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Questions for Mr. Cotton growing practices

Continuing the discussion from Introduce yourself!:
Mr. @indagrodarryl,

Just some follow up questions

Each plant is in a 5 gal black bucket with a series of 3/8" holes drilled around the bottom of the bucket and 8" of black lava rock at the bottom of each bucket. Coco and soil mixed sits on top of the lava rock


  1. You mentioned black lava rock in the bottom of the container. I am guessing you are talking about black scoria. A porous rock? I have used red over black because magnesium toxicity. Have you noticed any issues?

  2. Are you using the rock as added weight for the containers? Or for another purpose?

  3. With 5 gallons pails do you see issues with uniformity of distribution of water in the medium profile or do you notice a perching of the water table in the container?

  4. Have you done a cross section of the container post production? I am just wondering what the rootball looks like.

  5. Can you give more details on your coco and soil mixture.

  6. Do you prep the lava rock before usage?

  7. What monitoring do you do on the water and affluents?

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