Reiki and Cannabis

We now have several practitioners of Reiki and other natural practices here on GNET. This is AWESOME! I think it’s so cool that it warrants a discussion here! We had a lively conversation going in Introduce Yourself so good it gets its own topic. I’ve tagged some of our brilliant members, @GoddessofPhun and @mgagner as they are admitted Reiki masters.

Once a serious skeptic, I have personally felt the amazing healing energy that Reiki can provide when it’s administered by a master. Years ago, I had a strange neck injury that western medicine couldn’t fix. A Reiki master asked if she could take a crack at solving the severe pain. Without ever touching me, she silently placed her hands over my neck and after a few moments my neck started to heat up. Within a few minutes the tension dissolved and a few days later I was completely pain-free. It was amazing. I was convinced.

When this topic came up yesterday in the office, there were a lot of upturned eyebrows and questions like “What is Reiki”. I foolishly tried to explain how it works. I didn’t do Reiki justice. Please forgive me.

@GoddessofPhun and @mgagner, can you please explain Reiki to us?


Energetic healing is where it’s at 100%. Western medicine can try to manage our health but over and over again we’re seeing detriment in their vast misunderstanding of the holistic nature of our bodies. We are ENERGY … interconnected energy!

What I want to know is, how do cannabinoids assist in energetic healing? I believe they would definitely break down mental, energetic, and emotional barriers and inhibitions. But on an energetic cellular level, I wouldn’t be at all surprised if cannabinoids assist in raising our vibration to feel more content and positive.

I’m very eager to learn more!


As a teen I dedicated a lot of my life to the art of Tae Kwon Do. I had my eyes on the Olympics and just prior to a neck injury that retired me I was cross training to enter the (then new and still slightly underground) UFC ring.

I saw a sports therapist a couple of times a week who specialized in reflex training to help me win at tournaments. She would have me lay down on my back, and at certain points on my body would hold her second knuckle of her pointer finger so it was just hovering above my skin. She would then make a quick twist with a grunt, never touching me once. I’ve mentioned this to other physical therapists over the years and they look at me like Im crazy!
I don’t know what she did but comparisons showed improvement every damn time!
Could this have been a practice of Reiki? I’ve never heard of it before now myself.


Well, I’m a little reserved about speaking openly about Reiki because it’s something which is widely judged by mainstream society. So many people look down on somebody who believes in things other than what can be scientifically proven to be seen and touched. But considering Cannabis is widely perceived as negative and those associated with it are judged in a similar way, I think I can be less protective here.

The word Reiki is Japanese and is translated as Rei = (Ghost, Spirit or God), and Ki = (meaning life force energy same as Chi or Prana in other cultures). So the actual meaning of the word is God-directed life-force energy. This energy is directed from an outside force. It doesn’t originate from me, it flows through me. It has a consciousness of it’s own.

We are all aware that we have veins in our body with rushing blood that travels through. In our energy body - the vibrational field around our body - there are similar veins (so-to-speak) rushing with life-force energy. This flowing energy is affected by all sorts of thoughts and feelings, and in-turn affects our body and manifests physical issues. Reiki channels through these passageways and clears out the blockages. It is a non-touch style of healing practise. We touch the hands to the energy field around the person and allow the Reiki to flow to where it needs to go however we can feel what parts of the body it is drawn to so I can’t totally check out when giving a session. I have to use my instinct and intuition and the weed helps me to focus on that.


Thank you for that very insightful and deep explanation. Again, I was once skeptical, but after intense study of consciousness, I came to realize the human body is one mass of energy, and by channeling that energy into others we can be a conduit for healing. It’s very powerful - and I mean powerful in every sense of that word!


Reiki is a very high frequency, white light. To give or to receive raises ones entire vibration. Concentrated in n localized places, it heals completely. I believe Cannabis is predisposed to this vibration.


I suspect you may be correct. Further studies of the endocannabinoid system may demonstrate that connection. It’s hard to deny that cannabis raises an individual’s vibration!


Wow! This is an interesting topic. I’ve always wanted to channel my inner “Chi” somehow, and cannabis usually helps me get as close to that of what I perceive to be as my inner Chi as mentally possible. (I call it - “taking a soul flight.”) I had no idea about the powers of this practice called Reiki until now. I am drawn into this conversation.

Thanks @GoddessofPhun, @Growernick and all members whom practice this craft! Keep this enlightening discussion going.



There is a space in the Universe where spirituality meets science. This is my favorite place to be. Check out these scientific facts about Reiki!!!

  1. Dr. Oschman, leading authority on the science of energy medicine, found that Reiki has electrical & magnetic qualities that can be measured.
  2. In the 1970s, bio-magnetic research showed that magnetic fields can stimulate the growth of bones. As a result, the FDA approved “Pulsating Electromagnetic Field Therapy (PEMF)” for bone healing. Coils placed near fractures induce electrical current flows in the bones at 7Hz.
  3. Dr. Zimmerman found that pulsating magnetic fields from the hands of Reiki practitioners match the frequency of the PEMF as 7 Hz.
  4. Researcher Robert Beck used EEG recordings to study practitioners in the act of healing. Registered brain activity was in the “alpha state” of 7.8-8.0 Hz.
  5. The brain waves of energy workers like Reiki practitioners, synchronize with the earth’s electromagnetic field.
  6. According to the Institute of Heart Math, there is a relationship between a person’s emotional state and the frequency spectrum of the electrical signals of the heart.
  7. Compassion & loving intention amplify the magnetic field. The heart generates the largest electrical & magnetic field of the body, 100 times that of the brain & able to project 15 ft (Meta, 2017).

Does it get any better than this?!


I had no idea there was so much SCIENCE behind Reiki! Thanks so much for sharing this!

Nope. Doesn’t get any better.