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My older son is a freehand artist.
He also does a lot of Japanese Anime .
And digital art.


Ok guys so i was playing in the lab today and i made this yummy moon rock!
Here what i used.
1g of lavender xvmac2
.5g of fresh pressed rosin
.5g of keefe

i took the lavender x vmac 2 bud a nice tight one. And since i didnt have any pre decarbed rosin. I took 1/2 a gram ball split it into 2 balls. Then i pressed each ball at 105f for like 10 seconds to squish them into small round thin wafers. Then i put a round wafer on both sides of the bud forming a rosin shell around the bud.

Here is the rosin coated bud.

I just finished a dry sift run and i have a lot of keefe. So i used a heat gun and got the rosin all tacky around the bud and then i dropped the sticky rosin encrusted bud into the keef collection tray of my tumbler.

After rolling it around in mounds of golden keef aka “buddahs gold” in the lab. Also I did notice since im using the 150u screen in the tumbler i got a few red hair bits in the keef. Here its is.


Now that’s next level concentrate
Good effort :raised_hands:


Nice work :fire:


You are going to get nice and High.
I have to know how strong that is when you done.
@PreyBird1 . Nice work as always :clap: :+1:


Oh yes in deed!

I just made a dab cart. 1st try at one ever. I have a little rosin i overheated a little when i was practicing pressing flower then dry sift. So i used it so i didn’t waste any really good rosin by accident. So that’s why its a little dark.


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