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Question? Lights

In my flower tent Im running my GreenGo1200w. Is that enough light? Should I add my bloomspect 1000w also?
I have 5 plants in my Flower tent, size is 2ft x 4ft x 6ft

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"This highly usable light covers around 3.5 x 3.5 feet with maximum coverage of 5.5 x 5.5 feet. " Looks like you have just the right amount of light.


Thanks!! I dint need to be pulling more from the wall than I have too.


Normally, a good flowering grow will require roughly about 50 watts per square foot.

Your light advertises itself as a 1200 watt grow light and you have 8ft2 of grow space in your tent

At first glance it sounds like you have way more than enough juice top power your grow

1200 watts ÷ 8ft2 = 150 watts per square foot, which is more than enough…

But upon further glancing, you’ll notice the actual power of this light if only 248 watts

248 watts Ă· 8ft2 = 31 watts per square foot.

You can still grow ok at that power but you will be underperforming in flower for sure as compared to adding that other light you were talking about. You’ll do just fine in the veg state with that light but your flowers will be airy at harvest with only that much power


Oh you broke it down for me! Thanks.


soo ive see alot of Leds that say 1000w and so on, but the normal power is different… does this mean the led replaces a 1200w led at less power? Im confused now


Watts are really an old way of looking at lights.

They call your light a 1200watt grow light but that’s the power at which the light will die, in all actuality it will probably die at a lower power than that.

Micromoles per second squared is the more modern way of looking at grow lights. Most lights like what your looking at are only about .6 - .7 micromoles per second squared and usually won’t even advertise it as compared to a light like this.

Which is 2.47 micromoles per second (written: umol/s²), about 5 times the amount of light that your light produces at only 260watts as compared to your lights @ 248 watts.

Im really not that good at explaining it in depth, I understand but can’t put it to towards very well.

This does a little explaining

This guy can really explain it!

Hope that helps


:exploding_head:… my head hurts!


:rofl::rofl::rofl:… So did mine but once you get it it’s awesome :+1:… I’ve watched those vids about 20 times lol


This will make it easy

Look for this

Then multiply it by how many watts the light is

This light you would multiply
2.47 x 260 = 642.2

Look at 642.2 as your total light output number.

Now your light doesn’t say how many umol/m² but let’s say it .7 and your light does say that it’s 248 watts so

.7 x 248 = 173.6

173.6 vs 642.2


I try to focus on lumens/lux and par and color spectrums the most


Yes, the big thing when looking at LEDs is to learn not to get caught up in wattage cuz it’ll just lower yields if you do


Exactly!! I think any led would pull less wattage than a hps or mh but led is expensive for coverage … It’s revolutionary even major retail stores are converting from t5 to cob style led set ups(not for growing in general lol) like Lowe’s and targets and Wal marts lol at least in California… :exploding_head:… Why the fuck do I notice shit like that :laughing:

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Does this example relate :thinking:


Yes it does :+1:

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So this is saying at 39" total light output im looking at is 816… directly centered… and is that good for flower?

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That par sucks to be blunt no offense… Look at spiderfarmer… Mars hydro or HLG

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But the mars hydro 1000 says at 18" 709… at 39" im at 816… What am I missing?

Better chips equal better light… Samsung 301b are :fire:


So I should have been more specific in what those numbers mean.

The third video which is like 16min explains it all.

PAR is measurement of energy, usually discussed in watts/m²/sec

PPF and PPFD are measurements of the amount of light and are measured in umol/m²/sec.

If 816 was the PPFD (amount of light) measurement of 816 umol/m²/sec this would be an awesome number, but it’s not, it’s a PAR measurement (amount of energy) and to produce good bud like you would want to buy you would want your PAR to be much higher.

As far as ppfd goes, I consider a pretty good light to be anything above about 1.8 umol/m². My own lights are running at about 2.3umol/² and they are a little older technology.

Ive seen lights now that push 3umol/m² online, I would love to get my hands on those.

Quick breakdown @pressure_42o: If your on a budget then go ahead and go with some of the cheaper lights. It’s not like they won’t grow bud. Get yourself up and growing but start researching lights now for your next purchase down the road and when your looking at new lights to buy then always look up their umol/m² and multiply it by the lights wattage to get the total light output. If you run across a light that doesn’t tell you how many umols/m² then just pass on the light and research the next one.
I promise you, if it’s an awesome light, they won’t leave that information out. If it’s a crappy light then they will probably just give you a crazy wattage number like 2000 or 3000 watts.