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Quantum Board discussion

He was the one who helped me with the numbers on my build as well


He was really good at explaining all the technical side of lights. I had a lot of eye opening moments reading his stuff on GN.

Wait I made a mistake I tried to get in touch with him but it was @imSICKkid who helped me with the numbers and drivers and stuff check him out he is his name fr


I learned alot from Dbrn, but he more or less pointed me in which direction to understand it better. I’m already an electrician so it wasnt hard to grasp the number side. I learned the most by watching Greengene and Gromau5 on YouTube.


I watched both of them and still watch their videos even mau5 who hasn’t put one out in a while and still it’s kind of hard to grasp

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I sure would be interested

I was just texting with DBRN… he is a little upset Inever told him I was coming to vegas…lol…I am upset with my self also…lol…


Please do I’m waiting

I am. I need to get capital together.

very nice upgrade.

aliexpress is your place! i started in may with a batch of 3 240 watt quantum boards. now have replaced all my lights with them! hell ya is all im gonna say! no more ac needed plus the lights themselves only use a quarter of the juice so my electric bill is so much nicer now! like a third of what it used to be! the lights run about 140 each depending on color options you choose. 5 yr warranty top shelf meanwell drivers. no brainer! buy em! only lights i will buy nowdays!

Running that HLG650R. I also run CMH315’s I have to say the 650R is a beast. Best investment for a serious home grower IMO.