Plant Trouble shooting time!

Here we go!!! I was asked for help and thought why not throw up some pics and bring all of you along with on this one. I really want to help these guys. I cant just sit back and watch them fail again for a second and for some a third year. So I opened up and said who I was and my experience and these guys got super happy and told me how they are sucking and need help. Im no miracle worker, I’m an indoor guy, but I do enjoy some outdoor fun! Hahaha
Soil: these are all organic certified Farms. The soil is a mix of black dirt, sand, and chicken crap. We are in west Tennessee. All of these plants are outdoor hemp. The land used to be for tobacco a few years ago. There is tobacco growing on one side about 50 yards away, and corn 50 yards or so on the other side of the hemp fields. The leafs in the pictures and the dots in the plant pics every where are on ALL of the plants in the area…well not mine. Hehehe too soon, my bad…anyway, even plants at other fields a mile down the road look the same as these. At least its all uniformity. Lol Check out the pics and lets see what we come up with. My first initial thought was a type of fusarium from the dots on the big plants, then i looked closer. Some do have the fusarium spores starting in small areas here and there, but thats not this. Then I thought calcium deficiency, or even a tobacco virus. The troubling thing is this is Everywhere!!!
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Zoomed in view of last picture:

Pulled these leaves off from different plants too.

These next pics are only some plants here and there.

Last picture: I just wanted to say hello to all of you. My daughter made me edit out my face and tatts. Grrrr hahaha


Looks like cannabis septoria. But its probably a bacterial fungus chicken poop or some nematodes. Or some ones flying overhead crop dusting something lol jk.


if that was my crop id be getting some samples tested at a lab.

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Hahahaha I like the over head crop dusting theory best hahahahahaha
I thought about septoria also, but don’t think thats it. I had to get online for pics on that one too, cuz its been a while.

They want $150 a sample here. Crazy. For this tho, I agree. Not a bad idea at all. I know theres a few different things going on out there. A test would be nice.

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Im feeling like its coming from the chicken shit. Some bacteria in the poop.

The soil was different than how mine is. Mine is more of a black compost mix with some sand and maybe a little perlite.
Oh Man,i wanted to tell you something else i saw there today. They got Their clones from an outside source. I went and looked at the trays they came in. I pulled the spacer piece out so it would be just the tray. The entire bottom of the trays were filled an inch or less up with what looked like perlite. I will get pics to show you later. Why would anyone want their roots to bust out of the soil into pure perlite. Im baffled. Have you seen that before?

Thats odd i have heard of some folk growing in only perlite. But i would never do that. Im going to test a coarse vermiculite 50% and peat 50% and some gypsum and dolomite lime. Based on the research from USU this is what they say is the most premium media. And it supposed to sit ph wise at 5.8

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Im a big fan of peat moss. When we have new little ones out of seed that are struggling or about dead. We have planted them in a container with peat moss and after a few days watch them perk back up.


nice ok thanks for the great conversations im going to bed. Have a great night :crescent_moon:. Oh hey also did you you figure out how much gibberrellic acid i need to spray for the seeds.

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I haven’t even got onto my notes to look yet. Sorry,I will look tomorrow morning when I get back into my box of crap. Sleep well tough guy!!! i know you work like 80 plus dam hours a week!!!


Lol :laughing: your awesome my man thanks for the company.

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He swears by this vermic and peat moss mix still have the shit to try it jus haven’t yet I do coco and peat moss but I totally agree w @preybird1 it looks like early stage foliage bacteria and ask them how there watering kuz I see a ton of burn holes from sunlight roasting them but it could be a multitude of things but those are my guess also weell

I am spraying some tests plants today to save what can even be saved. I know whats going on, just took me some time to narrow it all down. They have Multiple things going on that are the same in all the fields I walked thru in Tn and in Ky. I am even trying to help a bunch of Mennonite Families. I was supposed to be retired. Now Im back trouble shooting for literally everyone out here. I don’t even get paid cuz i don’t work for any one Lol Just don’t want to see these families suffer these huge losses again. These farmers had a meeting that I got to hear. They openly told me they are lost on what to do. They are trying to learn and to learn proper harvest and handling, but they are not getting any support from the state or anywhere really. Now they changed the laws stating that as of Nov 1, delta 8 is not allowed at all, and the thc is now going to need to be under .03 thc overall, it was just for delta 9. Anyway, Its one thing to learn on a small room garden or tent, but these guys are trying to learn while planting hundreds of acres. They have all decided in the next week or 2 they are going to grab all of the left over last years harvests and just dump them all in a ditch cuz they cant sell any of it and the processing places cant handle the loads. They said the processors out this way charge these farmers by the pound to extract then keep 40% of it all. They took advantage of these farmers bad. Anyway, I had one farmer throw me a 5 lbs bag and said you can have this whole building of hemp for free if you want. Wow. Hahaha its horrid looking to me tho. So, the 100’x60’ building after building I went into was crazy. Giant moving boxes stacked up to the ceiling loaded wall to wall stuffed with Trimmed hemp buds. Literally hundreds of thousands of pounds of hemp,all about to be just dumped in a farmers ditch line soon. Crazy. Anyway…back to topic. Hahaha
They have worms everywhere. Its horrible. Worms, some fusarium, and I do believe the last problem that was kicking my but is actually a tobacco virus. The Viris is everywhere in this area. Doesn’t help the fields next to each hemp field is Either corn, tobacco, or both.
I felt bad for the Mennonite guys. Their buds looked amazing, but when I went to Use the microscope all the trichome heads where covered with white spores. So I pinched the main top colas in half and the insides where completely rotted. Poor guys have acres all like this. I hope my love juice I just mixed together works. There is literally over 20 farms waiting to know if my tests will work. They have the big field sprayers and stuff on stand by waiting for me. This is all nuts. You guys would of been tripping to see everything Ive seen over the last Week. Wow. Here are some pics of the bag of hemp I was given. I am still going to blast and purge it and make some oil to show them the difference between pure thats 98% rather than their diluted .0025% you buy off the shelves here. Lol Some of the hemp tested in the 20% for cbg and same with cbd plants. Test number look good, but thats it. Lol

@preybird1 I know Im close to that dam box. I only have a couple left. I hd to get into my storage and grab everything to find all my troubleshooting books and stuff. So I know the notes with the geberlin numbers you want will be found soon. Hahaha

What about this

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Pictures 45678 what’s the diagnosis of them Having a toco problem and I have been trying my best;but I think that it’s me .I’m still working R&D ON THE GROW POTS IM PUTTING ON THE Market. Any tricks for from top. Login to school and it said to much light. So I diy a dimmer with a 13z25 window tent mylar with no uv and IR at 15% my light is Spider Farm’s SF4000 ,tent 5z5 Yeild Lab and the rest of the bell’s and Whistles. Any Advice?

Im running the tests now. Got stopped by rain today. I promise to keep you posted on what I come up with and the hopeful fix.

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Thank you for your help in this area.

Are your plants budded or knotted yet?