings you will love the brides mine ended up with some huge colas


That looks like dank shit man :checkered_flag::checkered_flag:


Some minor updates, scooby snacks in day 25 of flower

yellow snow duds tried shot glass to soil back to shot glass
sour banana duds tried shot glass to soil back to shot glass
bruce banner duds tried shot glass to soil back to shot glass
Scooby snacks 3 out of 3 2 male

soon after my surgeries

LSD bubblegum
strawberry gelato


I take the full blame for the duds :slight_smile:

The first 5 rows of red cups are clones of scooby snacks


I believe those seeds were made from my male LSD plant. I have 2 growing now, I think you’re really gonna like this strain. Let me know if you want pictures.


That would be great, no hurry on the pics, whenever you get a spare moment.

Do you happen to know if the female is a Indiana bubblegum?


I do apologize to the people here who have gifted me beans, it’s a slow go, but I promise I will grow them out and I will post here and show the grows, I have to grow slow (few plants at a time) because I have about 3 or more surgeries coming up and it’s hard to do for me, it’s all about timing now and I don’t have someone to take care of them, my 21 yr old grandson said he will help if I need him.


I am so sorry, I fucked up some of what you gave me, especially the banner, I was really looking forward to those, I have to slow down and avoid shortcuts, again I apologize.


No apologies necessary. I can send more if needed. They’re just beans. U should grow a banner. They are pretty good for pain relief.

We now have some Bruce juice also. Don’t think they were ripe yet when I sent your package. Pretty nice smoke. Bruce banner x citrus.

Just send me a quick pm if u want a few more to pop.

Oh and @chance we have some new diesel strains as well if u want another package. I know you’re a diesel lover.


oops wrong place i guess i’m stoned again

scooby doobie do




Appropriate, Zeus! :rofl:


@justgrowin, can you help here, please?

Wrong forum, but whatcha got? Lol


His name highlighted. He’s not here?

Strawberry diesel and critical diesel


Damn, going to wait a day or 2 to make sure but I have 3/5 brides that look male to me